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AmEx Shop Small - Get 3 Extra Points Per $1 Spent (up to 40,000)


Shop small seems to be back - but a bit different than normal. Not sure if it's started yet as can't seem to see the offer in my account, but is running until 31st March 2022!

Card Members who first save the Shop Small offer to their eligible Card, will get 3 extra points per dollar they spend at participating Shop Small businesses – up to 40,000 extra points until 31 March 2022.* Take a moment to log in to your online Account to see if you’re eligible.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (2)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (27)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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    Shop Small, Reward Small

  • +11

    Wow, I think this will be the year I close AmEx account.

    • Yep, mine too.

      Just a reminder that anyone with a Platinum Edge who has a travel credit extension, it expires tomorrow (or maybe tonight). One call centre clerk said midnight 30/3, the next said midnight 31/3.

    • Yeah the offers are weening out now. Hotel credit backs have dropped off completely and haven’t seen a Qantas one without restrictions in ages. You know what? It was good why it lasted.

      • There are currently three hotel credits back.

        • Their value has dropped off, Hilton used to be $120 back regularly. Others have also dropped. Accor hasn’t been on in years.

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            @UberIsCool: I want the $100 back on $200 Accor offer back :)

    • +1

      Yep. I almost closed it this year but did the numbers and shop small was the thing that made it worthwhile given travel credits are useless to me now and I didn’t use them last year due to Covid and don’t want to deal with drama of trying to sell them.

      This shop small promotion is a joke!! I can’t see any value whatsoever.

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    This is a new low for Amex…

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    Not 50% rebate anymore? This offer looks awful

  • +1

    Wow, what an insult

    I suppose their line will be "these changes have been made based on feedback by the customer"

    • Then our spending will be in like with changes to the product. For all I care, the Amex card can sit at home and see zero use if no good deals come up.

    • +1

      That is ING style

  • Very different. Bonus points are nice, but without the instant cashback, not as beneficial. It's not encouraging you as much to shop, so probably won't be so successful.

    And it's so new they haven't even updated the web site yet: "Discover where to shop this November and find out if your favourite store has made it to the map."

  • +3

    pretty average and poor form from Amex. Bring back the cashback!

  • Got nothing, considering account closure.

  • Works out to be 1.5% discount….woopty doo

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    USofA offer?

    • Link has au in the address

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        Login from AU link went to US site…..strange……anyways don’t have it on any of my cards….damn it.

        • That's a merchant link; use the one in the top right hand corner

  • I don't have this offer for my card :(

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      Count yourself lucky

  • Wondering what makes a card eligible to this offer? As I don't have the offer

  • Booo

  • +2

    I have a feeling that this is intended to replace the now discontinued Local Champions.
    Hopefully it doesn't mean the end of cashback Shop Small that we all know and love.

    • Foreshadowed in December. I suspect it could be the end of cashback Shop Small.

      • -1

        In some ways I'm not disappointed.

        It was fun but there's probably better things I can do for a month with the cognitive energy it takes to try and maximize 5 credits across 16 cards.

        • I don't mind doing it for 10 cards. Great savings if done right.

  • Lame 😒

  • Nothing on my Qantas Ultimate. Limited to cards with Amex Reward Points?

    • I don’t think anyone has this offer yet; maybe tomorrow

  • It’s available in my account now. Must’ve started today

  • It's showing up in my account now too.

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    I wonder if it's targeted; I have a DJs Amex, Elevate Amex and Velocity Escape Amex, and none of them have the offer showing up.

    • I wonder if it’s a slower roll out to accounts. Nothing showing on my explorer

    • Nothing on my DJ Amex either

      • I ended up getting the offer on my DJs Amex on the 8th; check your account again?

        • Still nothing

  • Only showing up on the main card holder of my Explorer. Nothing for supps or Essential so far. Hopefully they roll it out more during the day…

  • +1

    Offer showing up on the primary holder of my essentials and Qantas Discovery.

  • Point Hacks have written a bit more about it: https://www.pointhacks.com.au/amex-shop-small/

    Seems like supplementary cards aren't eligible anymore.

    • +1

      "And instead of $5 credits, Amex is pushing something potentially worth much more: three bonus points per dollar spent until 31 March 2022, up to 40,000 extra points."

      I love it how they say this twice but make no reference to it, nor give any examples

      Eventually Amex will just make it ineligible for anyone WITH an Amex card

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    wow, what a farce, only one of my cards was targetted, so now we ve gone from

    every card availlable to no supplemntary cards
    non targetted to targetted
    50% cash back to 3 bonus points

    3 bonus points will not change my spending habits one bit, so I doubt I will use it even once

    looks like amex is just another visa/mastercard now

    • +1

      And yet heaps of places still try to slug a 1.5% or 3% fee if you try to use it! I am so mad and done.

  • +1

    I guess it depends on how much you shop with smaller merchants. If it's $500/month, it's a nice 18k extra in points for the year. To me, that's better value than getting 5x or even 10x $10 back (especially because I used to spend them on relatively expensive work lunches, ie having a $24 takeaway pasta from an eligible restaurant instead of a cheaper Guzman lunch).

    • +1

      I seem to rack up 150 bonus points most days at the moment. Most places Ive eaten and drunks at are on it. As you say, spending a bit over $1000 a month at participating shops will net you the 40000 maximum easy.

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    Got the offer on my least used Amex this morning …

  • +2

    Don't feel like upvoting this deal…

  • So previous years I could top up my Opal with $20 and get $10 back
    this year I top up $20 and get around 60 cents value
    I hate paying full price for Sydney public transport, luckily I have enough credit from previous small shops to see me through this year
    and the offer is back to normal next year

    if it weren't for Platinum Edge on Coles/Woolies I wouldn't even accept the offer

  • ^^ actually of course Coles/Woolies aren't Small Shop so I won't accept the offer
    I've only ever shopped at small shops when the offer is on…with the odd exception

    AMEX is a dud now, you don't even get the spend $50 get $20 back with AMEX anymore since Dimmi became the Fork

    • AMEX is a dud now, you don't even get the spend $50 get $20 back with AMEX anymore since Dimmi became the Fork

      New partnership with delicious; last year it was $70 for $20 credit. There should be a similar offer next month

  • Offer has now shown up on my second most used/least used Amex … But not the one I use the most 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • +1

    FINALLY showed up on my main Amex (standard Elevate Amex).

    So might no longer be targeted?

    • Thank you. Checked my Discovery and has now appeared. Previously on the Ultimate but both only Primaries. Do you have it on Supps as well?

  • Has anyone gotten any Shop Small points posted within the last week? My last points were posted on the 22nd for purchases made prior to that date, but I've been to quite a few participating businesses since then, and despite getting the qualifying e-mail, have yet to see the points. Might enquire with Amex by the end of the week if they still haven't been posted to my account …

  • Bonus points finally rolled in (my points balance went up by over 1900), but there's still one transaction from the 28th that's part of Shop Small, but hasn't been credited yet. Hmm

    • +1

      Have noticed that there take quite a while to appear in account. Anywhere from 5-10 days from time of purchase

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    Surprisingly, buying tickets via the Sydney Opera House website counts as Shop Small, despite the owner being the NSW government … Guess I'm renewing my SOH membership using my Amex next year!

    Also I'm actually liking this promotion; I've earnt almost 7000 extra points on my main Amex alone since the start of April! Since they're all Velocity points, that's almost a free trip Sydney-Melbourne one way before taxes