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$10 off $50 Spend with Online Newsletter Signup @ Target


Sign up to Target’s enewsletter and receive $10 off your next online order when you spend $50* or more.

Your unique code will be provided in your Welcome email which must be entered at checkout for the offer to apply.

*Excludes gift cards and interactive gaming.

Pair with this deal for ultimate savings: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611723

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  • What's interactive gaming mean? My guess would be anything console related.

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    why has target become so expensive?

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      Not expensive in my recent experience.
      Buy on sale or clearance.

      There are many Target Deals here for cheap prices!

      Last month bought 4 great $30 shorts, 4 belts, t-shirts, loads of underwear @75%off - with tags showing a reasonable total price of $230… for $57.50.

      Fans are being cleared from $4.
      Recommended the $11.20 Target 40cm pedestal fan with remote control in the Target fan Deal

      With $10 off $50…. That's not expensive!

      • o that is good
        obviously im just looking at the wrong stuff
        often it's homewares

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          Happy bargain hunting!

  • Does anyone know once signed up, when will the "$10 off" expire? Currently don't really need to get anything from Target.

    • 31 May

      • Thanks!

  • Doesn’t work. Keeps saying code not valid even after trying multiple addresses. Also reply email says something like $25 and expires 30 November 2020.

    • Yes but below that it also mentions "**Offer further extended until Saturday 1st May 2021."

      I'm also getting that error too though..

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    Free click and collect as it will be over $20
    Order over $60 for free delivery (60-10)

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    Still can’t get a voucher code. Anyone succeeded.

  • Tried multiple email addresses.

    It looks like the welcome email for the newsletter sign up comes through fine, but it does not contain the $10 voucher code, nor does it get applied automatically.

    Is Target Online deliberately trolling their customers?

    • I got my $10 when I signed up the account not when I subscribed to their Newsletter.

      • Good to know. Thank you. I will try that next time.

      • Just letting you know that this only works for the second order after you sign up for a new account. So, no bueno!

        Hi ****,

        With your new Target account, you can now track your orders, see all your previous purchases and more all in the one place.

        Get $10 off your next online order when you spend $50* or more. Not available if you have already created a Target online account or signed up for eNews.

        We look forward to seeing you soon.

  • I can now confirm that after your first order, your second order will have $10 automatically deducted when it reaches $50 minimum. No need to wait for an email from them for the $10 code after your first order as it's all automatic.

  • How does this $10 work open new account spend $50 ,then another $50? Anyone know how to get this $10 which seems a nightmare to get.
    Im after 2 items costing over $50 for both but dont seem to get email with voucher.