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$50 Movie Money eGift Cards for $40 - Valid for 3 Years @ Majestic Cinemas Online


Thought this might be a decent deal for those living close by (they have $6 tickets for select movies/sessions most weeks) and/or are Majestic Cinema members ($9.50 standard session tickets and Crown Lounge tickets from $14.50).

Their new one just opened up in Wynnum recently and they currently have a 20% off offer going for $50 Movie Money eGift cards via their online shop (if link in OP asks to choose a cinema location make sure to select Wynnum to get the offer).

Can confirm the eGift cards are valid for use at any Majestic Cinemas location as well as online. Also the eGift cards will expire 3 years from the date of purchase.

Some locations also have discounted annual Majestic Movie Club Membership offers going for anyone interested in signing up (includes a complimentary standard session ticket).

Top Tip Tuesday: Don't try to sneak popcorn into the cinemas. They won’t let you use their microwave.

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