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AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU $1459 Delivered ($0 VIC C&C) @ Centre Com


While it is not a bargain, at least it's in stock…
I just scored one - TBH I think the extra charge for PayPal/CC payment is ridiculous.

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    This feels more like a humble brag about your new CPU than it does an actual bargain.

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      The number of times people get accused of bragging on here is silly.

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        The number of people bragging on here is silly :)

        I am not saying this is a brag or not.

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        Dudes like, I just bought this high end CPU at higher than retail, btw, there are also extra charges. Bargain.

        • Yeah this one is a bit silly.

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            @Zorlin: To be fair my brags are worse

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    🤨…Not sure if it deserves taking the heat for the negative or nah…

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    Overpriced. I'd like to see a forum thread for discussing Ryzen Zen3 processors seen in the wild.

    But definately not a bargain, or even a deal.

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      overpriced + 1

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    Should’ve put it in a forum post… people do care about finding stock, but it’s not really a deal or even RRP, was cheaper the other day

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      Thanks, will do next time

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    Must have gotten the site confused with ozripoff

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    It's not a bargain and it said preorder. We should have a section like hard to find item.

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    "While it is not a bargain"…

    With GPU's AIO partners modify board design, cooling, etc. before shafting buyers a few hundred $ more above MSRP, selling a CPU for 40%-50% more due to stock shortage is different.

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    I want one of these but no chance Im paying Covid tax for one.

  • Yeah sorry no deal here man. Was posted cheaper the other day and without extra payment fees (seriously charging extra to use cc nowadays is insane).

  • OP is rich

    16 cores wow, makes my new i7-10700 look like a peasant item :(

    Is this better than the i9?

    • +4

      do some research….

      but overwhelmingly better than current gen, previous gen, and highly likely next gen i9s….

    • There are 64 core processors going for about this much on Fleabay.

      Unfortunately they're sketch.

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    I've seen scalpers sell it for less money

    • I do seriously wonder, aren't the mainstream retailers supposed to sell for RRP?

      • +5

        No, it's in the name; Recommended Retail Price

        Retailers can sell for whatever price they want.

  • +1

    200 jacked price should not be called bargain

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