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[VIC] 30cm Box Desk Fan $9 in-Store @ Target (Cranbourne)


Saw this on the self marked down to $19 from $49. When I got to check out it scanned at $9. I showed the cashier the $19 sticker on it. She checked it again and it is definitely $9. So far it's good. It's quiet enough and more powerful than my old one that died.

It is a clearance item and has been removed from their website - here is the image of the receipt and box - https://imgur.com/a/xpKq2t7
Plenty left at Cranbourne.

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Target Australia

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    Target have a 20% off fan sale.

    Plus Fans are on clearance due to change of season. Price on shelf is higher than you pay in this sale.

    Saw this & plenty of other fans discounted in Brisbane store yesterday.

    Tip: In case price drops within 60 days of purchase, take back with receipt & get difference refunded. Did that with clothes on sale with extra 50% off the 50% off price I paid.

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    $11.20 Target 40cm pedestal remote control fan - online (c&c charge $3, free for $20 or more order)
    But scanned $15.20 at local store yesterday. Originally $29.

    Bought for $10 last year. Used in bedroom & like it. Previous comments - quiet, heavy stable base, easy to use.

    • so, price on shelf higher or scanned price higher or online lower price ?

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        In store the shelf price ($19) is higher than you are charged @checkout ($15.20), but that's higher than online price ($11.20) - on that product (which requires a $20 order to avoid the $3 c&c fee)!

        Prices at stores may differ.

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      the remote control pedestal fan is definitely a better fan… a very solid build for its price… got it from last year…

      just added a few more to my home…

      loved the mesh cover… very safe… so much better compare to just strip metal cover from old fan model.

  • Bought an earlier Target box fan for $6. Worked quietly & effectively for years.
    Dropped it heavily & damaged the controls.

    Replaced with above oscillating remote control fan for a few dollars more.
    Both are great fans at a good price.

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    $4 USB charged, 3 speed battery portable fan, originally $15. (Also no longer listed on Target site)
    About 10 in local store, in white, black, or blue yesterday.

    4W Usage time from 3.5 hours to 6 hours - depending on speed.
    Takes hours to charge, can use on charge (could use a powerbank).
    Have on test at the moment. Even on lowest speed puts out a pleasant breeze from 500mm away.

    Good price for 1800mA 18650 lithium battery, USB cable, & built in micro-USB battery charger (sealed in plastic case - just remove fan from top)

    Nice cheap birthday or Christmas present 🎁

    • Installed it on desk so it can be rotated, in improvised holder. Takes up very little space. Plugged into spare USB socket.
      Provides a good circulation of air.

  • This one is great for kids and pets or anyone that likes a bit of risk with their fan https://www.target.com.au/p/goldair-3-cm-retro-metal-desk-fa…

    • Used to collect fans from 1950s & earlier. Many had no protective cover at all!

      • Collecting from 1950?
        So I guess you could say you're a fan.

        • Boom tish!
          Looked good / modern in the 1890's house.

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    Big W has all its fans at 75% off. Most are still in stock at my nearest Big W.

    • +1

      Not 75% off when I just looked
      Tower fan was still $31.20 (was $39)

      • Might be regional then
        I'm currently in Canberra, so not much use for fan's heading into winter.

        Prinetti Tower Fan 78cm is $9.75 save $29.25

        • Regional difference in pricing was discussed in bigW fan Deal. Cooler places often discount summer fans earlier.

          That $39 fan is still $19 for most, but OP listed @$15.20 in Vic in that 22/3 Deal. Others couldn't find at that price.

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