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[QLD] MasterBuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill & Smoker $999 Pickup /+ $90 Post @ Bayside Outdoor Centre (Brisbane)


The Masterbuilt Gravity SeriesTM Digital Charcoal Grill & Smoker boasts 560 square inches of total cooking space. Smoke, grill, sear, roast and bake food to perfection. Using the Masterbuilt App you can set and adjust the temperature remotely on the digital control panel. The chances of food burning are mitigated thanks to the DigitalFanTM which helps maintain an ambient cooking temperature. The GravityFedTM charcoal hopper enables the grill to hold over 12 hours of charcoal and guarantees constant fire. The grill also comes with two porcelain warming racks and reversible cast-iron grates that provide the ideal framework for smoking and searing.

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  • Where's the bargain?

  • You might want to update your post showing that delivery is only available within a select area in Brisbane.

  • Thank you!! OMG I was just about to pull the trigger to buy one from BBQ’s galore.

  • Loll! Digital charcoal grill!
    I have a 20 dollar coal BBQ that works a charm.
    Digital can't determine the cooking time / moisture content / toughness / thickness of meat.

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      mmmmm.. you can really taste the digital.

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      hmmmm not sure dude…. all the BBQ pros use digital controllers/blowers and linked thermometers to control the heat and trigger an alarm when meat is done/fire runs out of coal/gets too hot. As an owner of a Big Green Egg, I can tell you it is great when you are doing a 30 hour cook and don't have to wake up every couple of hours at night to check the fire and delicious meats like it is a new born baby or something. Set and forget (and sleep easy).

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      You don't put your meat in and wait to hear a ding. It's just a charcoal BBQ but you set a temperature and it holds the BBQ to that temp. How well cooked your good is still falls on you.

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      It doesn't claim to. It claims to control the temperature so you can do low and slow cooks consistently.

      I can't imagine you'd have a good time doing a 6hr+ smoke on a brisket with a charcoal bbq.

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      My bad, it's actually better and more useful than I thought. But yeah, I'd rather buy $1k of meat instead of this ;)

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    This is a smoker guys not a barbie with hot plate and grill.. slow cooking needs temp control which is what this thing does .. think 1 hour cook for a thick steak with temp gauges on the meat..may sound stupid but do not knock it till you try it..green egg man should have said as much .. there is no direct flame on the meats or pizza ..just smoke and controlled heat … except this thing is unique in that it can reach temps high enough to sear the meat which most other smokers cannot ..So it is not just a charcoal BBQ bought for 20 dollars … Could a regular bbq cook for 10 hours unattended at a stable temp ?.. this thing can…Having said all that is it worth the price to you is something only you can decide. I will not bite on this deal because bbq galore regularly offers them up for cheaper but thank you for posting OP.. as opposed to the 1300 odd a good deal if you can pick it up and if you need it

  • And to everyone who is going to neg my comment.. try out some American style low and slow bbq meat .. the smoky flavour may just convert you

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