Anyone Else Find Streaming Services Have Too Much Content to Handle?

This is a simple enough question but I just find with array of services out there (Netflix,Stan,Binge,Amazon etc) that there is just too much content.

I feel like every week there is a brand new “must watch show” that everybody on the internet is talking about and because of how frequently there is a new “must watch show” it makes “must watch shows” less interesting and me less likely to want to watch them.

On my days off from work when I want to watch something I just don’t know where to start because of how many endless possibilities there are out there and I feel like I’m just pouring money down the drain on streaming services (I can’t split streaming service costs as all my family live back in Ireland) that I might enjoy but just will never get to enjoy because I get overwhelmed on the options.

I know everyone on Ozb hates on Murdoch because of his overpriced Foxtel empire especially since it has ads but I honestly kind of miss Foxtel. It was a simpler time having limited options and I didn’t mind the ads as it gave you a nice break from the TV. I know people in the comments will rinse me for me being “pro” Foxtel.

I’m curious if other Ozb people like me are overwhelmed with the choice and constant cycle of new shows and miss the old days.

TL;DR - There’s too many shows on streaming services and I’m thinking of going back to Foxtel.


  • Ah choice is good

  • If it wasn’t for old people confused about streaming services then Foxtel wouldn’t exist anymore.

    I gave my parents (early 60s) a free Chromecast, Netflix sub and Kayo sub and 3 months later they reinstated Foxtel because it was too confusing to use and they like “flicking channels”

    In fact sitting there watching my dad flick through every channel on Foxtel before complaining there is nothing on is almost my fondest childhood memory

    • Sounds no different to flicking through all the crap on Netflix.
      I think I prefer flicking through all the channels than sitting there for 30 mins looking for something to God damn watch on Netflix.
      I seriously want to punch a wall after giving up in frustration, spending all that time looking for a show to watch. I know I'm not the only one.

    • +2

      I don't think that is an old person problem. Most people find the streaming experience a little frustrating and confusing and poorly integrated and sometimes it is nice just to flick through channels of stuff that is scheduled or playing. Still would never go back to the steaming pile that is foxtels paid Ad service, but that is a feature I do miss.

    • Introduce your dad to tiktok. He can flick the screen like changing channel

  • Used to do the vpn thing with Netflix when they weren't too fussed about it and it was absolutely awesome. Could always find something to watch. Now I have 4 different streaming services and the content's not as varied. Been finding myself putting the old eye patch back on more recently, whereas I hadn't bothered in the previous 5 years or so.

  • +4

    Just do what I do. Look at all my options, and by the time I have decided, I'm too sleepy to watch anything. There, perfect night of contemplation!

  • -1

    Google "must watch tv" or "best movies <year>"

    then just torrent what appeals to you.

    send the production company an envelope of cash if you feel guilty.

  • Currently using Netflix, plus another service for specific content.

    Will watch something, and if something else interesting appears, I'll take a photo of it, to know what to watch later…
    With the other service, I'll do something like 'research all Oscar winning movies in the past decade', decide which I want to watch, and obtain them.

    I aim to be specific with what I watch, and watch with a purpose.

  • -1

    I never use any of those services that you mentioned

  • If anything i think the opposite most of them are just crap that used to be a FTA tv a decade or two ago

    If anything the Australian streaming services are a bit light compared to there US counter parts

  • -3

    I think you have a point. I think there is a generation being indoctrinated on tv content. There are some who watch just a few shows, but others watch a lot. I prefer to watch a series from 10 years ago as I know there is not a progressive issue being pushed.

  • Had foxtel and got rid of it about 8 years ago had Hulu with a vpn and got rid of it ages ago had netflix and gave it the flick this year got a disney plus 12 month sub with our new TV that runs out in July and won't be renewing

    The only streaming service I have and will be keeping is Amazon prime I mainly have it for the free delivery and the wife watches it most of the time

  • Oh I forgot got Kayo for $15 a month being a telstra customer but on for the NRL once the season is over I will cancel it

  • So much content and I still struggle to find anything to watch. Kayo gets the most viewing at the moment now it's NRL season.

  • Yeah I know what you mean. That's why I only keep Netflix eventhough my friends keep recommending other shows in other streaming services. It's to keep my options limited. Even with 1 Netflix, I still can watch Youtube or other asian streaming websites, I'm already overwhelmed. I guess you just need to keep yourself grounded and not to follow what everyone else is watching. The temptation is hard I know, but well.. I can't keep up anyway, so, why stress?

  • +1

    Just watch what you want to watch. As long as you enjoy watching it, who cares if you are "missing out". There is so much content out there you can never possibly keep up.

    With regards to the "what do I watch dilemma", I keep a to-watch list, and use a ratings site to pick the best ones to add to the list. And just work my way through the list.

  • I’d hate to see what happens if you went to a buffet dinner.

  • I'm not a fan of the phrase "first world problem", but if there was ever a more apt scenario to use it…

  • no

  • Anyone Else Find Streaming Services Have Too Much Content to Handle?


    I use Foxtel.

  • consooooom

  • Yep, as soon as Netflix fractured I went back to the wondrous life of Raspberry pi boxes with Kodi and addons.

