Title case is a terrible default

A forum/community as refined and mature as this can appreciate this feedback:

Title case is a sin. Please stop it.

I'll use the example used to highlight capitalisation and comma use:

I helped my uncle jack off the horse

I Helped my Uncle Jack off the Horse

Totally ruins the joke.

But more seriously, capitalisation is only for the first word of a sentence, or for proper nouns. Once You Start Capitalising Random Words, you start to destroying meaning.

I ate an Apple in the Apple Store.

Did I eat an iPhone or what?

Side note: I have actually noticed this earlier and I did pedantically go back and de-titled cased my forum post after a certain Power User 'fixed' it.


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  • iS tHIS oK ?!?

  • Dafuq?

    Is this a serious or joke "tag"

    • Gotta be a troll post looking at their own posts.

      Fixed Wireless, Need Cheap Landline Plan

      A Car for Older People

      AmEx Statement Credit Offers: Partial Refund but above $500 Remaining

      Or a pathetic case of 'do as I say, not as I do'.

      • Cherry picked examples, sure. But if you've ever made a post before, OzB automatically suggests the title case option to you before submitting it. So those posts would've been submitted before I cared to change it.

        • In my limited posting experience - I have had the title of my post edited to change the 1st letter of each word to uppercase. I had specifically used correct case across the title, ignoring the suggestion. OzB for some reason decided the title had to be in title case and changed it about 10 minutes or so after I posted.

          I can see some people think title case has more impact. Language evolves over time I guess. However, I prefer to use uppercase in the same manner as the OP : For the 1st word in a sentence and for any proper nouns. Otherwise everything else should be lowercase.

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  • "Look on the road ahead!"
    "Look on the road, a head!"

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    typing really good on ozb, i lead by example and with my helmet i can run real fast at walls

  • Once You Start Capitalising Random Words, you start to destroying meaning.

    You mean destroy meaning, right?

  • I agree op

  • Losing meaning of forum titles?

    Allllllllllllllrighty then

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    A title is not a sentence. A title is a title. What comes after the title is the sentence.

    From what I remember, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs all need to be capitals if it is in a title.

  • Betty Botter bought some Butter
    But she said the Butter’s bitter
    If I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter
    But a bit of better Butter will make my batter better
    So it was better Betty Botter bought a bit of better Butter

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  • Title Case is a Terrible Default

  • I think someone might of been on the glass pipe

  • Welcome to the title case vs sentence case religious debate!

    It's a style guide thing. Difference sites have different preferences. People who work in writing online content for a living can't even agree on this.

    The UK Government, Australian Government and Wikipedia advocate for minimal capitalisation, particularly for online content. Apparently this makes it more readable, because people tend to skim read online content and using too many capital letters makes this harder.

    But it's still a preference thing. So the owners of OzBargain can do whatever they like :)

    • Ain’t that the truth. Read an article the other day that said sentence case comes across as friendlier and casual and is more suitable for web content (and vice-versa in that title case is more suitable for printed copy).

      I for one didn’t even realise using sentence case in titles is even a thing, never used sentence case in titles or headings up until recently, where the company’s style guide dictates using sentence case in titles.

      Either way, the main thing is consistency.

      • Consistency is a thing, but they can also be wrong. There are proper nouns that are words, such as:

        • The Age (newspaper)
        • The Natural Confectionary Company
        • The Australian Ballet Company

        If you use them in title case, it's ambiguous if it's talking about some 'ballet company' or some 'confectionary company' instead of the company of that name.

        The Natural Confectionary Company Has Been Bought By Cadbury


        The Natural Confectionary Company has been bought by Cadbury.

        • Who are you referring to when you say "they can be wrong"?

          Those examples are actually pretty clear IMO so I don't think those are the best to convey your argument. Although in that example of title case I probably wouldn't capitalise "by".

          If a company's name was used in everyday language, for example their name is "This Company" (which is a really stupid name for a company IMO) then sure, this is ambiguous:

          This Company Increased Its Profits by 200% in 2020

          Whereas this is less ambiguous:

          This Company increased its profits by 200% in 2020

          But does it happen often where a company has a silly name like that? Because if I was desperate to read about "This Company" and not some other random company then it could be frustrating if I clicked on it and it was about some random company.

  • weird - suggest look at ex us president tweets for guidance on the matter…

    • This whole debate is fake news by the Dems.

