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Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Ceiling Light 450 Lamp $97.95 ($90 off) & Bonus Remote Controller + $11 Shipping @ Yeelight Australia


Today at Yeelight Australia we are having 90$ off discount on Yeelight Smart Ceiling Light 450 Lamp

Remote control will be included in the order. No need to add it to cart.

Discount Code:


Standard weight base shipping applies for all products, Free shipping rate applies when purchase over $100.

We have these quantity available in Sydney Warehouse and Same working day shipping with online tracking from our Sydney warehouse if ordered before 1pm AEST

We are Authorised Australian dealers of Yeelight and the bulbs we sell are Australian approved. Stock is limited to 100 available in our Sydney warehouse.

Main Features:

✅Smart Remote Control: integrates seamlessly with smart home hubs like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Smart things and allows remote control via smartphone APP.
Support Bluetooth, smart dimmer, and voice control.
✅Dust-proof and Insects Resistant:insects and dust are kept out of the lampshade by multiple carefully designed tight-fitting layers.
Suitable for bedroom, living room, hallway,dining room, kids room.
✅Dimmable and Tunable: Freely Customize Your Light in Different Scenarios
Warm light renders a soothing and relaxing environment;
cool light helps you concentrate on work in an invigorating setting.
A color temperature ranging from 2700K to 6000K reproduces lighting conditions from dawn to dusk.
✅True Color For Natural Lighting
Premium LED beads with a rendering index of up to 95Ra to create true natural sunlight conditions,
and eliminate the impact of a low color index on vision.
✅Cozy moonlight mode:The unique moonlight mode bathes a room in warm, soft, and natural light.
Create a loving ambiance for kids afraid of the dark or seniors in the household.
✅Large Beam Angle to Light Up Every Corner in Your Home.
Cover large spaces while minimizing dark corners.
✅Easy Quick Installation:Innovative Coupler Module Eases the Installation.
An innovative quick coupler module allows you to lock the lamp into the base with a push and slide.
Install, replace, or clean the light easily.
✅Versatile Design to Meet Home of Any Style
Galaxy comes in both pure white models and the starry models in terms of the lampshade.
The pure white model presents sleek and simple beauty,
while the starry model shines through the star-patterned surface to illuminate the room a galaxy effect.
✅State-of-art Technology Creates Softer Light
The TV lens and innovative bead layout allow efficient refraction and radiation to deliver a soft uniform visual experience.

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  • +1

    Is it free shipping or only at $100? Title and description are conflicting

  • Says to add free Bluetooth remote to order, but can't apply coupon code for discount after. Any fix, op?

    • You don't need to add a remote control, one will be given for free

      • thats good to know since cart only allows one code…and an $11.00 shipping charge appears - includes remote…

  • -1

    Does this need an electrician to install?

    • definitely.. its hardwired

  • -1

    Can it turn a harsh white light? (I hate soft yellow lights).

    • +1

      you must love public toilets!

      • especially the with the Muzak!

        but it is a serious question. does it do bright White?

    • Yes, It's tuneable from 2700K to 6000K

      • ta!

  • Want to buy starry galaxy 480 version but not discount :(

  • Purchased one. Thanks OP

    Hope the remote will be packed together as promised.

  • Can I buy 2 and get $90 off each? and free shipping?

    • no they charge full price for the second.

  • Any deals on the bedside lamp op?

  • +1

    I've got 5 of these spread out over the house, excellent quality. This Aussie version has an earth terminal in the light which is nice, i have a few of the Chinese ones and they only have line and neutral.
    Highly rate these light, excellent colour and dam bright.

    Only downside is when you block them from phoning China, they reset themselves every hour on the dot. Causes the light to turn off then back on for a couple of milliseconds

    • that's a serious issue. thanks for the heads up.

      • AFAIK you don't need to connect these to the internet ever
        The Bluetooth remote allows you to do all functions albeit in a stepped rather than granular scale.
        I have mine connected to the internet but they're routed through a guest network only.
        This means I still have app control, but the reaction time can be delayed by up to 10 seconds.

