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[NSW] Van Heusen Mens Suit Jacket $24.99 and Suit Pants $19.99 @ Costco, Marsden Park (Membership Required)


Usual Suit price $320.00 & pant 179.00
AU sizes from 88 - 116

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    Are these available at vic stores

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    Just in time for my court appointment.

    • +13

      then the fashion police get you and it starts all over again

      • +9

        Why do you think I'm getting indicted in the first place?

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    What material? 100% plastic?

  • they don't look so crush resistant now

    • But they're Milhouse approved…

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    A few things to note:

    • They are slim fit
    • I arrived at opening this morning and within 15 mins, most of the XL sizes were sold.
    • Max pant waist size is 104

    Material is very soft and has a fairly high crush tolerance.

    • +14

      within 15 mins, most of the XL sizes were sold.

      God bless Australia!

      • lol, costco target market is XL and supersized.

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    These are ok. Not the best, not the worst. Retail price is accurate. This is an amazing deal.

    • +1

      they do look in poor shape though. almost like they sat in a sea container in Vietnam (humidity/heat) waiting for covid clearance for 6+ months.

      • +5

        They’re definitely extreme clearance stock. Nothing a dry clean and press cant fix

  • Any available at Casula

    • Might get shanked on the way there though.

      • +1

        I said Casula, not Mt Druitt.

        • Some would argue. Same difference.

          • +1

            @xoom: Mt Druitt definitely a few rungs below Casula. Casula's biggest problem is half the suburbs near it.

            • @Xizor: I’ve lived at lurnea, casula and about to move to prestons. No issues with the suburbs although yes you might have some streets where it’s got the older houses but so what, unless your rich and can afford in the newer areas like Bardia or edmonson park then you just live with the suburb.

          • +2

            @xoom: Let me guess - you're from the north shore? Or inner west?

            • +2

              @cheaptech20: I wish. Can't afford to live there. I'm a westie. Even went to tafe in Mt druitt.

              • +2

                @xoom: I lived in casula 12yrs. No issues. Its very safe for me.

    • Yeah they do have stock at Casula

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    Never understood the appeal of a cheap suit. You buy one good quality suit, tailor it and wear it for years.

    • +9

      Ozb ethos. Be a cheapskate.

      You buy one cheap suit. You change to orange overalls for a bit. Come out wearing the cheapsuit again.

    • +20

      to be fair, not everyone can afford a $1k suit + tailoring. buying a cheap suit every few years for your court appearances makes more sense.

      • +12

        for your court appearances


      • +1

        Sorry mate, but suits for court appearance is so 80s & 90's
        these days you got to rock some custom sweats and tats like my mate here

      • To be even fairer you can get good quality MTM for less than a grand these days thanks to the likes of SuitSupply.

    • same reason why people buy cheap clothes cheap cars etc.

    • +3

      I dunno, I've always bought good suits (2 bespoke suits from tailors, 2 high end suits from DJs). But i've never found any of them last particularly long. Sure the jackets do. But the pants, ugh, good luck trying to get another in that exact colour again.

      I dunno, i think i would have been off with a couple cheap seats that I rotated more frequently and dont care if they rip.

      Also for like $80 bucks for this suit set, i'm not sure how long a good quality suit would have to last for that to make more sense.

      I think fit is the single most important thing to a suit.

      • +6

        the trick for regular suit wearers in an office or repeat criminal offenders is to buy 2 pairs of trousers.

        • +1

          always do. I think i need like 4.

          Thankfully, workplaces are more relaxed and I only have to wear one for the occasional client meeting.

      • How often do you take them to the dry cleaners? You're not meant to clean them very often if they're natural fibres like wool or linen. Cleaning them regularly will definitely ruin the suit faster.

    • I wear a suit like once a year at most

      • depends on good behavior….

        • +2

          Or plea bargain.

    • I thinks it's a bit like comparing a floor mop to a vacuum cleaner. Both are good for what they are meant for.

    • Tailor made / bespoke suits are so over rated. I know people who spend thousands on a single bespoke suit but once they gain/lose weight, guess what happens? Not to mention not all tailor made suits will turn out the way you want (assuming you know what you want).

      Unless you're a lawyer / politician or someone who needs to wear a suit to work everyday, I reckon there is really very little point in getting tailor made suits. If you're of regular build it shouldn't be too hard to find an "off the rack" suit that will fit you well enough with some alterations for one fifth of the price.

      Obviously, if you have money to burn and are always trying to chase the perfect fit or someone who fusses over the stitches on a button hole, then I say go for it.

      • I think that is what is being referred to by most, good suit + alterations.

        I know professional tailors who would never make a suit from scratch, it's a week of labour, which noone will pay for.

  • Perfect Uniform for next Obargain birthday party

  • +2

    Van Houten jackets?

  • Damn. Was there the other day and they had this deal but they only had 2 jackets and 3 pants in stock. Looks like they had more in the back.

  • +1

    time to gear up for the next OzBargain reunion

  • Work experience kid must have put an extra zero on the end of the order quantity.

  • Anyone been to the store in last hour or two? Wonder if it's worth saddling up and heading out for a cheap suit…

  • Anyone still rocking the $3 suit jacket?

  • +2

    don't believe the fake retail of Suit price $320.00 & pant 179.00
    this is bottom of the barrel brand in the usa
    you want a wool suit, not polyester where you will sweat to death.
    the sale price is basically the standard price in the usa.

    Van Heusen also owns Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, IZOD, Arrow, Warner's, Olga, True & Co., and Geoffrey Beene, licenses brands, Kenneth Cole New York and Michael Kors.

    • Can you confirm these are not wool?

      • Yes

  • is it these? https://www.vanheusen.com.au/euro-tailored-fit-commuter-suit…

    64% Wool, 23% Polyester, 6% Nylon, 1% Elastane
    • Sale price reflects what they’re really worth, although there’s probably a good $6 worth of plastic in those jackets.

  • Soo soo thankful to membership spend .. it saves me so much money by not taking membership…love your concept….

  • Damnit. Any idea if Ringwood or other stores will do this?

  • +2

    This is a great deal! To the people saying it's cheap and better to buy an expensive suit… get your head out of your behind. I work at a big bank and a lot of managers/senior managers are thrifty with their work wear. What makes a good suit is your physique, health and your confidence.

    • +1

      Exactly this. If you have to wear a monkey suit daily you would want it on the cheap. I'm not client facing so I get away with casual wear to work. Though once in a blue moon I get into client meeting where I gotta suit up for.

    • +2

      Agree 100%.

      No one really pays any attention to your suit unless its an absolute cringe disaster. This is nowhere near that category. Van huesen are accepted as the workhorse stock standard.

      What people do notice on a bloke is shoes. I invested in 2 good quality pairs (same model) that are comfortable and repairable. Had them for years and saved a fortune over endless replacement of middle priced shoes.

      Terry Pratchett was right.

  • They had Calvin Klein ones at crossroads Nsw same price

    • When and how much stock?

    • They also have the Van Heusens, tonnes of stock in all sizes. Staff are also bringing out more. It's in the middle of the men's section.

  • Not available in Costco Adelaide..

  • Yeah they were all gone when I got to Marsden Park store later in the day this deal was posted. The guy said they get a shipment once a week or so.

    • Managed to grab a medium one but returned it back today. After a L jacket, got the right size pant though.

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