      • dems have a different name to republicans -but they both generate fake news. one thing that won't shift is fauci.

        fauci paid for bat research at 2 labs 1 being in europe. Terrible acccident in the euro lab apparently in 2018 - deaths etc.

        covid samples in europe from 2019 - investigations of 2nd lab zero. That lab will never be investigated for real, and fauci will be protected by the white house by both yank arms as predicted. trump hated him but had to protect him - very funny really.

        • What the actual f did I just read

          • @bmerigan: fauci - american head of bio research commissioned multiple studies of bat dna from 2015/16 after sars - didn't you know this fact? 2 labs were used by the americans - one of them is in europe…

            maybe uncle rupert didn't include it in his jackanory media sessions?

            america keeps it darpa bio warfare investments following 9/11 out of the news - but even some republicans refer to him as the father of covid I saw recently..

            'DARPA - DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office develops capabilities that embrace the unique properties of biology—adaptation, replication, complexity—and applies those features to revolutionize how the United States defends the homeland and prepares and protects its Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. BTO is helping the Department of Defense expand technology-driven capabilities to detect novel threats and protect U.S. force readiness, deploy physiological interventions to maintain operational advantage, support warfighter performance, and focus on operational biotechnology for mission success. '

            It develops biological weapons and then develops vaccinations programmes against the weapons it invents….sound familiar yet?

            • @petry: Why on earth would I care that someone researched bats?
              Researchers are looking at mammoth DNA too.

              • @bmerigan: the bat dna sequence is what makes covid special, so the fact you don't care about why the yanks wanted to play with it so badly, as opposed to anyone else prev-covid, is of no concern to anyone.

                I agreed with you originally, and added the fact that the dems spread fake news just the same as Trump. The dems were in control when Fauci placed all his chinese bat orders.

                • @petry: Divergence dates between SARS-CoV-2 and the bat sarbecovirus reservoir were estimated as 1948 (95% highest posterior density (HPD): 1879–1999), 1969 (95% HPD: 1930–2000) and 1982 (95% HPD: 1948–2009), indicating that the lineage giving rise to SARS-CoV-2 has been circulating unnoticed in bats for decades.

                  Quote from a scientific article in nature.com

                  When people start "fact rants" stringing together disparate things to try to make a cohesive thought I just roll my eyes and wonder what it's like to go through life thinking any authority figure is out to get you.

  • I am 100% with you OP. There are numerous other inexplicably archaic things that OzB 'does' to text 'by default' that only serve to render posting herein extremely tedious/laborious. I shudder to think how many peeps simply don't bother to post at all because of the outdated/prehistoric nature of the systems in operation.

    For example, why "tf" can't posts simply be typed in 'Word' (italics/bold/etc. and all), then pasted into an OzB post with those things retained? Numerous other websites are perfectly capable of supporting this very basic level of (1990s-type) functionality, but not OzB. Instead, us users are shackled with a tedious system involving ludicrously complex almost algebraic constructions requiring the precise placement of asterisks (etc.). It beggars belief, and many years ago when I first joined the website I optimistically assumed such things would be rationalised within a few months.

    Sadly not. Posting in this website remains a bit like posting in what in the 1980s were called 'bulletin boards' …

    • Maybe because its not designed for essay length posts?

      If your typing something out where you need to go to word to draft it up first, it's most likely too long/ranty/unsuitable/unnecessary for ozb forum

      • you're*

      • Yo SBOB, re:

        '… it's most likely too long/ranty/unsuitable/unnecessary for ozb forum'

        You are erroneously presuming to speak for the entire OzB community when you 'declare' what is and isn't suitable for them to read. Note this recent post that you would evidently deem 'too long/ranty/unsuitable/unnecessary for ozb forum':


        Fifteen OzB users who read it clearly disagree with you, and I think it is likely that the OP will ultimately find the information it contains useful as well. Many peeps clearly like to read (and post their own) long and informative posts. The fact that you evidently prefer 'Tweet-type one-liners/thought bubbles' rather than substantial/informative content does not mean that everyone else prefers that as well.

        • -2 votes

          Sure.. it contained useful dot points/response info.
          You could have easily included the same info in less words… the post is an entire page long on my laptop screen… an ENTIRE page…
          Plenty of other forum users manage to write useful, well 'up-voted' responses in significantly less words.

