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Logitech MX Master 3 Black (Direct Import) - $109 + Delivery ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


I was looking to buy the grey one on Kogan and then did a quick search and saw the black MX master 3 available. Its the international version so not Australian warranty one but at a good price delivered if you wanted to purchase it.

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  • yesterday this was $6 less…. :) same store same item,. one day 5% off something like that showing up above the item description

  • Just paid $150 for this mouse a couple of weeks ago. It took a little bit of getting used to coming from the MX2 but I'm now in love with it, and the custom controls for apps like zoom and chrome have been very handy. Also USB-C!

    • May I ask what took getting used to when migrating from MX2? Is it just the look and feel ?
      I am considering doing the same but was under the impression that they are very similar in everyway.

      • The MX3 felt uncomfortable to me at first and made my arm a bit sore from everyday use. I think coming from the MX2, you're used to its size and go for a full palm grip, and the MX3 is more of a claw grip. The MX3 has much narrower shape and isn't as thick at the palm

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    Best mouse on the market,

    Didn't know I needed horizontal scroll until I got it!

    • What do you horizontal scroll for?

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        horizontal scroll

        • …. But when, specifically, is that useful? The extreme majority of websites don't benefit, nor games ….

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            @Grazz989: Productivity applications. Wide spreadsheets, landscape oriented documents, ultra wide images, etc.

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              @skittlebrau: I have the MX master 2s and personally I find the horizontal scroll cumbersome to use. Instead I just do shift + (main) scroll which works much more smoothly and you can use the free scrolling to scroll quickly.

          • @Grazz989: so you can have specific actions for specific applications. i.e. use to switch between tabs on chrome, scroll horizontally on excel, etc. Zoom in and out. Set it as certain key strokes.

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        also chrome (if you put 2 windows side by side sometimes you need to scroll to the right)

      • I use HEAVY excel most of my days. Also I organize myself in onenote, and often the lists/information on there grows both vertically and horizontally.

        As a hobbyist photographer, when I do some lightroom editing, I zoom in to pictures, and can move around with ease.

    • Agree with your comment about horizontal scroll. It is very useful with productivity software. I don’t have the Master but an Apple Magic Mouse 2 which you swipe your finger across (RRP $119 for those interested).

  • If you want local stock then $119 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/615313

  • Can I price match at officeworks?

  • I got this mouse as an upgrade from my MX Anywhere and found I just can't get comfortable with it. I use claw grip and I find it's not comfortable, hard to get a grip on and is just a bit overbearing in size.

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      you can google it, basically many agree this mx 3 is not good for petite hand

    • It’s pretty much made with palm grip in mind. Definitely also not good for people with smaller than average hands.

      • they should put the ideal/recommended palm size in the box to be clear

        • They probably should do that, but even then the feel of a mouse can still be quite subjective. Usually fancy mice have a retail box that lets you open the front to allow you to 'test' the profile of it at least - not sure if that's the case with the MX Master 3.

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