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Homezest Bladeless Tower Fan with Remote Control $9.99 Delivered @ Gshopper Australia


SYD stock.


90 degree Oscillating Base

LED Display with Ambient Room Temp

Button Controls

Remote Control

Timer - 0 - 7.5hrs

Dimensions: 240mm (W) x 240mm (D) x 800mm (H)

1 Year Warranty

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  • Is this shop legit? :/

    • Yeah despite the ultra cheap prices, it's legit. No idea how they do it.
      Guessing they are clearing out stock and losing money.

    • +1

      yea it’s legit. I got my Xiaomi mi band 5 from them last time for $15 delivered

  • +3

    Also available from their eBay Store:

    Cheaper when you order >2.

  • Bought 2 thanks

  • -1

    Why not. Free fan, just pay postage lol

  • +2

    At this price I could fill an arena with my fans

  • Ten bucks I'd be concerned it'll catch fire or something. No way can they sell these and take the postage cost for ten dollars

    • +3

      im sure they will accept u paying a full price if that could minimate ur concern.

      • How much are they at retail?

        • according to their website thats $ 79.00

          • @samelight: Ah ok, didn't see their site cause I ordered through ebay. Is it a real markdown or a fake amazon style jack up the price then put it down sorta thing?

            • +2

              @DisabledUser324161: the ebay sold history looks like a clearen to me
              AU $66.99 25-Feb
              AU $50.99 02-Mar
              AU $49.99 10-Mar
              AU $39.99 20-Mar
              AU $19.99 30-Mar
              AU $10.00 31-Mar

              • @samelight: Ah thanks!
                Good to know that this won't be a complete piece of junk or a scam lol. I snagged one from their ebay for 10 bucks so hopefully it's ok quality.

  • Do they accept paypal?

  • just bought one, see how it goes, crazy price

    • Try it in winter?

    • +4

      74 956 471 199???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • wth $10 ???

  • Can not check out?

  • Guest checkout would be nice. Not even getting email verification

  • Aaaaand none left

  • Bought 1 as well..

    I bought xiaomi band 5 from this seller last time and had no issue.


  • -2

    Must be pricing error.

    • +2

      its posted by the store rep, cant be price error…

    • -1


    • its not a pricing error. they sold xiaomi band 5 for $15 last time and xiaomi dash cam for $25 (rrp $150+) and delivered them

      • -1

        RRP means you wish price,never sold anything at that price even 90%off

  • +1

    sold out in the time it took to make an account

    • same!!

  • Sold out during the sign up process 🥴

  • Too late

  • missed out ! had it in cart and all but couldn't remember password :(

  • Just missed out. Looked good too.

  • Signed up, sold out

  • Didn't need one but $10! Bought one. The 2% Cashrewards tracking for eBay was the clincher.

  • Crazy fast shipping too, have already shipped with tracking number

    • -1

      same here too

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one before rushing out at 19:25pm.
    I needed one and not looking for anything fancy so should do the job. At $9.95 delivered for a tower osculating fan with remote was a bargain (I hope). More a case of buy now and worry about exactly what it is I bought later. I already had an account with them so only took a sec to check out.

  • Noooooooooo missed out

  • Often retailers have to clear space for new stock, either they sell things cheap to get rid of them or rent addition space that cost them more money.

    • Cost price may be lower than you think.
    • Volume sellers negotiate contracts with couriers, they pay much less in postage.
  • Just received a cancellation email:

    Dear friends
    We are very sorry that your order cannot be shipped due to inventory issues
    We can only cancel the order for you as a last resort
    As compensation, you can get an extra 5% discount on all products in the shop
    very sorry

    • Got the same email. Ordered immediately after this was posted.

  • The seller cancelled this order due to the following reason: 'Buyer asked to cancel the order.'

    No I didn't 🤔

  • I received Tracking notification from Aust Post.10mins ago i.e. they have received so will assume all is well with my order.

  • Seems to be in stock again?

  • Back in stock, just ordered one again, will see if the order gets canceled.

    • +1

      I think we both ordered around the same time. I just received a refund on my PayPal

      • +1

        Yes, I was refunded also.

  • They shipped my order and it’s on its way, will see how good it is

  • I feel like they promote something like this so that a lot of people make new accounts and they sell our details. Missed the deal but got a ton more crypto/casino junk mail the day after signing up

    • Missed the deal but got a ton more crypto/casino junk mail the day after signing up

      Correlation does not equal causation. I did not experience any more junk mail than normal after signing up.

      • That is true, it's just very odd that I now have a huge influx of daily spam after signing up when my email normally doesnt get a lot of spam.

  • Bladeless? I doubt it. Tower fans mostly have a row of small fan blades (similar to cooling fans in desktop computer) at the back. Pretty noisy, and when dirty it is very difficult to clean as you can't open the back to wipe or vacuum them.

    • Nah tower fan use a roller rather than blades. So they aren't the same blameless as Dyson fans, but they don't have blades like a computer can

  • mine arrived this morning

    • cheap plastic with sharp edges on the handle
    • requires some assembly for the base with the included screws
    • some vibration noises on swinging base
    • quite noisy, even on the lowest setting
    • tree & sleep mode are just interval based, not a simulated wave
    • don't know if u ever used a tower fan be4,
      they all "requires some assembly for the base with the included screws"
      they all "noisy, even on the lowest setting."

      • yeah, I'm just sharing my initial experiences so far.

        I'm not expecting a completely silent fan for $10

        The 3 speeds are hardly distinguishable from each other

        • i mean all tower fans ar noisy and requires assembly.
          the one im using cost me $119 and it makes more noise then the traditional fans.

          • @samelight: Get a DC fan
            On low settings, you barely notice any noise at all

            • @Scythic: for a tower fan, most of the noises are not from the motor,
              but ya DC motor is more quiet and ofcoz more costly.

              • -1

                @samelight: I got one for $99 from Kogan. Which is cheaper than your Tower fan 😜

    • +1

      I just received mine.

      Power (For those interested): Off = just under 0.9 watts. | With Fan Only: Low=35w Med=39w High=46w (May as well leave it on low to save 11W as difference doesn’t see that great. | Add another 3w to 4w if swing is on.

      Rotation = Yeap occasional slight noise (not squeak) when it reaches one side to rotate back, More a power surge increase noise.

      Lights = Awful and like a spaceship. Even when Off, the words “OF” as stupidly bright. Too bright for a bedroom (for me at least). For a casual living room or the likes fan not bad for $9.95

      • Any idea how much energy a cheap pedestal fan uses?
        From memory it used a lot more than this

        • This is listed as 45W.

  • Did anyone else who purchased this deal and then had it cancelled and refunded, receive a sun shade/tent from them in the mail recently?

    • That's nice. I'll swap you. Ha! How strange indeed.

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