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[VIC] 6.6kW Q-Cells Solar System with European Fronius Inverter Fully Installed from $4,766 after Rebates @ Eko Energy


Disclaimer: I work for www.ekoenergy.co

With eko energy 100% owned by electricity retailer EnergyAustralia (https://www.energyaustralia.com.au/about-us/media/news/energ...) Get a 6.6kW solar system fully installed from $2,916 + $1,850 Vic Gov no-interest loan (after $1,850 Vic Gov rebate)

  • Q-Cells Q.Peak-G5 370W Panels (12 Year Product & 25 Year Performance Warranty)
  • Fronius Primo Inverter (Top 5 PV inverter supplier globally with a 5 + 5 year warranty)

Book in a telephone consultation for more info & to discuss here - https://info.ekoenergy.co/meetings/kez-hassan1

We recommend registering for updates on the Victorian Governments Solar Homes Program by heading to https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/subscribe

*Inclusive of the maximum $1,850 Victorian Government Rebate & $1,850 no-interest loan from www.solar.vic.gov.au subject to meeting Solar Victoria's eligibility criteria and approval. Based on a single storey, tin roof, no splits, suitable switchboard & single-phase power.

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  • I read somewhere that you’re better off getting a solaredge inverter if you want battery in the future, as fronius would require a fair bit of expense to make it compatible. Is this true OP?

    • Nah, not really. Solaredge has compatibility with one additional battery compared with fronius. Both inverters can have any ac coupled battery added. One problem with AC coupled batteries (at least in QLD regs) is that they count towards your output capacity limit.

      That being said, if you want the Fronius battery and the hybrid Fronius inverter it can be expensive.

      The popular batteries like Tesla and Women are AC coupled and work with any inverter.

      Fronius and Sunpower are top gear, personally I prefer Solaredge but it costs extra and Fronius is more popular.

      Source: was in the solar industry before 2019.

    • I would get a SolarEdge regardless. The HV safety risk is worth it.

    • There’s always this from Fronius

      Don’t get too hung up on future proofing.

      • interesting business model. they obviously have to already be making profit on the "locked" mode, with all the hardware/certifications accounted for. So "unlocking" is pure profit. interested to see how this plays out.

    • @LittleTicket SolarEdge are due to come out with their own battery (likely to be a SolarEgde badged LG battery TBC) later in 2021. So this would be compatible with a SolarEdge inverter. However, pretty much all string inverters (Fronius, SolarEdge) you can AC couple any battery like a Tesla to the system.

  • $8500 for those not eligible for the rebate is certainly not cheap. Assuming ROI for most households is at least a decade. I would certainly want the warranties on the Chinese parts especially to be proven and reliable.

    • ROI of 2 to 3 years makes economic sense
      ROI of 5 years is borderline from an economic point of view (given I expect to make a profit)
      ROI greater than 5 years does not make economic sense (to me)

  • Lol this is ludicrously expensive. There is so much FUD thrown around in this industry and people fall for it.

  • This is expensive af, not an ozbargain at all, should ban op.

  • To be fair Sunpower panels are quite expensive hence the higher price. (they are like the "premium plus" of Tier 1 panels in league of LG panels. Also Fronius has a 5+5 year warranty, so be careful mentioning 10 years. It's 5 years full parts and labour and 5 years extended warranty on PARTS only, also only if you register the inverter online.

    • 6 years ago I installed 3kw for $2700 and I’m now looking at ripping it out and installing 8kw + battery for around $6000. It still works 100% by the way.

      At the same time 6 years ago people were still paying $9k for 2kw systems with 3kw inverters that were “better quality” in case “things go wrong” and “it might be more trouble that’s it’s worth” and whatever other drivel they were sold.

      Both scenarios are $9k, the losers are stuck with their degraded 2kw “high quality” panels though. Lucky they haven’t gone wrong!

      • I get your point, there has been a exponential improvement with cost and technology over the past 6 or 10 years. So some might argue I can pay for something for $3k and replace it in 5 years and still be cheaper than purchasing something for say $8k.

        However, you could be comparing someone getting micro-inverters as oppose to string inverters. Microinverters normally cost like 40% more and have their own advantages in many aspects. Also if someone did pay $9000 for a 2kw system, the installer probably ripped them off or maybe don't have CEC accreditation to claim STCs.

        Note: My current line of work is with the CEC and been in the solar industry for 7 years.

  • +4 votes

    Total rip off

  • I got solar from Eko Energy and the whole experience was a disaster!
    3 cancelled install dates.
    Over six months for install to be completed.

    • Sorry to hear that you had this experience. This is not acceptable. We have made a number of process, system & personnel changes since your install to streamline & speed up the install process. Feel free to Private Message me if you wish.

  • This is hella expensive. For a few hundred dollars more I got 9.3kW system (with Fronius 3 phase inverter) installed at my place. This was without the VIC rebate.

  • Please be aware of their previous misleading statements and descriptions (you can refer to my comments):

    Further posts:

    • A problem i see on ozb is that these guys (not just this post) just ozb as a free platform to pimp warez and the users (us) have to keep pointing out the non ozbargains, which is unsustainable.

      Happens with a lot of affiliates which is disappointing. Their 'ozbargain' is on every other week..which shouldn't be allowed

  • I had a 6.6kw installed (canadian panel and goodwe inverter) for 200 upfront and 1800 to pay over 4 years ( 2000 total). This is after rebate. Dont believe anything will be 3 plus times better than my setup!!!

  • Just a cautionary word of warning for those seeking super cheap solar systems worth reading this article - https://www.solarquotes.com.au/cheapsystems.html