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EA Play 1 Year A$28.25 (Converts to 4 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Active Users) @ Eneba


Service fees apply at checkout. Use discount code EAPLAYORXGPU to drop the price down to $28.25 when paying with PayPal/Credit Card.

Activating the EA Play activation code on an Xbox account with an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will convert the 1 year of EA Play to 4 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
Read more here: https://support.xbox.com/en-AU/help/subscriptions-billing/ma...

Depending on the payment method, there might be a conversion fee which is not included in the title of this deal thread (as it can vary).

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  • I can't get it to work - I've tried a couple of times, but when it gets to delivering codes, it tells me that the security system can't verify my phone number. Despite doing exactly that a few minutes before to make an account.

  • Can confirm this works. Paid with ING Everyday via PayPal and was charged $28.28 AUD. Had no issues with the phone number verification and had the code in a few minutes. When redeeming the code on the Microsoft redeem page it showed the "this code has already been used" error - but it applied the 4 months GPU to my account and it shows in the order history. Good deal, thanks.

    • Exact same thing, after pressing redeem it gave me an error. But I checked my subscriptions tab and it was indeed there.

      Edit: this is the error. "This code wasn't found–try re-entering it. If the code is damaged, contact the seller. Invalid characters are A, E, I, O, U, L, S, 0, 1 and 5."

  • Can this be used multiple times?

    • +1 on this.

      I have an active GPU subscription that expires next month so looking at the best way to renew for x amount of months.

      ~$85 yearly for GPU looks like the cheapest way to get it at the moment

    • I can confirm. It can.
      Bought one initially but then I thought what If I stack it so I bought 2 more.
      3 in total stacked to 12 months of gpu.

      • First one I could convert fine. Got a second one, and I cannot activate that one. I'm getting an error when trying to do the conversion from EA Play to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate :(


        Edit: I tried a few more times and it worked. Managed to add 8 months of credit.

  • Works!
    Just curious if it stacks.

    Edit: yes it does.

  • Edit: Replied in the wrong bit….

  • Hey my subscription ended a few days ago. Can I renew using this??

  • Can confirm this worked. Thank you.

  • It stacks, got 4 months x 2 for $29.58 each, so roughly $7.40 per month, not bad.

  • Wondering if i should let my subscription lapse next month and look for some cheap gold and then convert for a $1 or hop on this deal and load up - this looks like its probably cheaper anyways at around $85-90 a year.

  • Managed to stack 3x4 month subs! Thanks OP!

  • I can echo the experiences here. Redeeming the tokens results in an error saying "Get a new code, this one's already been redeemed", but the time applies just fine to your XGPU subscription. I extended mine through until the start of 2024 using four codes.

    I found that the second code I tried to enter showed up as 12 months of EA Play instead of 4 months of XGPU. I just refreshed the page and entered the same code again and it did the conversion properly - didn't want to take any risks.

    Total cost came to $111.94 for 16 months, so just under $7 a month.

  • I have no idea how to get this to work, as I have tried to buy this a few time but the checkout process keeps telling me that the security system can't verify my phone number. Does anyone know why?

    • When I entered my number, I drop the leading 0. Not sure if that would help you. E.g.

      Instead of: +61 0400 000 000
      Use: +61 400 000 000

      • Thanks mate, tried that and it still does not work. Its funny that I did the same when registering for an account and it worked straight away.

        Does anyone else have any idea? OP?

  • Also can confirm this worked ok. Took me a while to get there intm the end. Also told me it had been redeemed when I entered the code, but it has added to my account.

  • Can't get it any more.

    Sold out

  • Still work! Found a way to buy more from other resellers on Eneba (which is a marketplace):

    Go here: https://www.eneba.com/xbox-ea-access-pass-code-12-months-xbo...
    Find one with lowest price and good rating (I used Top Gun Games)
    Use the same coupon EAPLAYORXGPU. Worked out to be $28.38 after fee for me.

    Tip: if you purchase multiple codes, each time you redeem a code you should open a new browser tab at https://redeem.microsoft.com/?wa=wsignin1.0 to redeem. I was trying to redeem one after another and it errors out.


    • Tried it and it comes up as $27.85 Euro which works out to AU$43.50 before the fee for me.

      • Don’t use the one directly the link shows, if you open it then scroll down there are other sellers with cheaper price

  • Has anyone ever tried this one, once you purchased it from Brazil, do you need a VPN to activate it?


    • That's live gold, only converts to 4 months of game pass ultimate. Not worth it.
      Edit: might be worth it if you haven't converted account yet. First time upgrade to ultimate you get 1:1 conversion, but no good for existing ultimate users.

    • My Xbox live gold had expired. I bought 3 of these (one at a time) from your link thanks. I have Nord VPN so used that with a Brazil address. Checked on what’smyip to see that it worked properly. Then logged into xbox.live.com and redeemed the code.
      As I hadn’t done the ultimate game pass yet, the 3 years of live gold converted to 3 years of ultimate. Did that part on my xbox. Around $160, so that’s pretty good.

      • Wow, 3 years of Ultimate from paying Gold membership for 3 years, no kidding…brilliant. Can anyone do it, this is better than the above offer?
        Initially, I had a bit of an issue activating the code. Got in touch with them and they told me to go incognito and it worked. Happy campers here.

      • Done a bit of reading, you can convert up to 3 years on 1:1 basis if you have never activated the $1 offer from Microsoft, which I unfortunately have. Oh well.

  • Seems I was unlucky.. now trying to get my money back from these guys. Waste of time for me. One reply and nothing since. Hopeless customer service. Would never buy off them again just based on that.

  • Well the closed my case. Used code and closed the case. They know what to say to PayPal. Don’t use these guys - support better customer service.

    The last reply: full of fluff and bs

    Lora Bishop (ENEBA)
    Apr 14, 2021, 11:22 GMT+3


    We understand your frustration with this situation. If, as you claimed through the dispute, the purchased key was already used after your purchase, we can report this case to our suppliers. They would investigate the case furtherly and provide solutions.

    Otherwise, the PayPal dispute has been solved and closed. Thus we are closing this ticket as well. If you experience any issues in the future or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Best regards,

    They don’t care so beware!!!!