TP-Link M7450 LTE-Advanced Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot $129 Delivered @ PC Byte ($122.50 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


I was looking for mobile wifi hotspot and found this one with nearly 50% off price compare to officeworks/bunnings. Going to price match with OW.

Kogan sells for $150
PCbytes for $129

If anyone has this model earlier, please share the feedback.

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    Check the CAT rating before buying compared against your current phone. For decent speeds you need upwards from CAT6. A secondhand Netgear might be a better option. If you don't need portability then get a Huawei 4G CPE

  • The M7450 is CAT6. Max 300mbps, 2 Carrier Aggregation.

    B818 is the cheapest fast 4G modem. You can get it from Optus, CAT19. Max 1600mbps downlink.

  • old flagships better than this?

  • I used this during travelling pre-corvid for 4g lte unlimited data connections and with a powerbank this works so so good. 12-18hours non stop. It will get quite warm-ish after 4hours of non stop hotspot.

    • What's the plan for 4g unlimited data and which carrier?

      • usually i'd just buy the sim at the local airport and use this. it just works. I dont buy the ones from aussie as its way too expensive for unlimited data.

  • Price matched with officeworks, going to use it for my blackview 750x in the car for cloud uploads.

  • Networking noob here. Would this dongle be okay for gaming?
    I live semi-rural and am on fixed wireless NBN, so gaming is an absolute joke with lots of packet loss and ping spikes.
    If this is not suited for gaming, does anybody have any recommendations of what dongle would be better suited?

    • for mobile, dependent on carrier and signal strength. if both are good, on pc, you will still experience 300-500ms lag at least. you would get 150ms on very rare occasions. xD

  • is this designed to put a sim card inside ? i would like to use the Felix mobile plan cheers