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Wenger 45mm Roadster Black Night $106.51 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Thought this was worthy of a post considering the same watch on leather is $234.31 and on Amazon US this exact watch is US$215.00.

Wenger Roadster Black Night 01.1841.104

6% cashback @ Cashrewards

  • Crystal/Lens - Sapphire coated mineral crystal
  • Diameter - approx 45mm
  • Band width - 22mm
  • Case Thickness - 12mm
  • Case material - Stainless steel
  • Swiss Quartz
  • One-way Rotating Bezel
  • Push down crown
  • Water Resistant - 100m


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Sexy watch. Bought.
    Thanks OP

  • Thanks WatchNerd, great bargain and great looking watch but got a couple of similar looking ones already. So tempted though!

  • Nice find!

  • Now $196.93

    • Yeah I think Amazon has some smarts to increase price when there is increased demand (read Ozbargained)

      • yep, they drop prices and when demand picks up they increase .. they are just optimising the stock level / demand / profit model …..

        you really notice it on the camel history graphs for some items ….

  • $196 when I click on the link..?

  • Just made it!

  • I bought a Wenger watch a few years ago, similar specs to this one- this one actually:


    certainly a great looking watch, but I've been disappointed with the water resistance. when I wore it in the shower, condensation formed inside the glass. when I contacted Wenger about it, they replied "watches are not meant to be showered in warm/hot water, especially a chronograph like yours. The problem will arise again and again and showering in a watch is not a warranty issue it is an issue of misuse of the watch."

    so I stopped wearing it in the shower! but the same thing happened when I visited Malaysia - no showering/swimming this time- just the humidity in the air causing the same problem.

    maybe I just got unlucky, but it's put me off Wenger forever- never had this problem with any of my seikos. I still wear the watch daily, but looking for something to replace it with……

    • Where’d you buy it, could it be a fake?

    • when I wore it in the shower, condensation formed inside the glass.

      Happened with my Seiko 5 automatic before also.

      • Yea waterproof does not mean shower proof. The hot water can cause problems.

        • I was aware of that. that's why I didn't think much of it. Condensation cleared up eventually anyway.

        • Soap/Shampoo is also a surfactant which reduces waters surface tension making more able to seep through

        • I honestly never knew that. is there any such thing as a showerproof watch?

    • I had the same problem too with my Wenger watch when I wore it in Malaysia. Now I know I am not the only one with this problem.

      • just saw this review on that amazon page:

        "1.0 out of 5 stars Leaks
        Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2018
        Leaks water in even in rain. Tried to get it covered under "warranty" after drying it out but not covered as it was opened to dry it out! Catch 22. So no- don't buy this and don't trust the warranty."


    • What a disappointing reply from Wenger. While I agree condensation is something that can happen, calling it an issue of misuse of the watch and putting the onus on the user is a bit off-putting. Especially by your account where a visit of Malaysia caused it to have the same condensation without the shower or swimming.

      One thing you could do with your particular watch is to open up the crown and put it in sealed container with a fair amount of dessicant packets. That should help dry out the air inside the watch case. Leave it for a few hours or overnight and then screw down your crown again. Done successfully, that should greatly reduce or otherwise eliminate your issue with condensation with changes in temps and humidity.

      • I've read many remedies for drying out compromised watches, such as putting them in bags of rice and moisture absorbing packets. But the damage is already done. According to watch makers the watch will continue to take on moisture. Best to remove the case back. Then, check all gaskets and grease them. If the watch has value get it checked and pressure tested by a professional.

        • If it were my watch, then I would certainly remove the movement from the case, wipe everything down inside the case, check the gaskets and relube them and take it from there.

          However, I just wanted to share an easy, pain free "fix" for a watch that has condensation with no history of water ingress. If there's a history of water ingress then a visit to a watchmaker is warranted to see if the movement is in good shape.

      • yes it was a disappointing reply- unnecessarily curt and rude I thought at the time- it probably put me off Wenger more than the watch issue lol!

        thanks for the tip, but I won't bother. it's never happened here in Sydney, where I am now stuck! plus, it works fine/ got it cheap/ will stay home while I holiday/ am not madly in love with it/ won't cry if it dies, unlike my beloved seiko kinetic arctura that I'm in stuck in mourning for (so many great showers together lol!)

    • Did they assume it was a hot shower? You're better off telling them it got 'wet.' That could mean just about anything. Also, you're better off dealing with Amazon, not the manufacturer directly. Amazon customer service is hard to beat.

    • it’s not necessarily the water resistance , if it had a battery change on a humid day, moisture enters the case and can condense under certain conditions.

  • Saw post while using iPad. Switched over to phone to make purchase (haven’t got the Cash Rewards app installed on the iPad). Post expired. Sigh.

  • Amazon is getting to the "wtf" stage for me with their bots increasing the price as soon as gets some traction.

    So much that I cancelled my trial prime membership. Now I am getting daily messages to cancel thr cncellation.

    And also, good prime movies and series are getting rare. Not worth it.

    They can go f themselves. I find myself going back to ebay more and more.

  • Really nice watch , worth the $100 after CB