expired Refurb Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi $99 Delivered (if Everyday Rewards Member, Plus Postage if Not)


DSE, BigW and Graysonline are all sold out but found this on Woolworths new deals site

You'll need to pay postage if you aren't an Everyday Rewards member

Door Buster

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    about $6 postage to post codes i tried.


    Any idea what version of the Kindle this is?

    I've read that it's better to get a Kindle 3 over a Kindle 4…

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    Comment I made on the other kindle deal:

    "The kindle 4 is significantly smaller and lighter than the kindle 3. Features missing in the K4, that are in the K3-Keyboard: Speakers, Keyboard, mp3/audio playback, 2 Extra GB of storage, Longer battery time, page turn buttons on the side are bigger in the K3.
    The features missing/downgraded were in my opinion not worth the extra size.

    I don’t listen to audiobooks, or any audio on my reader. A phone or audio player will do this better anyway.

    The ability to only store only 1000 books doesn't phase me either; they would become a nightmare to navigate. I manage my library on PC, acquiring new books, organising old ones. This makes the keyboard and huge storage unnecessary for me.

    The battery on the K4 lasts over 1 month. In what circumstance can someone see this as not being enough? I also prefer the smaller page turn buttons; just as easy to operate, harder to operate unintentionally.

    I got the K3 for my mum, and now she wants my K4. If you need audio books or music, and don't have a smartphone, then K3 is a good deal. If not for either of those, then I feel the K4 is a better buy."


    Big W sores still got these (VIC).
    I've just got mine today. These are Kindle 3. Firmware v3.3
    Goto Big W or Dick Smith site and search.


    I've got a Kindle 3 Wifi/3G, and my partner has the latest Kindle 4 Wifi.
    I like both - the Kindle 4's is smaller and lighter, and its page turns are quicker but I prefer having a physical keyboard instead of using the 4-way cursor to "hunt and peck".

    They are both fantastic reading devices which any owner will love.

    Less than $100 is a great price for this reader. I bought a Kindle 3 wifi (this model) for my dad in 2010 in the USA before they were released in Australia for a lot more, he still uses his almost every day and loves it.


    I own a kindle and love it and have never had a problem with it, so my sister went out and brought a referb unit from Dick Smith and is on her third replacement unit. Not sure I would be going with a referb unit, worth just coughing up the extra and getting a newbie I say.


    I would like to know about this kindle (keyboard) vs the touch? Which would be better?


    It looks like DSE, BigW and Graysonline all have stock again.

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