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[WA] $0.10 a Head of Broccoli @ Spudshed


10c a Head of Broccoli @Spudshed This Weekend Only all stores

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Spudshed Fresh Food Market
Spudshed Fresh Food Market

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    I hope my kids aren't logged on…

    • why is that?

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        They'll block OzBargain again so I can't view this deal.

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          Sounds like they know technology better than you.

          • @Clear: They've learnt from the best…

            • @jv: Google? Yup.

              • @Clear: Siri.

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                  @jv: But not Udemy. There's nothing good there.

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    Somehow my kids like Broccoli.

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      Have you done a DNA test on them?

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    Yay a broccoli deal!!

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    $2.25 one day special at my local HF yesterday; $2.49 special this week. I've bought around 5kg over the last 7 days - as Asian veg more expensive as we get into autumn, we replace with broccoli, red cabbage and kale.

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        I'll give you a vote but was this comment necessary?

  • damn just paid 49c each last night

  • Anyone knows where to get cheap broccoli in regional Vic? I’m forcing myself into healthy diet

    • Regional VIC is a big area. You might want to specify whereabouts in VIC.

      • Somewhere near Torquay?

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          Yeah I got nothing mate, sorry

          • @Deseret: No worries mate! Thanks for your reply.

  • The broccoli and Spudshed in WA in my experience hasn't always been the freshest.

    Don't think they refrigerate any of it once it hits the store, so might just be my bad luck.

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      Yep. Very hit and miss.

      Some of their meat is not that great either.

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    We Grow it… We Sell it… You Throw it…

    It's the reject store of fruit and veg.

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    10 cents is a good price but shipping kills it.

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      sorry? shipping or shi*ing ?

    • Only fresh when pick up.

      Doesn't travel well on a ship.

  • "only all stores" haha very exclusive

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    Spudshed, although cheap, their fresh produce spoils very fast.

    • Can't help but agree.. I wonder if they just sell people's second now.. Surely it can't be that bad if they come from their own farm

    • They used to be cheap. Now they still sell sub-standard produce at prices no longer worth it. Local greengrocers for the win!

  • scored some today!

  • This is the place everything goes to die

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    Guess I'll be eating broccoli for the next 2 weeks..

    • That's what i'm doing too.

  • They don't treat vegetables very well

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    Galati is a rort… everytime I go there and buy the veg that shit ruins rather quickly.

    Whatever he is growing he selling to other people with bigger contracts.

    We are getting C grade fruit and veg.

    The meat is pretty poor as well.

    • Yeah he supplies Aldi fruit and veg I believe. The reject stuff comes to spud shed.

      Yes the meat is horrible. The Beef is anyway.
      I'm sure the chicken is fine.

      Don't trust the Use By dates. Cook anything you buy there that day.
      Meat smells off a few days after purchase.

  • Will drive all the a to WA for this

  • Great timing! I was just thinking of making broccoli dishes over the weekend and then deal pops up.

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