    • Why are you blocking them from phoning China? And this issue also affects Aussie version?

  • Trying to figure out the benefit of replacing my existing lights. Why would I buy these vs adding smart bulbs to the existing fitting ?

    • +1

      To change the look or replace a similar shaped circular fluorescent fitting that has no "drop-in'' replacement option.

  • Hi, would like to buy 2 or more for free shipping and combine discount. Op, can u make this happen?

    • +1

      Nothing from the OP, but it looks like the website has been updated to apply the discount to multiple items.
      I've just checked out 2 for $195.90 shipped

      • Will you get 2 remotes? who knows. OP is never clear or consistent in their deals.

        • +1

          Most likely yes.
          I got a remote included in the box for my last one (from an eBay seller)
          No battery though which was kinda annoying.

  • Hi rep, do you have the smaller version of this? Just looks too big for my room.

  • Just got told that due to stock shortages, the remote won't be bundled with the light, quite annoying having a light with no controller.

    • You can use the app(s), either Yeelight or MiHome.
      Pretty much need to anyway.
      The remote can control in steps only, the app gives you fine grained control for brightness, colour and allows you to change the Default state (ie colour and brightness when turned on by a wall switch and whether you want the light to power on after loss of power)

    • Did they say they will send it later when they have it in stock?

      I am still waiting for mine to be delivered. I had planned to use some bluTack to stick the remote next to the light switch. Without the remote controller, it is not convenient for the older members of the household.

      • The light can be operated like a normal light with a normal switch.
        This is how I have mine set up already.

        It's just the dimming and colour temperature features that need a controller (either App and/or Remote).

        I have programmed mine to revert to full brightness by default when operated by manual switch.
        I only want to dim the light occasionally.
        You can even set up in the app time based changes if you're super keen.
        ie Full brightness by day, then 50% after 8pm

        • If someone using the switch to turn it on and off, then all the scheduling won’t work.

          I want to keep the switch on all the time and only use the remote (and app) to turn on and off. That way the light would be powered all the time, all the programmed schedules would still work.

          • @hotpotato: Received my Yeelight today. The remote is included inside the box. (I ordered last Tuesday, 6th)

      • I ordered 2 lights, and 1 remote was shipped with the other being advised it'll arrive later. True enough, the second is being tracked for delivery now. The 1st remote didn't arrive inside the box but rather attached to the outside of it.

        • Have you received your second remote yet?

        • I'm still yet to receive a tracking number for my second remote.
          My first remote arrived in box… so weird!

          • @ESEMCE: Second remote received.
            Same/similar tracking number was used.

  • Very fast delivery. Ordered 2 yesterday morning, and I just received. No remote included.

    • How's the quality? I missed out but may look for future deals.

      • +1

        I'll say it is perfect if you pay 100 like this deal. Easy installation and the cover is very good glass looking plastic, lighter but looks better than my old glass cover.

        I linked google home and yeelight account, so I use it by voice control or phone app.

        • Thanks, will look to get this next time.

  • +1

    OP, when can you do another deal for this?

  • I have this light linked with Google home and Yeelight App (unfortunately no HomeKit support for this one) and all work fine. But I am not able to add this light to Xiaomi Mi-home (Mijia) app. When adding in the Mi-home app, I chose the Yeelight ceiling light, and entered my wifi details, the app would then just show "search for bluetooth device", and would never successful.

    I have some Xiaomi security cameras, was thinking to use them to trigger the light. But since the light is not in Mi-home, I am not able to integrate them together.

    Anyone has any luck with adding this light to Mi-home app? if so, which Yeelight light did you choose to add? (BTW. my mi-home app is set to Australia region)

    • I only use the Yeelight App, cause I have a couple of Chinese only lightstrips that aren't supported in my MiHome (Australia server) but it looks like you need to click the "View more" button and select the Yeelight Arwen Ceiling Light 450C/550C.

  • Does these guys contactable on the phone?

  • Does these guys contactable on the phone? Thanks

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