expired Pioneer Dreambook Tablet - $50 + FREE Shipping @ Big W


Crappy tablet for the kids or good e-book reader.

Specifications copied from previous deal:

  • CPU VIA WM8505+, Up to 533Mhz
  • SSD ROM 2GB, Up to 32GB
  • RAM 256M DDR2
  • Memory Slot Micro SD (T-Flash)
  • Camera 1.3M Pixels
  • Colour Display 7" high sensitive touch screen, 800x480 Pixels
  • Battery Type Rechargable Lithium
  • Battery Capacity 2400mAh, Up to 4 Hours Video, Up to 15 days Standby
  • USB 2.0 Yes
  • Speaker Yes
  • G Sensor Yes
  • I/O Ports Headphone, Built-in Microphone, Exit
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • Optional External GPS
  • External Bluetooth
  • External 3G Dongle
  • USB Keyboard/Mouse
  • USB Storage Device
  • Operating System Android Platform, SKD 1.8.2
  • Browser Google Browser
  • Video H263, MPEG-4 and 3GP
  • Music MP3
  • Photo JPEG, BMP
  • Email Email client
  • GPS Google map
  • Tudou Web Video Player
  • VOIP Fring, Skype Chat
  • eBook CHM, TXT, EPUB, PDF, RTF, DRM Support
  • App Store App Management
  • Theme Frame Supports screensaver
  • APK Installer Installation, download

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    everyone should read the comments here before hitting BUY

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      Looks like it'd make a fine wifi photo frame, at 1/3 the price of others.

      Sure, crap tablet, but when they get this cheap, there's so many things you can use them for, with the right apps, and all much cheaper than dedicated units:

      • Cheap wifi video camera, get another as a video monitor (great for security cam or baby monitor).
      • Velcro to the fridge, pull recipes off dropbox.
      • Plug into some speakers, can push music to it via DLNA.
      • Bedside clock radio, with net access.

      Almost anything that could use a screen or camera or wifi or sound, not too mobile (keep it plugged into power), but very flexible. Just look for some good apps on the Market or GetJar, maybe flash a custom rom, and you've got yourself a very cheap & useful appliance (but not a good tablet :-).


    Can you fix the title to the correct spelling of Pioneer


    Thanks OP


    Mightbe alright for anebook reader if not a lot else?!


    yeah, for an ebook reader it's just ok, but battery life is still really short, when i had it i used mine as a photo frame and to view comics, those are just about the only things that don't scream "major lag"!


    is this pioneer the same pioneer that makes audio equipment?

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      No - absolutely no relationship

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      This is Pioneer Computers, not Pioneer.
      It's been at this price for some time now (I saw it before Christmas), but even with custom firmware, the device is reportedly so close to useless that $50 is still too expensive.
      Expect nothing and you'll still be underwhelmed!

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    bought and returned to big w over a year ago- my advice is stay away from it-worthless, hard to use,slow piece of rubbish, even at $50

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    Avoid this tablet like jar jar bink's poo.

    Bought it from the previous "bargain"

    it took 2 minutes to boot up !!!! isn't that amazing????

    mislead by android 2.1 - it was actually in house upgrade version 2.1 . The original android it's still 1.6 (Donut)

    You can return it to the nearest Big W store, bring your tax invoice! because the staff don't give a sh1t on other proof of purchase, like paypal or big w shop online confirmation. Shipping fee not refunded!


    I don't usually like bagging out products because some people's standards are higher than others but I bought this tablet for the in-laws before Christmas and it caused nothing but grief.
    Micro SD card slot was not aligned well and as a result I cost myself two micro sd cards, in fact one went back with the unit to Big W for a refund, stuck inside probably never to be retrieved.
    Doesn't have access to the Android Market so if you're expecting to grab all those handy apps you may have on your android phone you'll be sorely disappointed.
    Yes it is a good price but you truly get what you pay for here.


    My mate's got 3 of them…called up Big W to return. Those guys send me another 3…!! So We got 6 of them…!! DOH…!!! I am supposed to return…I am thinking to chuck them in da bin…!! Any suggestions..!!

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    "the device is reportedly so close to useless that $50 is still too expensive"

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    I wouldn't recommend buying this device, it's hard enough to use out of the box.

    I only bought it to play around with, install custom roms and use as a wireless mouse for my computer.

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    its $50, best for the child to play and break :D

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    This is junk - i bought one at $88 and have thrown it out - unuseable. No Android market access and slower than my dead granny.

    Pioneer and Biw W should be ashamed of themselves


    any possibility of loading win 98 on this, use a usb keyboard and leave it for kids to tinker with?

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    1. can you install any apps on it?

