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Philips Air Fryer XL, Black, HD9270/91, $259 Pick-up (Was $399) or Delivery From $7.90 @ Big W


Good Deal.
Looks like it's a new model of the philips air fryer XL

*Internal Basket Size (edit)
22cm wide * 20.5cm depth * 10cm height

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  • Very good price on a digital XL Philips.
    Curious to see how this new model compares with the old.

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    I have the white one and love it, but hate how the markings rub off. I spent more on that than this so this is a great price!

    • what markings rub off?

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        for the temperature and time, etc, it's a common problem for that model. This black one is a newer/better one I believe

    • Yeah my timer marking is gone within 2 months. So i have to use google assistant to set timer each time…

      • how do you do that

        • The most primitive way. Set timer for 10 minutes for example, and turn off the airfryer when 10 minutes is up.

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      Another ozbargainer recommended clear nail polish over the markings

  • thanks - purchasing one right now

  • Great price!

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    Everyone - this is an XL which I believe is different than the XXL people usually get from Myer / Amazon / etc

    But it's probably a great product

  • How would the Kmart air fryer compare to this one? There is a significant price difference

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      Have tried multiple brands (not Kmart), nothing comes close to Philips - uniform cooking, consistent and crispy! Perhaps something to do with the quality of the heating element and fan, I guess

      • Thanks for the info. Very tempting!

    • I have the kmart 5L one, its fantastic and only $89. They also now have a larger 7L air fryer for $117 that is receiving positive reviews as well.

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        I started with the smaller ~3L Kmart I think? It was great, so I got the ~5L and use that at least 3 times per week. I want the 7L but I don't really need anything bigger than the 5L. I still have the 3L but don't really use it. I have a problem.

        I use a super scratchy brush so the non-stick has come off a bit, but it's super easy to clean.

        • I have the exact same problem lol have both still want the 7L but know i dont need it. lol

    • I think Philips carries a premium as they are the company that invented air frying technology.

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      Kmart has recently released the new 7l Air fryer for $119. It doesn't disappoint, heat up quickly, cook evenly similar to the Philip XXL. The Kmart 3.2l in comparison is worse at cooking, probably due to lower power, or perhaps too small for the amount of food we cook.

      The Philips non-stick coating is miles ahead though, but still if you cook greasy food it's still hard to clean so I'd just cover the entire inner pot with alu foil regardless and use a double layer / bbq rack to allow air circulation beneath food.

    • I went from the Philips to the KMart one and would never get another Philips. I bought their new 7L digital one for $119.

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        If they were the same price which would you choose

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          They're not, so the question is pointless.

          • @wombat1955: Not really; they're just asking which is better independent of price.

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              @hypebull: The Philips is perceived to be a better quality unit and is priced as such, but the reality is that there's not that much difference in what they do or how well they do it. When they are the same price, I'll be happy t give you an answer.

      • Could you explain why you would never go back? Never owned an air fryer before but am quite curious, and I'd love your opinions as someone who's owned both Philips and Kmart

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          Mainly for price, but I had two Philips before trying a Kmart one (recommended to me) and could not tell any significant difference in cooking. Check out this very active KMart Air Fryer Recipe facebook page for more info.

  • It's interesting how we respond as consumers to descriptions. Convection oven v Air Fryer. Both the same thing but they look different. The first has more functionality and room the second restricted but the description "Air Fryer" gets the deal done.

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      Matches my MacBook Air!

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        Lol yeah certainly complements it. In the 80s the word synergy got the deal done. In the 90s paradigm. In the 2000s "i" something. Language and our response to it is fascinating.

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          known as the halo effect. fried changed to crispy, healthy became fresh, etc

    • Hold on you say they're the same thing and then list some differences. It's pretty obvious the different form factor produces different cooking results. So I think the market response differently to those results.

      You can't cook some things in an air fryer and you can't get the same results as easily in a convection oven with others.

      • I mean the underlying technology is the same and in fact convection oven has advantages over air fryers but "air fryer" sounds so much better.

    • Smart naming is one thing but some of the biggest advantages is how fast air fryers get up to temperature.

  • Can anyone measure or find the internal dims of the basket at all for me?

  • Are Philips still doing the $50 cashback promo?

