[SA, VIC, NSW, WA] Afterglow Wii U Pro Controller – Blue $10 (Was $59.95) Pickup @ EB Games (Selected Stores)


Having recently picked up a secondhand Wii U and learning the price of picking up official Wii U Pro controllers I was happy when I discovered thi bargain. It seems like most stores in Adelaide are only carrying one in stock, I drove around to three stores to get a set for my console. It's also click and collect only, no postage.

Available at

Murray Bridge


Raymond Terrace

Western Australia

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EB Games Australia


  • Damn good deal, do these work on switch?

  • Someone reported for insufficient quantity, I clearly said it looks like each store only has a few in stock. I drove to 3 stores to get 3 controllers. The bargains out there. Murray Bridge in Adelaide still has one at the time I am writing this.

  • "No stock within 100km of the entered suburb"

  • Only 9 out of 380 stores have stock, and mostly regional/remote Australia. You would be lucky to find stock

  • Baldivis, Kwinana, Phoenix out of stock now

  • plenty of stock according to mods…

    • Plenty enough to the meet the 10 item minimum rule.

      When the deal was first posted there were 9 stores with stock.

      7 of those stores had 1 in stock and 2 of those stores had 2 in stock for a total of 11.

      Limited Quantity

      If your deal has limited quantity, please mention it in the description. As a general guide, deals with less than 10 items in stock at the time of submission may be unpublished, but moderators may, at their discretion, allow deals to stay if they are potentially useful to the community.