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[Back Order] Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers $92 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Nice pair of speakers if you can wait.
Make sure choose Amazon AU as seller to get the price.

NOTE: Dispatch in 1 to 2 months.

Edit: thanks to @m9 link updated.

Update as of 10/04/2021: price further reduced to $92

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Are these a good price?

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    Decent speakers but do not require any code or input of any form for pairing. Meaning anyone could pair their device leaving you out. My dodgy housemates have hijacked it and I can’t use it unless I take them outside the house and pair again outside the range of their Bluetooth. Also I have to leave my laptop constantly paired to avoid future jacking until I leave this shithole of a house

    • Wow thank you for sharing this. So there is no way of disconnecting manually? That means you might hear your speaker playing someone else's music.

      • Correct. You can reset it but once you turn them back on they will always connect to the last device that was paired with

      • If they aren't in bluetooth mode surely no one can connect to them.

        • Including yourself.. and once you turn on they automatically connect to the last device that was paired which could be you, or someone else

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            @Nedkellyinthebush: Yeah, but bluetooth isn't the only input. They have RCA and optical inputs too.
            I literally never put mine into bluetooth mode.
            I'm mentioning this so that others don't think it's always in "open bluetooth" mode.

            • @theguyrules: Ah yes of course but in my case I want the Bluetooth because I mostly use them to listen to spotify via iPhone. My particular case is malicious too which normally wouldn’t happen.. I’m just disappointed that such a basic security feature is lacking that’s all

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                @Nedkellyinthebush: It is pretty bizarre, yes.
                Your situation makes me think of when I lived with housemates who would turn my bedroom TV on via chromecast in the middle of the night and play LOUD music.
                I had to disable the built-in chromecast because of them.

              • @Nedkellyinthebush: Why don't you just buy an RCA to 3.5mm cable so you can connect your phone to the speakers and still stream from Spotify… Forget Bluetooth….

            • @theguyrules: Thanks for that. I've been looking at these for PC speakers. I have no use for Bluetooth on these at all, but would have not bought them if they were always open for pairing from any device.

    • Can't you make it forget all paired devices and then only pair yours and never let them pair theirs?

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      Can't you just connect to the speakers again? That's how it's normally done. Just select the speakers, and it might ditch them. If not, there's almost always a "pair" button that puts it into pairing mode. I mean, your housemate hijacked them, right? So, you just hijack it back. And by "almost always" I mean always

      Also, in the manual: it says that on the remote control, Press and hold the Bluetooth button to disconnect Bluetooth devices

      Also - Hold Master Volume button on Speaker for about 2 seconds to disconnect.

      PIN code is 0000 if needed.

      • This is the real Ozbargain…
        Amazingly helpful post, person who isn't even interested in buying the speakers

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