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    is there any black friday deals for the XXL yet?

  • Thanks OP, just got one

  • Do all Phillips air fryers come with the mesh basket? Used it in the past and often bits get stuck on it that can never be removed compared to say…, the ones I saw in JBhifi, that are more like a pizza plate with circle holes.

    • I have a kmart one which has the pizza plate holes and it's a breeze to clean. If you cook something like crackling pork belly, let it soak as soon as you can after you're done.

      I often read about people having trouble cleaning their Phillips mesh.

  • Wow! Amazing deal.

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for a deal just like this (I was too slow on the David Jones XXL deal)! Have ordered for pick up.

  • I had my eyes on the Ninja Airfryer for $200 but was patiently waiting for this or the XXL to drop on Black Friday. I guess I'll grab this one! :)

  • Thanks OP. Just for one. It’s funny how big w has this in stock (and heavily discounted) where as the other major retailers don’t even have it yet.

  • Bought one, thanks OP!

  • Bought one. Thanks OP.

  • Can anyone confirm can we use Woolworths rewards card for points also is this deal available in store as well ?

  • Whats the difference between HD9270/91 and HD9721/21, which is available for $249 at Myer

    Also, XXL is available for $299 on Amazon. Is that one better?

    • If you cook for family it is better to go XXL. At least from the comparison some poster put a link above shows the XXL can cook a whole chicken but not an XL size model.

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        can cook a whole chicken but not an XL size model

        Not many ovens can cook an XL size model

  • Having never used an air fryer, how messy/easy is it to clean?

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      For chips and snack, no problem. For meat/fish in general, extremely messy and can ruin the non-stick coat fast (regardless of how premium the air fryer is), but that can be easily fixed by covering the basket with aluminum foil, use a bbq rack/double layer accessory to allow air circulation around food.

    • Way way easier than cleaning your oven. But we own the kmart one where the basket looks like its been hole punched instead of mesh. Just managed to convert my friend after many many months and she hasn't used her oven since. Says cleaning it is a breeze!

  • I need XXL

    Does anyone know if the new model out for the Philips Air Fryer XXL

    • That's what she said!

      • LOL

        For real though, KMart 7L or this one?

        • Was close to getting the kmart 7l cos I like how slick it looks. Then I went into a store to check it out and the 'metal coating' looks like it's going to peel off lol

        • I had both (returned the Philips XXL though), for the massive price difference and similar results, Kmart for sure. Philips one had issues that make it unusable for me. Kmart 7l basket is a bit larger than Philips

    • Second this - is there an equivalent version of this in the XXL size?

  • Excellent price - just bought one for pickup with team member discount as well :)

  • +1

    There's little information about this particular model.

    Looks like even though it's digital but not a premium model like the HD9742/93, so I doubt it will be $399 after promotion. HD9742/93 has been around for a few years, so it's an older model and currently goes for:

    • $340 at Costco, does not qualifies for cashback
    • $369 at JB HiFi, $319 after cashback, or potentially $263.65 using TCN gift card

    Anyway. I have ordered this one from Big W using discounted Wish card from NRMA, works out to $246.

    • Same. I ended up buying one because it's a bit bigger than the HD9742, almost XXL size.

    • I could only find this model on the Malaysian Philips website and is listed as an "Essential" model:

      The only differences I can find between this Essential and Premium models seem to be the controls, and the obvious design difference.

      I was thinking of upgrading my current HD9643/17 (Superseded by the current HD9742/93) to this XL model.
      However, I do like the wheel on mine for easily adjusting the temp and timer. The essential seems to be buttons only.
      Not the biggest deal breaker, but makes it a bit harder to justify upgrading as silly as that sounds.

  • I think this has only just been released ?

  • +1

    This model is 2000w compares to 2250 on the other models.

  • +1

    So I went into a store to see what the sizes were like up close. The XL HD9260/91 basket fits inside the XXL 9650/93 basket and doesn't look that much smaller.. See photo
    Assuming 9260/91 is very similar and preceded this 9270/91.

    • Should mention that it was a Myer store (which does not stock the exact variant in this deal but maybe an older version at a higher price point) and not Big W, as I wanted to see the XXL model too.

  • You mean the 9270/91?

