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Superdry Shirts from $23.20 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $50 Spend) @ David Jones


Really good sale atm at DJ online.

Pretty much all sizes available, none of this XS and XXXL only crap. Every item I liked they had all sizes (obv including mine).

Extra 20% all reduced clothing and apparel. Picked up 3 superdry shirts and a hoody for $116.80. Paid with reduced gift cards too! :D

Many other brands crazily reduced too.

Cashback also @ 3% and also stack with a bonus $3 with activation thanks to this deal by TA

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David Jones
David Jones

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    Can anyone confirm if Superdrys sizing still tends to run small? i.e. need to go one size up.

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      Definitely. If you are a medium in most brands, Ben Sherman for example, you will want to buy a large.

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        Agreed. Very small!

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      Yes, I'm normally Medium - Large, and in Superdry I am L or XL!

    • Yes, sizing runs small.

      Plus, these t shirts are cut very short, as is all their orange label stuff.

      I find the quality of their product good though. I've had many of these as bed t shirts, they simply don't fall apart.

    • Yes very small at least 1 size up from normal tShirt size. I’m usually a large or XL. With my last super dry online order I had to go I store and swap all the XXL.

      For DJ returns for orders paid via PayPal just say the card you used linked to the PayPal was the card used. I haven’t had issues in the past doing this back to the VISA account directly. They may have changed the rules recently. Worse case I guess you end up with a gift card which isn’t ideal but not too bad. Otherwise you can pay with credit card for easier refunds.

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    Damn, I wish my size was (OUT OF STOCK).

  • Whats returns like for DJ's?

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      Very, very easy unless they've changed their policy recently.

      I took something I bought online to a B&M store and they refunded it and didn't even really ask any questions.

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      If you pay with paypal, its a royal pain in the arse to return in store. More than one occasion they have tried to refuse a refund, claiming i can only get store credit. I've stopped buying from DJs unless I've tried on the item cos they are so bad.

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      Directly from their website:

      You can return most items that you have purchased instore or online to your local store for an exchange or refund, but you must present proof of purchase, ideally your tax invoice. Our store team member will assess the items and determine whether a refund or exchange will be offered in accordance with our Refund Policy. Refunds will be issued in the same form of tender, unless you paid for your order through Membership Rewards Points, PayPal or Alipay, in which case you will receive a David Jones Gift Card to the value of your returned items.

  • Are these appreciably better than generic Target / BigW / Kmart shirts? Is there a brand name premium?

    Nicer material? Better fit? Longer lasting? Hold their shape better?

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      I'm probably a bit bias because I like the brand so much (purely because of the quality and price), not so much the designs or label name.

      The shirts are great quality, they last for ages and unlike a lot of shirts they don't lose their shape easily. I have plenty of superdry shirts I've had for a few years now and they're perfectly fine, specifically the neck not getting all loose and worn out unlike a lot of other brands.

    • +5

      Orange Label is Premium, really nice fabric, feels thicker, sits well and lasts.
      The other labels are not as good, but still a step up from your bargain basement stuff which is almost transparent and loses shape after the first wear.

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      The quality and fit are better yes. The branding on a lot of their stuff as a few others have mentioned is horrible and tacky. Look for their stuff with minimal billboard on them.

    • Yes, all the Superdry stuff is premium. Ben Sherman is much more comparable to Kmart quality, hence it's always cheap these days.

  • Thanks Op, bought a few.

  • Thanks OP bought some

  • Thanks OP

  • +3

    Free giant publicity for SuperDry :D

    • -4

      It’s obnoxious. I see the appeal teenagers wearing this type of garbage but adult men lol

      • +7

        Teenagers these are getting around wearing champion, nautica, tommy, fila etc etc looking like a bunch of station rats from the 90s. Superdry is pretty much for adult men who think it looks cool, but dont really know whats cool anymore (like me. this is me)

        • I see teens with superdry, mostly those of Asian origin.

          • +5

            @Griffindinho: Asian teens are wearing Gucci. What are you talking about?

        • yes, too many shirt look very 'loud/gaudy' when the logo is too big
          eg zara, some nautica, some superdry

      • Go the orange label man. It is a great brand, despite with what I agree to be tacky and over the top branding / design.

        Orange label comes in heaps of different colours, plain with one tiny superdry logo top right hand corner.

        • +2

          Wearing one now, mostly blue with a tiny logo. Super comfy.

    • Marketing twice as effective in a pub

    • +1

      Superdry has realised this. There are shirts with minimal logos on offer. It's just that it picked this image at random

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    Why OP Why! I just bought some hoodies which really don't need atm. Got ozbargin'd.

  • +10

    Who gives a fart of what’s cool and not cool. Lol. You wear what you want and what makes you feel comfy and good. I am 38 and still rock Superdry. It’s great quality and fit and keeps me warm, fuzzy and happy….

