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[VIC, SA, QLD] 12-Month Upfront Gym Membership $248 (Was $648) + $49 Admin Fee (New & Expired Members Only) @ Derrimut 24:7 Gym


I come across this deal on tonight's news feed.

24 hour access to ALL locations Australia wide, including group fitness classes.

*Terms and conditions apply. $49 admin fee applies. Offer valid to new and expired members only. Offer valid from 12th. - 23rd April 2021. Derrimut 24:7 Gym reserves the right to change or extend this offer.⁠

After purchasing, please visit your nominated gym location with your proof of purchase and valid ID to finalise your membership.

Offer has been extended. Expiry unknown.

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    I wish this was in Victoria thats a great deal

    Back in the day you could get a 12-month membership for $199

    The new 'admin fee' is clearly a cash grab though

    • +2

      This is in VIC, am I missing something here?

      • My bad i just realised it was all gyms!

        but it is new members only thats why i couldnt jump on it! :(

    • +2

      Derrimut gyms are in VIC.

    • +7

      Yeah but not in any decent suburbs lol

      • Wow you're not joking. 12 locations in VIC and the nicest one is Frankston.

  • -3

    Theres a reason only two states allowed this.

    • +2

      That is ?

  • +3

    I need to tone my upper body, this could be perfect (there's one where I live). Also good to be able to workout on days I go into the office and don't have time while it's light.

  • +12

    Definitely a good price for gym, albeit Derri is known to attract a particular crowd and isn't as friendly.

    Noticing that a lot of gyms have become more of a Health Club to justify all these extra sign up costs and the usual $(X) per fortnight each year where it now pushes it to more than $2 a day

    • What kind of crowd are you talking about? Was thinking about joining.

      • +4

        The bro crowd rocks up after 5pm.

        • +17

          Every Gym has a crowd. Thats why I like working out at midnight.

          • +1

            @iNeed2Pee: oh you did join your neighbour!

            • +1

              @SF3: 😉 Bashed him, and took his equipment. I'm the captain now.

      • He's right it's a lot of people there for the image and to show off

        • +7

          What's wrong with that? Most of the Derrimut locations started off as a body building gym. Been there for years and years and have had zero dramas.

          The biggest issue with Derri these days are the literal crowds. Gets absolutely packed after 5pm on weekdays.

    • +10

      Derri is known to attract a particular crowd and isn't as friendly.

      You go gym to work out or make friends/find life partner?

      • +3

        Environment and atmosphere matters to most ppl.

      • +2

        It's not about wanting to find friends / life partner.
        You want to be in a gym that has a welcoming environment and people that actually care about the equipment and cleanliness.
        I've got friends that don't like to go to particular gyms because they are often glared / stared at while they're working out, stories of them being followed around pieces of equipment too…

  • Super cheap…and there seems to be a bunch of different locations.

  • Very good price. I paid $369 on Feb.

    • +16

      Does your gym have bongos?

  • Really great price

  • +13

    We need more genuine offers like this. Not the usual crap like "no joining fee".

  • Anyone know if the membership starts when you buy it or when you go in do you activate it?

    Edit: Found in the t&c

    For all online memberships purchased through Derrimut’s website, the membership will effectively begin at the time the online transaction has
    been successfully completed and received by Derrimut Gym.

    I'll wait until I know I'm going in to buy it

    • starts on the day you go to the gym. If you sign up online show your invoice and they will process it and give you your gym card.(is small and attaches to a keychain)

      • Just found in the t&c it says it starts when the online transaction is successfully completed and received.

        • -3

          yea just saw ahha
          received would be when you go to the gym, from my experience they did that.

    • +3

      Another thing found in the Terms and Conditions with discounted memberships you can't suspend or transfer the membership (you can if you pay full price for an upfront membership). Still good value I think, just worth knowing.

  • I paid $299 last year, which included the admin fee.

    It's always up and down, the issue is it depends when your membership runs out!

    • +2

      did they credit/extend your account during lockdown?

      • There was no shutdown during my membership.

      • I had an upfront membership that was meant to finish up in July, self activated again from Nov when gyms opened in Melb and went on until Feb. Which I thought was decent.

  • +1

    Can i avoid the $49 admin fee, by joining at the gym instead of buying online?

    • You used to be able to do that. I don't know if they still allow it.

  • Why is it in all NSW gyms you have to pay twice as much !? or even triple

  • Can you stack a couple years at this price?

