Yamaha 5.2ch RX-V4A AV Receiver $695 Delivered ($655 First Order with Newsletter Signup) @ CHT Solutions


The 5.2 Yamaha RX-V4A with MusicCast for $695 from CHT. If this is your first purchase you can get an additional $40 off bringing it down to $655.

4K, eARC, AirPlay2, MusicCast.

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  • Only $689.00 at Clefhifi without signing in to newsletter-


  • Got one from Harvey Norman for $630

  • Purchased my Yamaha slimline receiver from CHT few months bak, offered excellent advise and super fast delivery.

  • I note the antenna input is marked DAB/FM. As it's not listed as a featue, I take it that is not DAB+. Does this mean those more than ~ 100Km from the nearest FM areas have no radio reception?

    • This Australian model is listed as having DAB+ / FM and AM. Same antenna is used for both DAB/FM. Hence the single connection. DAB+ is only available in captial cities and their outer suburbs near the repeater transmitters. FM if your area can receive them.

  • Spend a few hundred bucks extra for the v6a. It has more inputs and atmos

    • What a strange recommendation… you're talking about a 50% higher price tag for a product that is in an entirely different category. That's like telling people they should be buying AMGs instead of a Benz.

      This is a 5.2 receiver - there is no point spending more for Atmos if you don't intend to have the speakers and setup for it. This does DTS HD MA and Dolby True HD, which is the same audio track as DTS:X and Atmos with out the added spacial information.

      • there is no point spending more for Atmos if you don't intend to have the speakers and setup for it

        A few hundred bucks now you are ready for future upgrade. Plus v4a only has 4 HDMI input, while v6A has 7.

        Getting V4A you will be stuck with 5.2 with no atmos. An any future upgrade will require replacing the receiver

        BTW, who would not recommend an AMG over a regular Benz? If you can afforded it you should get an AMG.

  • Thanks, perfect for my 3.1 setup

  • I'm assuming this amp consists of HDMI 2.1 ports?

    "8K / 60 Hz, 4K / 120 Hz (via firmware update)"

    Has anyone confirmed the PS5/XSX working with all the bells and whistles at 4k 120hz with VRR/ALLM etc?