    2. does youtube at least work smoothly? (am thinking of using it as a "tv" for my dog)

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    This is really rubbish. Why wasting money for this crap? You basically get a $50 brick, there is NO access to Android Market at all even if using the customs ROM. There is also NO PDF reader, so you can't even use it as a ebook reader. This is completely a piece of sh*t.

    If you are thinking about using it to browse internet, it is so slow, even typing on the keyboard lags like hell. There is NO Skype apps for this version of Android so don't even think about using Skype.

    BTW, I forgot to mention 1 thing, the software update for this device is Android 1.6 version 2.1.2 not Android 2.1. I felt like I got cheated by Pioneer for their misleading info on their website.


      GetJar works, and I used that to install a PDF reader, but why bother? I bought a Kindle for $90 and love it. I still hate the Dreambook after days of tweaking. If it was actually Android 2.1 (as advertised) I could use ezPDF to annotate PDFs, but I haven't found any PDF annotation software for this.

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    This is some helpful hints for those who still wants to keep this tablet, at least it will bring this device to a usable condition.

    If you have the original stock firmware, you should use File Explorer to back up the APK of the apps from "/data/apps/" because once you upgrade the firmware it will all be deleted.

    This is the firmware that I used which still has a PDF reader

    • Unzip the file and copy "script" folder to SD card
    • Insert the SD card, turn on the device and it will automatically update the firmware.

    After update, the first thing you should do is Calibrate your touch screen, go to Setting -> Touchpanel Calibration. You will find that your touch screen now does works.

    • I have uploaded Fring apk file, which is the only apps that can be installed on this device so that you can use IM like MSN and Yahoo… The MIC doesn't seems to work properly with this software, I couldn't hear my voice when I did the Fring test call. If you tried the VoIP SIP call or Fring call and it works, pls let me know.

    Fring APK http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G15AQ4WC
    just copy this file to your SD card then install it.

    So now at least you got an ebook reader and Fring to play around :) But if you have a big PDF file, I recommend you split the file to smaller pdf files or this device won't be able to open the big PDF file.


      Good tips samehada. I did a short review in one of the other posts of this "bargain".


      I listed some of the custom roms i tried, all with market. Not too sure about skype though.

      I read comics on it, was adequate for that. I have a sony book reader so i wasn't too fussed with that function. General web browsing is ok but if you have to start typing something, the resistive screen gets a bit annoying very quickly. Battery life is short, even with all apps killed and screen off, still chewed up battery. After i got the taste and feel for a small footprint tablet, i went out and got myself a REAL tablet in a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Loving that one. Have yet to exhaust the battery in the SGT in daily use and standby in between.

      Moral of the story, if you haven't already bought a tablet, save your money for a real tablet. If you have bought it and is stuck with it there are some things you can do to make it more useable.


      I just tried another ROM and it seems like this one is better


    I got one of these solely to check email and browse the internet (more specifically Gamefaqs) for when my wife is on the PC and I can't get on.

    Is it really THAT useless? Should I cancel the order?

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      The gmail app and internet browser on this works out-of-the-box. So, if that is all you want to do this may be suitable, but:
      - Setting other things up is not worthwhile, as soon as you try to work around the bugs in every other part of the Dreambook, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars worth of time.
      - You will have to be near the router, the WiFi on this isn't great,
      - The internet will be relatively slow, due to the poor CPU. (forget webapps/html5)
      - Since the touchscreen on this is poor, Scrolling on this is bit wonkey,and typing is very annoying.
      - The battery life is poor.


        Speed wise, doesn't bother me. It'll be within 5 metres of the router at any given time. So long as I can check my gmail and look up basic stuff, i'll be more than happy :) Think i'll assess it when it arrives.


    I would cancel the order before you regret it. In my view you would be better off getting a cheap Creative or other tablet for $200-$300 than this thing. maybe a netbook - at least they work.

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    I don't know why they call this a 'tablet'…because it'd be better off as a suppository!

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    I suggest if you buy this tablet, for it to be actually useful, make sure you buy 5-6 of them and tape them all together - they'd then make an excellent door stop!


    i read some comments,it is a hopeless tablet even cantbe a e-reader :(


      It can but it requires custom firmware, read a post up the page by Samehada & he shows you how to get it to read pdf's, I'd probably still avoid it based on the reviews :/


    Ok, mine arrived today and the verdict is in.

    In 1 word, adequate. I got it for the purpose of internet browsing and email. It's more than satisfactory at that. I guess I went in with a very low expectation, and have come out pleasantly surprised.

    For $50, i'm more than happy. For $188, I probably wouldn't be as stoked.

    Now to try some of those custom roms that people on WP have said improve it further!

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