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Dell Backpacks - 15"ES1520P $14.97, Pro Backpack 17" $55.14, Gaming Lite Backpack 17 $23.05 Delivered @ Dell


This popular deal is back.

Edit - found a promo code that takes another 7% off the sale price.

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  • Gaming backpack and no RGB? What is this? 😛

    • It does have the R.

  • Any feedback on the headphones?. My G430 might need replacing soon.

    • +3

      I thought it was universal knowledge that any gaming headphones are not known to be of high quality.

      • +2

        You're right. And it's also universal knowledge that you don't need to pay a premium if your only use case for gaming headphones is gaming.

      • +7

        Next you be telling me Dr. Dre is not a licenced physician.

      • My ath-pdg1 still going strong after 5 years.

  • Can they be returned? I'm indecisive between the 15" and 17" and need to see how big they actually are with my body ratio

    • good question, I bought one last deal and it is utter crap. (The straps are in the way of the zip, so have to basically turn it inside out to open it.)

      I would never buy another dell backback without seeing it first

      • Thank you.

        • Hey, just to be clear, they might have some good backpacks - they probably aren't the cheapest ones though

  • -3

    Good deal for Dora…

    • +5

      wow funny one bro you've got the whole squad laughing

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    I recommend the Dell Pro Hybrid Briefcase Backpack 15 for $59 - I've had one for a few months and am very happy with it. I bought it for $53 when eBay had 20% off the Dell store, but $59 is still a great price.

    • +2

      coupon kong7 works so turns out to be $55.07 delivered…

  • Can't wait for my XPS laptop to be stolen

    • +1

      Bags like these are perfect way to advertise expensive laptop inside.

      • +15

        Jokes on them, I can only afford the bag and not a laptop.

        • You can fit a Raspberry Pi in there.

          • @RecklessMonkeys: Expensive. Just put a cheapo dollar store calculator. That will do.

  • +2

    thanks, ended up buying this briefcase instead

    and forgot to apply the promo code!

  • Anyone comment on the Alienware 510H headphones for the price point? Want to get one around $100 and been looking at the HyperX Cloud II.

  • -4

    more rubbish from china flooding oz

  • +1

    I bought the Dell 15" backpack when it was on this price last time. Bang for buck it's fantastic.

  • I’ve got Dell latitude 15 inch and looking for light weight lots of padding good looks backpack. Which one should I pick guys ? This is more for commuting at work and client visits. I’ve a good leather briefcase but hard to carry.


    Looks good but it’s heavy and bulky looking

    • I have one of these and it's really good if you need to carry equipment/lunch/etc with your laptop. It does a good job of protecting my MacBook Pro and the equipment I need to carry with it. I don't think it's heavy at all, and the ability to switch between carry modes is handy.

      • Do you know if I can do shipping in Australia post parcel collect or StarTrack their preferred shipping provider doesn’t provide this service ?

        • All my recent Dell purchases were via StarTrack and they were unable to leave it at our local Post Office

  • It’s done I ended up ordering https://deals.dell.com/en-au/productdetail/89yy

    Saw YouTube video it looks great and shipped it to my home address.
    I hope I get it in a few days

  • are most of these hard or soft shell?

    • Depends on the mood

  • Any comments on the 17 inch bags? Hard to figure quality from the photos.

  • Thank you! Got Dell Gaming Lite Backpack 17!

  • Thanks OP, the Dell Essential Backpack 15 arrived yesterday, pretty basic bag but for under $15 bucks you can't go wrong!

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