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Free Pint of Furphy at Participating Venues


Hey guys, was down at my local today and saw a QR code for a Furphy promotion. Promotion is that you have to record yourself telling a ‘furphy’ and you get rewarded upon uploading the video with a redemption form for a FREE refreshing pint of Furphy.

To save you guys the trouble, I’ve uploaded the link to the redemption page, just fill details and enjoy.

Participating Venues
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Furphy Beer
Furphy Beer

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    So that's the price of dignity these days!
    Thanks for doing the Furphy upload for us 👍

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      Everyone has their price. Kosh52's is less than a tenner.

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    Deal is By Lion Group, I think they now know not to do virtual Mastercard gift cards I am guessing.

    • 😂

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      They actually did this same promo in Oct/Nov 2019

  • Link to participating venues?

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      Please read the description again. OP has linked to the redemption page and no uploading of video is necessary.

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    Participating website not working

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    Signed up but no email. It’s been over 12 hours.

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      I thought the same but gmail had it in the promotions section

      • Thanks for the suggestion but no such luck for me.

  • the links to participating venues does not work for me. I entered though and received the email for a free Furphy instantly!

    • The links do not work for me as well, anyone know where I can redeem in Melbourne CBD?

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    Can the Furphys be "furphys is my favourite beer, it's my go-to for ale"

  • Got the email for the free Furphy.
    Can't access the list of participating venues though.

  • What is it. Never heard of this before

  • Looks like the loop hole has been fixed.

    • easy enough to upload anything (record with your camera covered for 5 seconds)

  • Me and a couple mates have used this at venues on the 'Furphy Finder's. Literally none of them have had any idea about the promotion at all!

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      It's hit and miss. Some pubs have actual signage promoting it and others had no clue. I was told by one of the 'no clue' ones that they didn't get any comms from 'Lion' and didn't even know they were on the list. My guess is that they didn't read their emails and Lion didn't go out of their way to make it clear.
      There's also no LIST out there to see the applicable pubs, other than enabling location settings on your browser and just seeing a few nearby or manually searching. Pretty painful exercise to find a pub

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        Yeah for sure, it's frustrating. I had a manager who didn't know about it, quiz me on it for like 15 minutes. To the point of him starting recording his own Furphy video to prove it.

        I almost had to hand in my Ozbargain badge, by nearly paying for it.

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          lol yeah, had the same experience at a regional pub (to be fair, all cbd pubs were aware of it in my experience). Mgr said it was only for one weekend months ago, showed him the T&Cs and he was a bit worried that they won't get reimbursed. It doesn't help that the site is garbage and he couldn't see that I had actually selected the correct pub. Had to reassure him that I had selected their pub and they should eventually get paid (hopefully) by Lion. Funny thing is that he wanted me to tap my phone for the 'app' to work. I said if I tap, it's going to charge my CC (googlepay) LOL. It's just a manual process with this promo.

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