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YanYoung Kitchen Timer $7.64 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Sparks Au via Amazon


"Kitchen Timer with AAA Battery and rope Included


Best Timer with Volume Control Function!
Simple Timer, Big Help!

Many times you end up with overcooked burgers and underdone steak. Now, this countdown timer can tell you when to start or stop accurately! Its loud alarm ensure hearing in another room. Safely watching TV while cooking. 100% useful for kids and teacher to manage the time!

Easy To Use
This kitchen timer can count up and count down for you accordingly. It is easy to use. Press both MIN and SEC buttons to reset to zero. Then set up your time to start. Max countdown range is 99:59.

Memory Function
When countdown ran out, press START/PAUSE button, then timer will return back to your set-up time.

Magnetic Back Pad & Stand
Magnetic pad can be easily adsorbed on refrigerator or any iron pad. Strong back stand is handy for using at desk.

Easy to Use
Simple operation with count down and count up functions with max time: 99 min., 59 sec, this can also act as a stopwatch counting up from zero; Push and hold button over 3 seconds then the time will fast forward. (battery is included)

You will get:
1 Pack* Digital Kids Timers(AAA Battery Included)"

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  • This or the phone I already have in my pocket?

  • Hi Rep, is this any better than the Kmart one for $7.00

    • +4 votes

      This one has a start/pause button. The Kmart one has a start/stop button.

    • The Kmart one, unlike the one here, does not have a memory function.
      The Kmart one, on the other hand, does beep at the 10 and 5 min mark which is a useful feature.
      The Kmart one is hours/mins (so goes up to 20hrs) whereas this one is min/sec.

      It all depends on what suits you in the end.
      Both are good to have though.

      • the kmart includes the cost of bricks and mortar - this one is a markup.

        • Of course, you can find this cheaper, but I was mainly looking at functions.
          I have a Kmart one and a couple of others that are similar to the one here, all stuck to the fridge, and I use them all practically every day (often all at once if I'm cooking/doing multiple things).

          I have one solely set to 20min which is how long it takes to cook breakfast and steam food, so I just need to press the button once with that one and not multiple times with the Kmart one.

          The Kmart's short beeps at the 5 and 10 min mark are useful at times (ie as a prompt if I'm in the shower or exercising and have something cooking on the stove). The Kmart one also automatically switches to count up after the countdown has ended  (if a button is not pressed) which is a feature that's not important to me, but some may find useful.

  • Anyone ever seen a timer with 10min/min/sec buttons?
    Dedicated buttons for start/pause and reset would be best also.

  • Many times you end up with overcooked burgers and underdone steak.

    That should be underdone burgers and overcooked steaks. Not that a timer will help you with either of those things.

  • How about the IKEA $5 KLOCKIS (Clock/thermometer/alarm/timer)?

    "Each side of the clock performs different functions. Just flip it for time/date, alarm, temperature or timer. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s simple to use – even while half-asleep in bed."