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4pk Kogan 10W Colour & Warm/Cool White Smart Bulb $22.09 + Shipping (Free Delivery with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Kogan smart bulbs $22.09 4 pack. Cheapest ever? Kogan first required. Other fittings are on sale too. On mobile can’t add all fittings. Sales end midnight. Combine with suncorp 6% gift card for extra savings.

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  • do these need a hub/can they work with tuya?

  • It comes to $24.99 after code not sure why.

  • That's b l o o d y cheap.

    From my experience, owning 8 of these:

    Coloured modes are significantly less bright than white . You will always want to try and get the models with the full white colour spectrum, as having just warm white is really weird imo. They rarely disconnect and work quite well in lamps and such. Any other questions drop me a reply so I can answer in public and contribute as much help as possible that way

  • Warning for those wanting to use these with Tasmota: the firmware is too new for reflashing without cracking them open.
    Having said that, you can crack them open (carefully), and I made a 3d printed jig with pogo pins to reflash them.

    If you do want to flash them:
    1. Use a knife to run around the plastic translucent part; you need to go in at quite an angle
    2. Once you've lifted the end off, look in through the slot in the middle - you'll be able to see the chip, and it's bonded to the top part (with LEDs on it) with a big gob of white stuff. You can carefully get a blade in that gap and cut through the white section. You'll then need to (carefully) lever the top section out from the edges. It's annoying.
    3. Get a knife blade or nail under the silver bits on the base and they'll pull out. That will release the wires so you can pull the main board out.
    4. Flash the chip. Do a full tasmota flash, not a minimal, otherwise it will not work as expected.
    5. While you have the flashing jig connected, power it (via the jig) and check that the tasmota wifi hotspot appears
    6. Disconnect it and carefully put it back in the base of the socket. You need to get the wires through the bottom holes again.
    7. Put the bottom bits back in, trapping the wires (the same as it was initially)
    8. Rest the top plate (with LEDs) in place, then reach through the narrow gap with tweezers or needle-nose pliers (gently, otherwise you'll crush the antenna) and rock the top part back down.
    9. Put the translucent plastic back on.

    Photos: https://ibb.co/album/PMFtk7