    My mates done this in the past, not sure if they still allow it tho

  • +1

    Pretty far out locations! All outer suburbs or rural. For anyone remotely inner suburbs you will need to travel a fair bit, sucks because this price is great!

    • Yep - that’s how they keep their prices low though. Big gyms with lots of equipment and low rent

    • just curious how far would you class inner city as?

      • +1

        Probably 5-8km tops for me

        • Derrimut sunshine ~10-11km from Melbourne so on the fringe of the 10km zone more people count as inner city.

          • @dasher86: So yeah even by 10km there are none inner city. Sunshine is not inner city Melbourne

      • +1

        10 km I think is a max limit to say inner city. Anything further I would say is not inner city. I live in hawthorn and there is no derrimut even close to me on this side of town. It's a shame because the generic cookie cutter gyms like fitness first etc are just crowded overpriced hangout spots these days

  • +1

    Sucks, closest one is 30mins away from me.

    • Same here :(

  • +1

    where are the terms and conditions? can't seem to find the link of the promo page…

  • +9

    You want bikies? You’ve come to the right place lol.

    • +2

      And a side of drivebys and drug dealing

  • Shattered! I just paid $400 for 12 months =(

    • +1

      me too :(

      • Hmm I feel slightly better that I'm not the only one haha

  • +2


    Since the offer is for new and expired customers, they are clearly aiming at people with good intentions and little motivation.
    Based on personal experience I would strongly recommend you sign up somewhere for 1-2 months only at first, and you see how often you actually go there.
    Gyms make their money not with people who come regularly, but with people who sign up for a long term and stop coming after 2-3 times. That's why they will give you amazing deals when you sign up for long term - they have little other reason to ask for such a long subscription duration.

    • heaps of gyms that charge ~$15-$20 require a 12 month contract - so not really much difference.

    • +2

      Yep, there's no other point in my life when I'd have signed up for a one year membership. I've been exercising nearly every day for the last few months and have actually been enjoying it.

      It will be good to have somewhere indoors for winter and where I can use the equipment for toning. Currently doing the couch to 5k and it will also be handy being able to set a speed on the treadmill so I can make sure I'm actually doing 5k when I run for 30mins.

      I've also already been having issues with it becoming dark for too much of the day. Looking forward to taking advantage of the offer for the next year. I'll likely be there at the quieter times of day, so it's a win for me and them really.

      • Totally agree, I always go early around 6 am & it's been great for me for 6 years now

      • -1

        Somehow the treadmill is going to make you faster for longer? I think you have unrealistic expectations

        • +1

          No, I can set the speed so I know how fast I'm actually going. I don't have any reliable measure when I'm running in the wild.

          • -4

            @Miss B: Do you have a lake or track in your area? Surely you have something that you are familiar of the distance? If you are not i dunno look it up or ask someone. Then all you need is a stop watch alternatively buy a smart watch. I actually can't believe i have to explain this. Do you think running started when treadmills were invented

            • +1

              @PAOK11: There's a track I use, I've tried looking up the distance, can't find it. It's not a great track for its actual purpose so I don't think people actually use it for that so it hasn't got the distance anywhere it's mentioned even though others do. It works very well for all of the activities I do and is quiet though.

              There are other tracks but they're too busy, I've tried different times of day and they're always crowded, and most don't have a surface I like, so I haven't bothered to check if they have the distance. I am fat and unfit, so running is difficult enough without stuffing around with stop watches anyway.

              I use a smart watch, but it doesn't provide reliable data about my speed and will only give the info including the walking parts. There are 2 apps that give very different results and neither seems to be reliable. I just thought if I was already going to be at the gym on a treadmill I could use it to easily see what speed I can run at.

              You're right though, I'm clearly very stupid, thank you so much for pointing that out.

              • -3

                @Miss B: Dont be so hard on yourself, your only fat not stupid. My next thing is why are you obsessed with your speed. I can tell you that your speed is between 8kmph and 9kmph without even seeing you.

                No matter how bad your smartwatch is, it will have the basic functionality of working as a stop watch. I do recommend a garmin but you can live without it. I did for a long time.

                I also recommend you do short sprints. Set up a few cones and run back and forth between them getting faster and faster each time.

                What im getting at is knowing your speed is not necessarily going to help you get faster.

                • @PAOK11: It's not an obsession, I just want to check in. C25K is based on 30min being 5k, which is not realistic for me, at least not for a while.

