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Philips Air Fryer XL Black HD9270/91 $279 ($267.84 @ BigW eBay Plus) Pick-up or + Delivery @ BigW


The cheapest its been since the Nov 2020 introductory price of $259

For those with eBay Plus, you can get this for $267.84 delivered.
To further sweeten the deal, you can stack this with eBay 3% off giftcard and get it for $259.80 delivered.
Thanks Charles89

Internal Basket Size
22cm wide * 20.5cm depth * 10cm height
Credit to Ausguy

The real question for anyone considering to jump into the air fryer game, should they go with this or Kmart's Anko 3.2 Litre Air Fryer for $69

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    Look on the fried side of life….. I love it

    • Doesn’t have to be just fried stuff. Get the Coles 3x croissant for $2.50 pack. Stick them in at 180C for 4 mins. Crispy, flaky and scrumptious. Add a layer of cream cheese spread filling. 👌

      • Ditto. I reheat leftover pizza in this too. Some things are just better off reheated in the airfryer as opposed to the microwave :)

        • Its just a fast, little oven.

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    Extra 4% off if you have eBay plus and free delivery. Comes to $267.84.


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    Got this for $259 and have been using it at least 2-3 times a week since that Nov 2020 sale. No issues so far. This has the best basket. It's easy to clean and wipe down the coils! The basket is just perforated metal with holes in it as opposed to mesh wiring so it's a breeze to handwash: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/182438/84900/snapchat-...

    Visual of the premium Philips XL vs XXL basket for those wondering: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/182438/84807/20201125_...
    I think this basic model's basket in the op has the same dimensions but someone else could confirm?

    • During the $259 Sale, I went into BigW and they still had both XL and XXL, I grabbed a XXL basket and threw it into XL and wala~ it's the same size!

  • Excellent airfryer, try aldi one it fell apart even before 1 year while my old Philips base airfryer used so many time until it start to rush on bottom basket(after 5 year of use) , but it still working. But I still think the manual knob will be more easy to use and more durable than the digital display.

    • How about the quality/uniformity of the cooked food compared to the aldi ones? Was it MUCH better? I plan to buy one to use it probably once a month. Will a cheap one suffice?

      • If you don't cook often, het the Kmart airfryer. Has been pretty stable for last 2 years that I've had it. Cooks perfectly.

        • I am a bit sceptical to buy any electronics from kmart. Had bad experience with them. Non-electronics are very good though for the price! Even then, what size do you recommend? Just for french fries and stuff.

          • @John Doh: Get this one: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/3.2-litre-air-fryer/2014827 it has been pretty solid for me.

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              @laudalashun: Thanks Vinay!

              • @John Doh: you got the spelling right :)

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                  @laudalashun: I have been using it since I was a child, how can i forget ;) Its my name too.

                  • @John Doh: Aldi one look fancy but you can tell it make with cost in mind, cooking wise it's fine, but you can tell it make from cheap plastic, not to mention the led is always on.

                    Usually I love aldi product, but this case it rubbish lucky Aldi return policy is good so it's like free use for 7 months and get money back.

                    Never try kmart one but seems it have good reviews.

                    • @Anubizz: Ya, lots of thier stuff have good reviews, but the iron box(expensive version) I got I had to return back because it was not working from day one. The toaster (expensive version) does not have enough spring strength to pop out the toast some times. So am a bit worried buying them.

            • @laudalashun: With respect that one is pretty small - I have the 5ltr one from Kmart, been using it almost daily for about 1.5-2 years. It has now started to rattle when the fan comes on (probably needs tightening or something). There is a 7ltr one that people rave about on the Kmart hacks FB group. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a cheap one to begin with to see if you like it (everything is better airfried if you ask me! :))

  • Can you fit a whole chook in one of these or would you be better with the XXL?

  • Off the topic, From photo this looks like Foxtel go box.

  • This or Kmart's Anko 3.2 Litre Air Fryer? Anyone?

    • I have Phillips one, but friends have kmart one. Could not see much difference.

  • Is this the best air fryer for the money?

    • There's an XXL version that was $299 fairly recently.

      • Dang. Thank you.

  • Does anyone how many litres? Kmart has a 7.2 one that is insanely big for around $140

    • Link says 4.6L.

    • don't compare kmart with Philips, the difference is huge, go with Philips

  • I had the Kmart air fryer before this Phillips one. You get what you paid for. Phillips one cooks more evenly (don’t need to take out and flip) and faster.

    • I had a look at the kmart 7 litre one with digital display instore and the coating on the outside looks like decals that will peel off if the unit gets too hot lol. Felt very cheap overall, very much like a dupe for this Philips model.

  • we got this one last time, the difference between a cheap brand we used to have to this one is HUGE, I recommend to get it!

  • Harvey Norman has the same one for cheaper, no?


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      We not in Singapore lah

      • lol, dang how did Google recommend this to me?

        • Probably because this model is fairly new still and the only other market that stocks it is Asia. Not much info on it available. I think only Big W have it in Aus

          • @khdsl: Yeh that makes sense, I was a bit over excited that I nearly ordered one lol Thanks for the heads up.

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      That seems to be Harvey Norman Singapore. Didn't even know they had one there

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        Ugh they are spreading. National shame. First we share the murdoch virus and now HN.

        • Fosters was earlier than Murdoch?

  • Anyone know the max temperature?

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  • Does Big W eBay have click and collect? I can't seem to see the option.

  • Anyone know when that price finishes?
    Would prefer to look and grab instore Saturday, but if the price changes - could do a click and collect

  • Any one have a recommendation on this vs Philips HD9630/21 Airfryer XXL? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/614475

  • I absolutely love my XXL Airfryer. We used to have the analogue one but the dial just died so quickly so upgraded to the digital. Well worth the money on sale or not!

  • Even better when you use the Shopback Swap eBay gift cards at 5% off which comes to about $254.45.

    Thanks Op. Mothers day gift sorted given our previous Philips Air Fryer is no longer usable (not due to Philips fault).

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