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Hisense S8 43" 4K UHD TV + $1 Item - $450 C&C/+ Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


Hisense S8 43" 4K UHD TV + $1 item $450 C&C/+ Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay

Add $1 item & TV to cart, then apply PSSAVER code

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  • +1

    Good deal. Would this be ok for a cheap PS5 gaming TV? Maybe not if it's only 50hz..

    • Realistically the majority of PS5/XSX will be targeting 60fps, so this TV would be fine in terms of frame rate.

      Not too sure about HDR performance and latency however.

    • I have the 55' models and it works great for the ps5. Game mode def works and it doesn't affect the HDR much.

    • I have an XSX hooked up to this tv for a bedroom setup.

      There is no Game mode on the tv. Viewing angle is poor so you need to be front on.

      It’s ok for the price and I’d probably be more content with it if I didn’t have a PS5 hooked up to a Samsung QLED at 120hz in the living room for reference.

  • -3

    Might as well get this one instead https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/616179

    • Lol wtf is a fffalcon.

  • +3

    Will wait till 12 April when ShopBack launch a big eBay sales promo for their 3 years anniversary

      • +3

        Well the sales is only 2 days away not like 2 years

  • How are you getting $450? I’ve got 499 with eBay plus and the discount it only $10.

    • +2

      add the $1 item to cart & the TV use code PSSAVER

      • All good thanks for updating.

    • Probably add $1 item to use the $50 code

  • Would this be good as a computer monitor if I'm not gaming? Just email, browsing, lots of spreadsheets. Need more screen realestate and want something easy on the eyes for working all day from home.

    • -2

      I have a 32" 4k monitor and wouldn't want to go larger at this resolution - for a monitor which I sit close to.

      • Yep 43 is great hence the down votes

        • Great for what though? I think it would be god awful to sit at a desk with a 43inch and only 4k res. I can't find the ppi to compare - if anyone has a good ppi link showing the ppi's for various sizes and resolutions I'd love to see it.

          • +1

            @gakko: Probably fine for browsing, wouldn’t expect an excellent response rate for anything more than that. As for sizing depends what desk you have, it’s all to preference and what suits your needs. I’ve got 2 x 32” monitor and about to add a 34” monitor.

            • @kennyasian: Well I typically sit about 60cm from the screen but the two 24" screens I currently have just isn't enough. Was thinking of getting either two 27" or one 34" ultrawide but wondering if this would be even better again.

              • +1

                @Dodgy Bob: Personally, I think 34” ultra would be better suited than the 43” tv, plus response rates of monitors are generally better than TV’s, value for money though a TV is good if you can put up with input lag.

                • +1

                  @kennyasian: Bob I spreadsheet on my 32 inch 4k and I reckon if you want big then 34" max. The ultrawide sounds ideal because they add horizontal pixels and you can side by side your 2 spreadsheets quite comfortably. At 43" you will be unhappy at 60cm distance. Thats my 2 cent!

  • +3

    My local Aldi still had a pallet load of 50" UHD's for $350 when I visited yesterday. That said, the Hisense is a superior TV quality wise.


    • Did you get one of these Aldi ones? How are they?

      Hard choice: Aldi 50" for $350 vs Hisense 43" for $450… hm…

      • I didn't get one. The Aldi one does come with 60 day return policy though.

        A significant difference in size. http://www.displaywars.com/43-inch-16x9-vs-50-inch-16x9

        • Yeah, it's a trade off between size and quality I suppose. Size is pretty straightforward but quality is hard to compare when you haven't got your hands on both to compare side by side with different shows/movies/games.

          • +2

            @Hamlet: Can you compare it to another TV in the house?

            I've only owned two generic TV's Kogan and Blaupunkt, they were both terrible. I currently have Sony and TCL TV's and they are both excellent. That said, many Aldi TV owners speak highly of them.

            One advantage of buy a major brand (such as Hisense) is that they receive regular firmware updates after their release. Generic TVs usually receive no further software updates, so if there are bugs, you're stuck with them!

            • @ash2000: I compare the Aldi to my parents' second TV, an LG 42" from 2015 (??). Anyways, I do prefer the LG's image quality, as well as their different wide range of settings and viewing modes. That said, 42" is significantly smaller so unless I sit closer, it's not a great experience either. Tough first world problem eh?

              In terms of firmware, I'm not too fussed as I use a PS4 for smart features and as long as the TV can turn on and off, the image quality and screen size are my key criteria.

              In the end, money may have to enter the equation — perhaps the best thing to do is to raise the budget a little and get a good quality 50"…

    • Hi @ash2000,

      Whats your local Aldi. I am keen to get the Aldi TV.


  • Does anyone know if this would be suitable to mount for digital signage?

    • Has a 200x200 VESA mount, so at least it's possible.

  • +1

    Great price for a reasonably well specced 43” TV.

  • +2

    Keep in mind folks, The Hisense has a 3 Year Warranty where some of the cheaper brands only have 1 Year. Yes, our consumer law is good, but i still vouch for a better brand and a longer warranty if possible.

  • are most APP's available on this TV (e.g. Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Binge, Kayo etc)?

  • From what I googled, the best 4k TV as a monitor is Sony. Is this sucker 4:4:4 IPS?

  • Whats better? The 43 inch s8 or this Hisense 50" Series 5 UHD 4K TV 50S5 for $509?


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