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Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection (Blu-ray) $54.78, Game of Thrones S1-8 Box Set (Blu-ray) $115.03 Delivered @ Amazon AU


May not be cheapest but not a bad deal for those in the market for these.

The Lord Of The Rings: Trilogy (Extended Editions) [15 Discs] (Blu-ray) $57.39 (was $109.41)
Friends Coll (2013) (Blu-ray) $65.01 (was $118.53)

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  • Is it worth waiting for 4K Blu Ray LoTR to go on sale?

    • YES!

      The 4K collection is missing the special features and extras though.

      • Can you really tell that much of a difference on a 4k tv? Cant speak for other brands but Sony tvs have great upscaling capabilities for FullHD content.

        • I guess it depends but in general yes definitely not just video but audio as well. I think the 4K set has been on sale a few times around the $60-70 range.

        • Why even get a 4k tv if you dont want 4k content on it. Makes no sense.

        • YES!!!! But more than the increase in pixels, a capable TV with good HDR rendering will blow you away! It wouldn't compare to any FullHD content, and you won't look back! Look at the LG (CX,GX models), Sony (X95H, A9G, A8H), or Samsung (Q90T, Q0T)

  • Why does the image say Friends? Not complaining, already got the series.

  • How in the world did they spread 3 movies over 15 blu ray discs…I'd understand if its dvd but this is overkill. Actually thought the Hobbit films were part of it.

    • +3 votes

      From memory I think like 9 of them are special features and extras disks (on DVD btw only the movie disks are blurays).

    • it comes with a ton of documentaries about how they made the movies. Its actually one of the best parts of it because most of the movies are not cgi

      • Yeah worth owning both I reckon. You can always sell the bluray boxset after watching the special features and extras.

  • Oooh I’d love that game of thrones set!

  • Do people still use Blu-rays? I have digital copies of all my Blu-rays now because it is too much hassle to use physical media anymore. About the only thing making the effort for is the extended edition LotRs trilogy.

    • I hear you, ever since I've learned about Plex, ripped all my collection and can't be bothered to do it the old fashioned way anymore haha!