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Monterey MU-175M Soprano Ukulele (Mahogany) $16 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheap Ukelele !! Looks great
I was just about to buy one on marketplace when I saw this online :)

*free click and collect

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    Delivered with tracking by Friday 16th April. - $4.99

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    *free click and collect

    "And tiptoe through the tulips with meeeeeeee…" ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

    • Edibles just kicked in?

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    Any uke under ~$30. Be prepared to tune it every couple of minutes… Machine heads are always junk.

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      This!!! Wife bought this and she lost interest in learning after tuning it 5x in less than 30 mins! Stay away and cancel order if you can!

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        But new strings need breaking in hence the need for frequent tuning

        • I have a cheap uke that is definitely beyond the breaking in stage and still have to tune it frequently if someone wants to use it. Thankfully my wife bought me a more expensive uke for christmas one year and it stays in tune 100x longer. Well worth the extra money if you're into it.

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      With cheap prices like this, there are always strings attached.

    • Really, not worth it. This is simply manufactured garbage.

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    I presume this is part of the 50% off guitar sale

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    the are shit.. the grooves for the strings near the tuning part of it aren't deep enough so the strings constantly slip out

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    I don't need this at all.
    So I bought one obviously

  • Are ukes fun to learn and play? What about for kids? I can play basic guitar but thinking of getting my kids to learn an instrument

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      If you want to take you skills of annoying people up a notch, a ukulele is the perfect choice

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        No, recorder wins by a mile. Devil's spawn.

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      For an adult, it's not that hard - learn the chords and you're on your way. If you have a view to teaching a kid about music it's not that easy to teach basics of other stringed instruments, because of the very strange tuning pattern. It doesn't go up in fives like a guitar/bass/violin, so you can't teach logical things like easily hearing the same note on two strings, this string is higher than this string etc.

      I'm hopeless with music, can play a ukulele a bit, can play guitar a bit - I feel like learning the guitar gives some grounding into music, learning the ukulele teaches you how to play the ukulele.

      Might just be me. That said, I have fun with it - chords are simpler than guitar as a rule, only thing is that E is a bit of a monster. Can make picking up certain songs as a beginner a bit of a nightmare!

      • Thanks I didn't know this. I thought it was just like a mini guitar lol

        • Nah a long way off - simple to learn chords, quite difficult to learn melodies that weren't originally ukulele melodies

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      I can play basic guitar but thinking of getting my kids to learn an instrument

      piano is possibly best of all for brain benefits
      but any instrument is good

      But if you already play the guitar
      Then the best one for spending time with mum/dad
      Which is also very important
      Would be the guitar

  • As previous commenters have said, don't waste your time. Not even for kids! Doubly bad when kids attempt to play an out of tune uke!

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    to all the people shitting on this uke (like they do on guitars)
    where are your suggestions for 'good' ukuleles then?

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    Download one of the many ukulele/guitar tuning apps available for your phone. The strings settle down eventually and keep their tune. Bought one for my daughter last year for a thing she was doing at school. It sounds OK.

  • Uke lesson. Just need a really high-pitched voice to pull off the song- lol.

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