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Half Price - Body Science Bar and Grenade Carb Killa Bar Varieties $2 @ Woolworths Online


I tried these Body Science bars during the $1 promotion at Coles recently, so this price doesn't compare but this might be useful for those who have already run out.

I don't use their protein powder as I use a natural one with less ingredients, but the bars serve me well on the go when I'm desperate.

Grenade Bars are half price but I've never tried them. Keep it Cleaner bars are also half price at $1.75 but I haven't tried them nor can I recommend them.

Available as online only special. Hopefully these specials aren't store specific but I'm uncertain.

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    OK, so this is:

    a) Not actually very low carb, and

    b) full of absolute crap you should not eat, including maltitol, which is awesome for giving you the runs.

    But sure, eat it because it's "good for you" (like most of the crap they sell in the "health" aisle).

    • No thanks. A bag of sugar is cheaper.

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      Just wondering since it's about 5% carbs by weight, hows it not low carb and why is Maltitol bad for you.


      • Product Warnings

        Product contains maltitol, xylitol and polydextrose. Excess consumption may have a laxative effect.

        And the peanut butter grenade is 25% carbs

        • Ah fair enough. Thanks for the info!

          Now I'm wondering how they're allowed to remove those ingredients from the carbs section.

          Always gonna be loopholes I guess.

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      2.7g of carbs per serve - definitely considered low carb……..
      Also, Malitol is fine, when eaten in moderation - like anything that has a laxative effect.

      • The first four I looked at were all well above that.

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      Hi i'm a research scientist who works with carbohydrates daily at a Carbohydrate research facility

      Simply put, there is absorbable and non-absorbable sugars:

      1) Absorbable is things like glucose/sucrose, you break it down and get energy
      2) Non-absorbable is sugars such as maltitol, xylitol and polydextrose which are not converted into energy(for most sugars), but trick your tastebuds into thinking things are sweet

      This is the reason why they aren't included because they don't turn into energy when digested, the laxitive effect comes from gut microbes digesting the non-absorbable sugars to generate metabolities which can have laxative effects. A great example of a drug which does this intentonally is Lactulose which is used for the treatment of constipation and hepatic encephalitis.

      Just because they can have a laxitive effect, doesn't mean they are bad for you.Infact the sugars are so unabsorbable that they're safer than most other food additives so i can never understand why people are so against sugar substitues.

      For example Coca Cola have used Benzoic acid as a preservative for years(particularly overseas) which can literally convert into Benzene in the can which is carcinogenic which you then drink…


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    Grenade Bars


    Oh, I see what they did there, clever…

  • Quest products also on special from woolies atm, awesome flavour varieties and the cookies are a good alternative to a protein bar.

    $2 for cookies, $2.75 for bars (both down from $4)


    Low carb and yes, artificial sweeteners (Erythritol, Sucralose) still

    • Yeah, all of these things are just another version of processed food with a different label on it.