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$3 off via Lychee Challenge @ Boost Juice (App Required)


Open the Boost Juice App (make sure you have the latest update), Scroll Down to "View All Challenges”.
There’s usually a few challenges ranging from $1-$5 Vouchers.

Click on the Lychee “Berry Family” Challenge, than Select the "Soapberry" answer to receive a $3 off Voucher.

Challenge Expires 2nd of May 2021, but once you answer the challenge, you usually only have 3 to 5 days to use voucher before it expires, so only answer close to purchasing.

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  • Anyone know the correct word for the lychee puzzle on Facebook?

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    $3 off via Lychee Challenge @ Boost Juice

    AKA please fund my next mansion challenge…

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      Do you expect the owner of a highly successful franchise to be poor? Do you also expect CEO's to earn minimum wage?

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        no but I refuse to buy overpriced drinks and help pay for her next cash purchase
        I might me in the minority but I'd much rather pay my own mortgage :)

        Do you also expect CEO's to earn minimum wage?

        perhaps here it is CEOs and not CEO's ?

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          So what you're saying is you boycott every large corporation and only purchase from local independents who have opened their books to prove their cash levels are below a threshold you consider reasonable?

          • @ScottEh: Or maybe they support socialism/co-ops over capitalism?

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              @dust: Their recent posts are Amazon deals. Bezos, known beacon of the socialist movement.

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          This is small thinking. Janine has inspired thousands of australian entrepreneurs. Her business idea has gone global to bring money back into Australia. That mansion was built on other Australians labour and paid many people's salaries.

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          Whether you're willing to pay $8 for a smoothie is a different issue from whether you are boycotting the business because the founder is rich. Don't confuse the two.

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          Hey look, everyone! I like to pay off my own mortgage by choosing not to spend on things that other people might enjoy. On top of that, I don't talk about money I spend on my own vices and hobbies. Unpopular opinion, amirite!??!?

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    For those in VIC (not sure about other states), 7-11 has a really good low sugar Lychee Slurpee flavour.

    ;) Save yourself a few dollaroos and get that instead.

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      Probably just as healthy too lol

  • I love Janine, she seems very nice… and good on her for such amazing success. She's smart and came up with a tasty drink that clearly millions of people buy. I can understand it might seem pricey t some but compared to tea drinks which is flavored overpriced tea imo. Atleast boost drinks have real fruit.

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      Thanks for the message, Janine. What was it like being part of Shark Tank? :P

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        Hehe, Is it hard to believe that a nice comment can be made without any association… I genuinely like her.
        BTW I'm a nurse and have been an ozbargainer for years and I come here just for the comments as u guys are pretty funny sometimes

        • Think Lockdude was being humorous.

          But there are mindblowing numbers of people who seem to believe that they are actually interacting with CEOs on internet forums. It would be funny if it weren't so worrying!

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      yeah so cheap. i either feed meself for a day or starve and have a boost.

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      Yeah $8 for a drink that is the same kilojoules as a full meal but doesn't leave you nearly as full as a proper meal.

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    Their new lychee menu is delicious!

  • Thanks mate, 5 bucks for a smoothie is half reasonable

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