                  It's fine, I don't need to run at a particular speed it's just useful to know, being able to run 5k at some point and eventually 10k is my main goal at the moment (for running), even if I can't do it in 30/60 mins, but it means the C25K/10K apps won't actually get me there, which is really what I wanted to know.

                  I might also do some park runs to get times so someone else can measure the distance and hold the stop watch for me, even though it means being around other people. Other people doing the same run should motivate me to go faster, as well as trying to beat my own times.

                  It's all really just about having something to aim for and pushing myself a bit further all the time, none of it has any particular importance.

              • +1

                @Miss B: There is a "measure" feature in google maps which will tell you the distance if you're interested. Just right click anywhere on the map and select "measure".

                • @Autonomic: Thank you, good to know. I've been using the free version of Strava and finding it to be pretty good and accurate enough for my purposes. I've also been enjoying the stats it gives. There's also an option to automatically pause when you stop running if you're doing a run, though I haven't actually tested it. I've also recorded as I walked around tracks I like to use purely to get their distances.

  • +3

    Even with the joining fee this is still a very cheap price for a gym that has a tremendous amount of gear, of top of that there's boxing and pick up basketball games at certain locations.

    I would say however it does attract a much younger and cooler crowd, the gym gets incredibly busy to the point you feel like you're walking through a large sweaty shopping centre at times with all the people involved. I've been casually at $10.00 and couldn't commit to anything longer because it just felt like a massive club, the music they play and volume at which they play it is definitely make music festivals proud.

    • +1

      that's every gym i've ever been to

    • They renovated the gym so not sure if they got rid of this stupid mat that you need to take your shoes off to use. That dumb mat was the reason I decided against signing up

    • It use to be $5 for a day pass

  • Great deal, wish there were more locations nearby

  • +2

    I went a few times to Derrimut as a casual and was surprised to see Kai Greene rock up and doing calves on the next machine… and nobody was bothering him or coming up to him, just let him work out. Pretty respectful crowd tbh, though on first looks it may seem daunting, but everyone is keen to get along.

  • Great deal, however sadly the nearest is 30 mins driving distance away.

  • That's insanely cheap esp with Les Mills group fitness classes included. Given how hard gyms were hit last year, esp in Vic where they had no income for 7 months and have no doubt many have accumulated a deferred rent debt, I'd be a little worried that this is a last ditch cash grab for cash flow because they're in trouble.

    Disclaimer - I am a casual employee with Goodlife but nothing to do with management or sales (I'm a group fitness instructor)

    • +1

      nah Derrimut Gym has been consistently running a promo like this for years.
      They have 12 locations now - you maybe still right but i reckon they're going alright still.

      • more than 12 sorry, 12 in vic

    • If you look at the class times they are very inconvenient. Crunch kills them in this department Les Mills or not

  • +1

    I used to go the Caroline Springs VIC branch. The gym is huge! All the equipment, boxing ring etc plus they renovate and change things up as well over the years.
    They run similar promo every year, even @$400 per year is really great value.

    However the gym isn't for me, peak times it's really crowded, you have to park on the street or next door at Bunnings. Because of its low membership cost you generally have a younger crowd and many of them in groups. I havent encountered any trouble in the past but it doesn't feel very welcoming if you are a solo trainer. If you are disciplined then probably ok.

    In the same area there are many other gyms crossfit f45 style gyms but they charge $40-60 per week….

    • Why don't you go to the gym in Derrimut? It's 5 mins from CS gym, smaller, and less intense environment.

      • +1

        Hmmm. Is that the old YMCA gym? Yea I guess I should check it out.

        • Yeah with the basketball courts next door.

  • For any Brisbane folk here, the Derrimut gym in Macgregor is the old Anytime Fitness on Kessels Road.

    Not the fanciest joint but it was pretty decently spaced out and had high ceilings so it never felt too cramped even when it was busy. Good selection of equipment too, had more than the average Anytime Fitness.

  • +1

    Good gym though seems to be a lot less equipment post lockdown the couple of times I went. I guess they sold it all off when there was a gym equipment shortage and they were closed (makes sense). Presumably they are replacing them with new stuff but I haven't been there the last couple of months so not sure.

    For those worried they're about to go under due to rent debt, I remember they actually bought their flagship Caroline Springs location not too long after opening it years ago (and that building is worth a lot these days). No idea if they own just that one, but none the less they have more assets than many other gyms going around (given most are just franchises).