Esteele Per Vita / Per Salut 5pc Cookware Set $349 or $313 w/ eBay plus (RRP $779) + Other Sets @ Victoria's Basement


Not the cheapest, frequently on sale or "sale" but to me still a bargain cause I need to buy now.
Hate buying this stuff, so wanted BIFL without breaking the bank.
These seem decent.

Per Vita (stainless steel):


Best deal here with Ebay plus $313.65 - thanks to @Yanoflies

If that doesn't work try this:

You need ebay plus and use code: PAPR15

Victoria Basement $349
Pete Ken $349
Myer $399

Victoria Basement $260
Myer $324

Per Salut (aluminium):

Myer $389

Per Sempre 4pc

Myer $389

There are other options just google.

I bought the 5pc Per Vita Stainless Steel. Missus wanted the aluminium but my research said SS is better + i dont want to be buying this kind of thing for many years. Keen to see the ozb nerdburger thoughts on ss vs alu.

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  • Most of my pots are Stainless Steel and they have lasted well. I would suggest hand washing rather than dishwasher to maintain the appearance. It is good that these are Induction capable. Unfortunately a fair amount of old cookware isn’t Induction suitable which might be a problem when we need to replace the cooktop.

  • Any comparison to the Kirkland clad set of pots/pans for the same price vs disc base?

  • SS = Better heat retention
    Alu = Better heat dispersion

    Most pans use a combination of both.

    Also aluminium alone (without a SS base) doesn't work on induction because it's not magnetic.

  • I have this exact set for a few months now and I have no complaints other than know your heat!! (But that's just me not know how to cook and still learning) These things heat up rather quickly and you can use less energy to cook something to perfection. I would also recommend investing in some Bar Keeper's Friend when some stains don't come off in the wash.

    • +1 on the Bar Keeper's Friend. It's magic stuff.

      Told my mate about it. She tried it. She even raved about it to all her kids, LOL.

      And yes, on the Esteele. My set (Per Vita, I believe) is 6 years old, from back when they still came with a lifetime warranty, and no problems with it at all. The copper bottoms help with heat dispersion. When I need to heat some canned soup up quickly I use a cheapie aluminum pan as it heats more quickly, but for everything else, I use the Esteele's.

  • I have the Per Vita 28cm skillet. I friggin love that thing. But the heavy weight is not for everyone.

  • I have australis ones and one pot developed a very tiny hole at the bottom. I was washing it before first use and left on the sink for a few minutes. When I came back, I could see white cloudy water in one spot. Cleaned it and noticed a very small hole, less than 1mm in size with some discoloration around it. Sent photos to the shop and they sent me another brand new one.

    Still have the old one somewhere. Didn't want to throw it away as there was nothing wrong with it apart from that hole, but didn't want to use it in case it was leaking something out. Would love to fix it somehow…

  • I would not be buying aluminium at all. It leeches into your food, not suitable for acidic foods.

    Your choice should be 18/10 stainless steel with copper base, or stainless steel with aluminium base. Even with a copper base, the heat spreader is aluminium. I've seen many brands don't worry about the copper layer. If you really want a bargain check out the Ikea sensuell range, you can see them in store.

    You will need a nonstick frypan for some cooking (frying an onion or eggs in stainless steel is difficult- easy to burn and stick) and a glazed cast iron pot, for pot roasts. Buy cheap non stick pans and replace them often, to keep the coating intact - $100 non stick pan will not last longer than a $10 one

    • Those woolworths Arcosteel pans seemingly lasting forever and only double price of homebrand range which lasts until the very first time you try cook something.

  • Glad I didn't buy, looks like it has a hollow handle = the worst?

    Can anyone who has them confirm?