  • How does this compare to the Tefal one of the same size?
    Tefal Ultimate Fry Deluxe Air Fryer 1.2kg - FX202D

    • +2

      All I know is that the Philips has a mesh basket whereas the Tefal has a perforated bottom that lifts out. The mesh looks like it'll allow for more airflow and better cooking I think, but will be harder to clean unless it's soaked straight away? I had a feel of both in Myer as I was looking at the Tefal XXL EY701D - currently down to $259 (rrp $349?). Tefal is only 1700 watts which is even lower than the kmart ones that are 1800 watts. This Philips one is supposedly 2000 watts and the premium models are 2200+
      Recommend going to a shop to have a look, if you can

    • Picked mine up from the store. OK it's not a mesh basket at all like other more expensive Philips ones.. This one from the cheaper Essentials range has a metal basket with perforated bottom too, but it's not removable compared to the Tefal XXL. See photo. Overall the build quality seems alright and is definitely still better than the cheap feel of the kmart ones. Yet to cook something in it.

  • Seems to be some knowledgeable commenters here, can anyone help me with knowing the following.

    I can see most people say this and the 7L K-mart air fryer seem to be on par in terms of comparison but how about 3-in-1 Air Fryer Ovens?

    Whats the big difference? What are the benefits of one over the other? The K-Mart 3-in1 is only $20 more than the K-Mart 7L air fryer version?

    • Can’t speak about the Kmart ovens. I have read many feedbacks saying multi function ovens in general consumes similar amount of energy as regular ovens.

      So unless there are specific reasons you don’t want to use your oven (i.e. to avoid cleaning), there’s no real benefits. And you don’t save space because your oven is already there.

      Also a cylindrical air fryer should perform better than rectangular ovens due to the way hot air spinning inside. If you are looking for an air fryer, better to get something that’s good at air frying than something that’s ok for it but also does something else.

      • Love the reply, the most insight I have had into this for something that is posted so frequently.

        Any chance anyone else can also provide the same sentiment? Always like to have multiple sources if possible but everything you are saying makes sense.

  • No longer online. No stores in Victoria has any in stock :(

    • Still avail when I add to cart for home delivery and local nsw pick up

      • Ah ok, the link from this deal still takes you to the page. But if you search for it on the Big W website, it's no longer there.
        But alas, looks like still no stock in metro VIC :(

  • I was going to use Suncorps BigW gift cards,. Before buying them I checked the BigW website to see what it asks for at check-out and that's WISH gift card (which I can get through AGL, however which seem to be slightly different, different discount as well; 3% vs. %5). I'm worried I'll buy $250 worth of gift cards and they're not valid. Can anyone shed light on this at all?

    • +1

      I'm 99.99% sure that Big W will accept accept Big W e-gift cards, as well as Wish gift cards.

    • +1

      You can always use Wish card at Woolworths to buy groceries. Anyway the Wish card (digital version) I got from NRMA (5% discount) is valid. Can't see why AGL ones are any different.

  • Got one at Doncaster, VIC this morning at opening time. Only 2 available, not sure how there can be so little stock of 'new' product at introductory sale price. On the other hand, staff were unloading boxes of the white cheaper non-sale Philips model.

    Also got 10x Bigw points boost on WW rewards this week so hopefully that comes thru for $10 off future spend

  • This is what the basket looks like for those curious

  • I wonder if this has keep warm and instant heat mode like the xxl models.

    • This one does have keep warm function.

      The Premium XXL (model: 9651/91) is correctly on sale at Costco $380 (was $420, save $40).

      • Is that instore only? I can only find the HD9742/93 on their website.

        • +1

          Yeah, saw it in store on Saturday.

          It's also mentioned in the PDF:

          (Sale ends today)

          The HD9742/93 was $300 instore before and $270 when on sale. Price was recently increased to $340.

          • @browser: Nice find. Eligible for cashback too right? So takes it down to ~$330.

            • @rev0: No, cashback is HD9650/93, Costco has a different model (HD9651/91).

              Costco is excluded from manufacturers promotions in general. Possibly because Costco sources their products from different channels, and when things go wrong and if still under warranty or member satisfaction guarantee, they just give your money back instead of dealing without local repair network.

  • Wow! Back to $399, was a little sceptical as first.

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