          More words does not always correlate to a quality post.

          "Talk less, Smile more"

          • @SBOB: You missed the point, which was that many OzB members like reading and writing long/detailed posts, and you do not speak for those users when you declare that the posts of others should be shorter. If reading a 'whole page' is beyond you or not to your liking, the solution is simple … don't. You should not presume that you know what's best for other people though, or how long their posts should be.

      • If your typing something out where you need to go to word to draft it up first, it's most likely too long/ranty/unsuitable/unnecessary for ozb forum

        That's a really silly thing to say. What's wrong with making a draft in Word or Notes for example in case you accidentally close the page (such as if you have a lot of tabs open and are moving between them using your mouse and accidentally close it — not really far fetched IMO) or in case you accidentally navigate to a new webpage by clicking a link on and lose what you typed? I know it's happened to me on occasion (not strictly on OzBargain either).

        Some people put pride into their posts/comments and like to ensure they convey as much information as possible, and if their posts/comments end up being long winded, what gives you the right to criticise them for it? If you're not bothered to read a long post/comment (or dare I say, too lazy) and don't have anything good to say except to throw stones I would simply say — move on.

        I wouldn't say OzBargain is "not designed for essay length posts" but more that long format posts are not the norm on internet forums where some people expect instant gratification.

    • Just want to reinforce what the other person said if you’re needing to put something in word first or if it needs that level of formatting it really doesn’t belong on ozbargain. These forums may cover other topics but it is predominately a place to discuss bargains not a place for your blog/live journal/fan fiction/manifesto, whatever the hell you’re trying to write.

      • cero:

        As per the comment above, you clearly do not speak for a great many OzB users, and you should not erroneously presume to.

    • People getting their knickers in a knot about it being not a big deal seem to simultaneously be vigorously defending the status quo. Make your mind up y'all is it not a big deal or do you like title case.

      Personally I (profanity) hate title case.

  • They’re their. Two bad to sad. Your going two have too get used to people being inept with simple grade 5 English.

  • Suit case yourself and zip it up. :o)

  • Is your uncle a vet? I hear war does strange things to a man.

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  • For what it's worth OP I agree with you. And I've also been annoyed with a power user who changed one of my titles to title case but it's not my website so not my choice.

  • OP is right. The new Australian writing style manual (well, new as in since more than 10 years ago) stipulates that unnecessary capitalisation is just as bad as having no punctuation at all. So OzBargain is making us all look a little more uneducated due to the forced uppercasing of almost every word in the title.

    Incidentally there are other aspects to correct writing styles which Australian employers look for, especially government employers. They include things such as writing out numbers in word form if they are at the start of a sentence. Or using 'one' instead of '1', etc. The manual also says to do away with EG (example) and IE (that is), and just use the non-abbreviated words in English.

    Source: https://www.stylemanual.gov.au/

    • Thanks for the reference.

      To be clear for everyone else, I'm not trying to be prescriptive here. It's just that title casing is objectively wrong, regardless of styleguides.

      I'm sure you can probably save yourself some code/bugs/blah if you just remove that little 'toTitleCase' PHP function and the state management of that 'has been suggested title case option' message.

  • I'm far more concerned about the absolute death of full stops. What is with that?

  • Titles aren’t sentences.

    • In case you're serious: this isn't about rules, what is what. I'm arguing that title case, and the forum's explicit auto-title-casing of a post title is wrong.

      • Go easy on that ;). Other alternative you can get around is to make the title slightly different with choice of words so it’s not misleading with title case.

  • Funny Joke

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    A Covfefe problem.

  • I helped my uncle Jack, off the horse.

    Fixed that for you ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

    • Comma is not needed there. It helps force a pause but in my professional opinion it is not technically correct (the only kind of correct that matters).

      • Thank you, 01189998819991197253.

      • Loopy:

        The comma here is contextually incorrect/misleading because it erroneously implies that you helped your uncle Jack with something unrelated to the horse while he happened to be 'off the horse'. For example:

        'Both were totally exhausted and utterly parched upon their arrival, and required assistance even just to drink some water. My aunt Mary could not even get off her horse at first, so I helped her drink some water while she was still on the horse. I helped my uncle Jack, off the horse.'

        Alas you fixed nothing Loopy, apart from an impression upon my mind that you do not understand the correct use of commas ;-P

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