    They had effectively ended piracy, they blew it.

  • Even if I were unemployed and watching content for 18 hours a day, I wouldn't be able to catch every show or series I want to watch. You can really go down the rabbit hole once you start following certain genres, actors, writers and even production companies who send out their content to these streamers.

    E.g. anime, kdrama, jdrama, cdrama, Bollywood, Euro series.. there's a huge amount of content on in addition to the regular and indy Hollywood stuff.

  • i have foxtel now, amazon prime, disney+, stan not to mention all the free to air catchup thru a nvidia shield but honestly i miss just using iptorrents tracker to bittorrent to the synology nas to the main tv remote :) but missus luvs the streaming…

  • Anyone Else Find Streaming Services Have Too Much Content to Handle?

    You don't really need to handle it. You choose what and how much you want to handle if at all you want to.

  • +1

    Foxtel still exists? how?

    • Government fund using your tax money I think

  • No

  • +1

    Too much choice drives me crazy. I think all these streaming services should have an option to play randomly something (based on your taste), without you having to pick, I think I spend a lot more time on Netflix/Binge/Amazon trying to choose what to watch, than the time I actually watch stuff.

    It would be also good some "live" channels, one for each genre, that show movies so you can just connect to them and whatch whatever they are showing. I noticed often I watch something on the traditional channels (SBS, Nine etc) just becasue I stumble upon them, watch 5 minutes and I get interested, even though those same movies are on streaming services I use (Netflix Binge Amazon) but never bothered whatching.

  • -2

    This is why torents still exist. There's just too many subscriptions to pay for. As a sport fan Kayo would be the only one worth it imo

      • There are
  • -1

    Are you ok OP? You should consult a specialist, rather than Ozbargain for this issue. No offense.
    Then again, you must be trolling. I got sucked in!

  • +1

    Youtube is good enough for me. It's free and there's plenty of content to keep me busy.

  • +1

    Cancel everything and see what you miss. I just cancelled everything except prime (because of shipping) and am happily working my way through the content there. I kind of miss Disney so might go back to that at some point but for now I’m saving on all the ones I’m not subscribed to :)

  • Sounds like a troll post when you’re complaining about too much content on a streaming service.

  • Just don't watch anything, or watch the first thing that interests you.
    You can say the same thing about anything, so many books, so many games so many ice cream flavours. etc.

  • Yes, I wish they'd limit the shows to just the ones that I want to watch so that I don't need to search. sarc

  • It can be 11pm b4 you finally find a movie to watch.
    It is called "overload".

    You are presented with too many choices.

    The more choice, the more confused you become.

    Just cut the cable

  • Much like computer games, there is far too much TV content to find the best stuff by trying out random shows.

    I search for recommendations based on stuff I already liked. Get that new show and watch it, repeat when you run out of episodes.

  • That’s why I only watch whatever is free on sbs demand or abc iview. If there’s a movie I want, I’d make an effort to get it from the local library. If there’s really nothing at all, I don’t really need to watch tv then.

    I don’t want to deal with having too many choices and scrolling endlessly let alone pay for it.

    I heard that having too many choices available in this modern world actually brings people more unhappiness, more so than making life easier.

  • Use the watchlist - sit down when you've got some extra time and add some stuff to it. When it's time to watch something, start from the end of the list and work your way back.

    I usually queue up the next show I want to watch by starting to view it so it appears on my "Continue watching" list, while still watching my current series.

  • I prefer YouTube, sure there's ads. But you can watch funny short videos without sitting on your ass for an hour to catch up to entire video. They basically have the entire The Office on YouTube now.

  • +1

    I have Prime video and Curiosity stream. Curiosity stream is not bad for around $20 a year its got fairly wide range from discovery channel to david attenborough and a bunch of history docos I was pleasantly impressed by the range of content. Admittedly I did go in with low expectations but I have really enjoyed it a lot more than youtube. Ofc you get nebula with it as well and thats basically youtube creators making extra content so if you do watch a youtube channel whenever they do new content check if they are on nebula.

    • Do they have good progammes like in old Discovery channel, not that reality TV nonsense ? I used to watch Discovery , History , Nat Geo etc. when I was a kid but now most of them have reality TV than actual documentaries.

      edit: Seems good. This was one of my favourites back then :

      • +1

        It realy feels like they have blended the old discovery channel with the old history channel before it was invaded by aliens. It does have some animal planet type content as well not sure if it really has nat geo content I never really watched it mucvh as a kid so ymmv. As it turns out the founder of curiosity stream John S. Hendricks is the guy that created the original discovery channel so it tracks.

        The only thing is if you expect huge volumes of content you may be disappointed depending on your interests for example travel content is quite limited. For history and Science lovers tho its pretty damn good for $20 a year.

        • Thanks mate! signed up with a free 1 month trial (promo code : chill) to check it :)

  • I'm with you but alternatively I miss the Video store hiring days.
    Never had Foxtel.

  • +1

    Bruce Springsteen - 57 Channels (And Nothin' On)

  • I hardly find any thing to watch in Netflix but sometimes find better programmes in SBS on demand. It is basically quality vs quantity. I miss the days when I used to watch good sattelites channels, even the FTA ones (like NHK World) were much better.

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