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Book Depository 50% Cashback (Capped at $10 Per Member) @ Cashrewards


Hi all. Back by popular demand. Promo runs until 11:59pm AEST. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • During the 15 hour promotional, 50% cashback for Book Depository is capped a $10 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 9am to 11:59pm AEST 12/04/2021.
  • Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.
  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

Ensure you disable 3rd party plugins and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost (feel free to try our recently updated mobile app). Don't forget to refer-a-friend for $10 each. Tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. Our Help Centre & Contact form is here for any questions or issues.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • yesssssssssssssssss!!!!

  • Is it just me, or is Book Depository more comparably expensive than it used to be? I'm looking at some John Le Carre books, and even with the $10 off with cashback the prices are still pretty underwhelming, reckon I can do better elsewhere.

  • Beware these promos are completely dependent on CR honoring the cashback, unlike a voucher that tells you right away that the discount is applied
    If they somehow tell you 3 months later it hasn't tracked or give you some lame excuse, you'll be paying full price for your purchase
    You've been warned

    • Use the CR app. I've always had my BD boosted cashback purchases tracked and approved, even on pre-orders that haven't been published yet.

      • Yep, using the app is more reliable

        • Using app to browse to shops is better than via desktop computer or mobile browser clicking through from CR website?
          . Just downloaded and purchased via app but no tracked email….. :(

      • +4 votes

        Use the CR app.

        That stinks !!!

    • What a stupid comment, your “warning” was your own issue for not following the correct process. If you don’t like cashback because you don’t get instant discounts, don’t use it.

      Funnily enough, you said Shopback is better, so clearly you still like cashback contrary to your comment.

      • I do like cashbacks, never said I don't
        I've just had too many issues with Cashrewards but haven't had any with Shopback
        And how have I not followed the "correct process"? Please enlighten me

      • @doweyy:
        I think the point is that CR cannot be relied upon and one needs to keep an eye on tracked items. I have had chase up many over time and I am 100% across how to use CR. Most however are fine.
        Bottom line is that it doesn't always track properly and in my case usually depends on the sites.

  • YES! Thank you OP! Have been waiting for awhile!…edit: couple of books on my wishlist are cheaper on Amazon, and book depository UK…bummer!

  • Edit…book depository used to be the cheapest, but now it has gotten expensive. Amazon books been a good competitor

  • The couple of books that are on my wishlist are cheaper from Amazon, even after the cashback.

  • I agree with everyone else here,

    Amazon has been its biggest competitor followed by amazon (kindle).

    I rarely will buy from Book Depository anymore.

    • Except it is owned by Amazon (for some time) so they are not a true competitor.

      The free shipping at BD seems to be factored into the price, so local stores are often cheaper for mass produced books.

      Amazon Prime has pre-order discounts on some books if buy before they are released.

  • +15 votes

    No deal.

    I can save more than $10 by buying from a different bookstore…

  • Thanks TA, pre-ordered a new book with total under $10!!!!


  • When Cashrewards had this same deal with Book Depository in December, I bought a book. It took until mid-April and 3 enquiries before it was approved.

  • I'm real glad I splurged when their prices were cheaper and VPN orders weren't refunded. Now I just have to wait for these cashrewards cashback or any other great prices to buy the few books I want to get.

  • Don't forget to use booko!

    Was looking at the Beatrix book but it's $40+ on BD and $30-ish on Amazon.

    Buying a moleskin as we use them for class notes.

  • RIP. The books I want are more than $10 cheaper on Amazon.
    Happened last time this deal was on too. Not really a deal in my eyes.

  • definitely worth it for me - the graphic novels my daughter likes are the same everywhere pretty much (as per booko.com.au) .. so this is a nice discount.

  • Been waiting for this deal, price on Book Depository was also the cheapest that I could find :)

  • For those pointing out their prices aren't the lowest anymore - remember to factor in that these are always free shipping, even for a single book.

    When you factor that in, they're practically the cheapest a lot more often than not.

    • Except if you already have Amazon Prime, in which case Amazon often comes out ahead.

    • Lucky you. ;-D I've checked many times and BD hasn't been cheaper for a LONG time even with free shipping. The last time a BD cashback was posted BD was $69 for a book that was $39 everywhere else. (Shipping would have to be more than $30 for BD to be cheaper.) In fact that last time I realised this happens at every BD cashback… I see the cashback, think of books I want, start checking booko, and… meh, disappointed. So I resolved to ignore future BD cashbacks. (Funny how soon we forget when we see: "Cashback $xx", because here I am yet again lol.)

  • Booktopia is $20 cheaper for the book I want with free shipping? Does Book depository price match

  • BD seems to be double the price of Amazon on cookbooks. No idea what's happened to BD over the years but they've totally lost the plot.

  • BD has always tracked with no problems.
    Got the email a few minutes later.

  • 50% cashback but capped at $10, lol

    how many dead tree books worth buying is < $20?

  • Given how expensive it is, BD should give 70% cashback to create real value of these deals.

  • Do pre-orders count?

  • Cashback tracked within 5 minutes. First time in a while CR had no issues for me, normally I have to submit a claim.

  • Never received cashback from such deals actually. Tried before, paid more, but no cashback in my account.

  • Bought and tracked! Thanks😊

  • Book Depository used to be my go to bookstore. I used to buy so many from them as 98% of the time they were significantly cheaper. Not for the last year or so though, not only are they not cheaper (in general boom prices have gone up) but BD are actually far not expensive than many. I went from buying off them almost weekly to once in a year and a half.

  • Not sure if this has happened to anyone before but my order just got cancelled by book depository. I’ve already received an email that my $10 cashback is pending and I assume this will not credit me in the end. If I place another new order now, will I be able to still get the $10 cashback, as there is no order limit just a cashback limit for this promo?

  • Perhaps a strange question, but does the 50% cashreward still work if you pay in a different currency?

  • Bit late but just a reminder to use https://booko.com.au/ to check for lowest prices before you buy!

  • Thanks everyone in the comments, I don't have prime but wow amazon book prices are low! Never thought of comparing before. BD has always just been my go to store for a dead tree.

  • Email from book depo: "We have a special offer this April with an extra 20% on Hundreds of Books! Just use the code APRIL20 in the coupon box in Your Basket to claim your discount.

    Happy shopping!
    Offer ends 19 April 2021.

    OP does this apply?

    Please let us know by 11.59 haha

    • No I wouldn't try. These things always warn you of using other codes or the like which may interfere.

    • Yeah nah, don't think it'll stack. Either way, I'd buy a book ~$22 this round, and then use the APRIL20 for some pricier books on your wish list