    Remember…. Do what you want and not bother abt others. Respect others but don’t let “what others might think” syndrome stop you from being you!!

    Ai ai soldier!!

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      Wear what you want as long as it’s respectful

      • You mean a tshirt for $300 with a nike logo the size of a basket ball on the chest isn't ideal?

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      I’m 83 and still keep myself dry

    • +1


  • Whats wrong with XS, big retails are just to stupid to know where the market is

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      Ahhh the irony of this post

  • +1

    nice got 2.

  • +1

    thanks! Got a nudie jacket I had an eye on for months, now half price

  • For anyone that has purchased - How Long does it normally take for them to pack and change the status from the order? Hearing very bad reviews w service and not fulfilling orders during sale…

    • +2

      I ordered yesterday and they have shipped off some of my stuff today, they seem to have split a lot of stuff into multiple orders. Assuming they must have different warehouses or stock all over the shop

      • Multiple orders means one or more stores are fulfiling your order.

        Source: ex-staff

        • +1

          I ordered 6 items and its been split into about 5 different orders.

          And i wonder why DJ's are going under…

          • @TightTerry: Do you want your six item order cancelled because the warehouse didn't have five of them in stock, or would you rather have your six item order fulfilled by five different stores?

            Myer does the same thing.

            • @kerfuffle: I think you're missing my point, I dont really have much of a problem receiving the shipment in multiple batches. But there are a number of reasons why DJ's and Myer (funny you say they do the same thing) have been swallowed in the past 5-10 years by the likes of The iconic, Asos, Amazon etc.

              They have extremely outdated inventory management, shipping management, IT systems and online presence - 1 order has turned into the overhead of 5 different locations packing and individually mailing a number of already discounted items out to the same location.

          • @TightTerry: It's SO bizarre isn't it? I'll order, for example, a pair of underwear, maybe some shirts and a jumper or something. Almost every time the items arrive individually. Doesn't really bother me but I'm sure enviro nuts would lose their mind, my thoughts are "surely this would save them a huge amount of money to send as a single package".

            • @Chthonic: I ordered 6 items with a total price of about $220 - 5 separate shipping orders have now been sent and the 6th item has just been cancelled. Lol.

  • +1

    Waste of time.

    Went to the effort of choosing things then got an email saying "we are unable to fulfil this order". Everything in my order is still showing as in stock as of right now.

    • Lol I just placed several different orders with one item in each to try to work out which particular item caused the whole thing to be cancelled. Every single one of the new orders were cancelled. Total scam. They don't actually have anything for sale.

      This wasn't just Superdry either, I ordered products from a few different brands.

      • What brands?

      • +2

        Maybe their stock system isn't syncing up with what they have in their warehouse. Everything was fine for me, as I'm sure it will be for 99% of other people. I don't think DJ are the type of company to deliberately 'scam' you in such a way by displaying stock that isn't actually available.

        Besides, when I posted this (more than 24h ago) literally all sizes for pretty much anything I clicked on was available. For this specific link to the DJ superdry sale items, there have been almost 10,000 people that have gone through. It's fair to say a reasonable portion would have made an order. I've seen large volumes of pretty much anything get 'ozbargained' and sell out in minutes if the deal is good enough.

  • +2

    Thanks OP bought SUPERDRY - HYDROTECH WATERPROOF JACKET, it was listed as $229 with 20% off for $159.00 but I used Cashback link and it dropped down to $127.20 So couldn't resist, I hope the size works out.

    • +2

      Just to clarify superdry does have it listed for $99, but not my size.

      • +1

        Dude give the DJ HQ or one of your local stores a call and just explain how much you paid on your card and the fact it's $99 at superdry. I very much doubt they'll check your size and the sizes at Superdry. Or you can just say they must have sold out since you bought it. Get that $59 back!

        • +1

          Oh I didn't know I could do that, will give it a try! Thank you

          • @PenGuinMighty: Yeah just be really polite, act a little dumb and provide them with the link and highlight it was that price the day you bought it. They should at the very least give you a $59 DJ gift card, if not refund the difference.

            Edit: Let me know how it goes I'm actually interested to see if you can get your money back haha. Oh my life…

            • @Chthonic: Unfortunately they didn't and didn't offer any credits either, cited their policy that it can only be done before ordering. I was slightly disappointed but I was going to get something else along with it which I now ordered from elsewhere (cheaper than DJ) .

              • @PenGuinMighty: Check with your credit card whether it can price back policy? Some cards do. Depends on your hourly rate though.

  • Definitely one of the brands that you need to try on.

    Have 3 jackets/hoodies from Superdry and i'm a Large in hoodies and one of the jackets but a medium in my windcheater and puffer jacket.

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