Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Air T15 $699 + Delivery @ PCByte


Hello Everybody!

We are happy to offer an OzBargain Deal for you. This is Official Australia Stock.

Please headover to our website, and use the promo code 'CRAZYT15' upon checkout to receive special discount, and it will bring the unit price to - $699 + Delivery While stocks last

The Air T15 is compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient electric kickscooter. The design is a great fit for the urban lifestyle.

Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Air T15 - $699 + Delivery


  • 20 km/h Top Speed

  • 25 km Max Range (Actual Range Varies)

  • 15% Climbing Slope

  • 10.5 kg light-weight design

  • 8" Puncture-free Solid Tyres

  • Dual Brake System (Electronic + Press Brakes)

  • IPX4 Water-Resistant

  • Electronic automatic folding system

  • Built-in Front LED Lights

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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        • And the 1S doesn't fold as compact, making it heavier and more cumbersome to transport (when you're not riding it).
          They just have different design philosophies and appeal to different riders.

          Note, I'm buying a 1S - so I'm not saying which is better here. Just simply saying it may be unfair to directly compare the two scooters on price alone.

        • There are some designed for off-road, competition and recreational riding, too. However, yes the 1S and the T15 are both designed for urban use. I was more so pointing out that the T15 is designed to lean towards ease of use and transport, being light and having smaller components. The 1S has enough range to ride outside of urban environments, too.
          T15 = pure urban.
          1S = urban and longer rides.

  • we would be even happier with a price of $499

  • Great deal! Almost got this from JBhifi when it was $899 recently, I am glad I waited :)

  • If I didn't get pro 2 I would jump on this!

  • Is this better than Segway Ninebot Kickscooter E25?

  • Good price

  • Walk you lazy bastards…

  • I heard a news saying this is illegal on the footpath in NSW. do your research.

    • See people riding them on footpaths all the time. Never seen anyone booked yet

      • Just wait, as they get cheaper and cheaper, they'll soon be everywhere. Then they'll become 'topical' and Police will be forced to react. We've seen this before.

        Yes, I see people on them in the coastal Vic town where I live. Most people are harmless on them, the odd guy all over the footpath on it like an idiot. The more mainstream they get, the more likely they'll be shutdown.

        The fine is now worth more than the scooters themselves. Good advice.

  • These constant price drops on scooters are sort of encouraging people to wait, and wait a bit longer, and just wait for a bit longer, and longer……

    You buy a scooter on deals, then next day you find out the same/similar scooter is selling even cheaper. The earlier you buy, the more deals you will miss on

  • Can you flash these to go faster?

    • I'm not sure, but with solid wheels and no shocks you might not want to.

      If you haven't rode a scooter at 20km/h before it's surprisingly fast. Run on a treadmill at 20 to get an idea…

      I've got an AliExpress scooter that I've hit 48km/h on…it has bigger wheels, dual disc brakes, solid shocks… But if I'm commuting I won't go over about 20 on a footpath.

      • Just my 2 cents, you might already have something in mind

        • What scooter do you have and how much? If I were to guess, a zero-9 ?

          • @paulosllvn: Yeah I have a no brand zero-9 that I got for about $1k shipped (to Darwin, so, really happy with that).

            Have you got one or rode one? I'm about 85kg and find the front suspension a bit soft..I see they have some double spring variants now which are probably the go.

            It would be ok if the wheel base was a bit longer, and I could comfortably stand 5cm back, but still, I ride it every day. It plows through cane toads too…

            • @brokeasbryce: I have ridden one, however I am 192cm tall and the handlebar seems a bit filmsy when it's fully extended. I'm not sure if this is the case with all scooters though. Do you have a link for the one you bought on ali express?

  • Sadly the seller has disappeared into the ether. I looked more closely at mine, and the zero-9s on AliExpress. They have about 95 percent similarity.

    I had a pretty thorough look and found this, I have 99% this without the seat.

    I've also seen a few of these dragons getting around and they look like they could probably more comfortably do anything I do on mine:

    But they have the same flimsy handlebar, which flexes back when I accelerate hard.

    I'm not an expert, I've racked up about 100k's with bike trail, road and off-road time, but the front and rear weight balance movements I find you should be doing at high speed balance out the forces on the handlebar - lean into the acceleration, and squat deep into hard braking, so I don't worry about the flex (182cm).

    Ultimately, DYOR, if you're able to try a few before you buy, or even rent one for a day to get used to the weight balance, you'll make a 1000x better decision.