[VIC, NSW, QLD, WA] Free 10 Day Station Wagon Hire (Drop off at Alice Springs) until May 21st @ Travellers Autobarn


Thought this may be of use to some who want a road trip to NT! Looks like for more info it’s best to call…

Travellers Autobarn is offering FREE Station Wagon rentals to Alice Springs between April & May!

There is no catch – we are simply moving some of our fleet up to Alice Springs to meet the demand for car rental & sales in the Alice Springs Areas.


To receive a free Station Wagon rental to Alice Springs you need to meet the following conditions:

Vehicle must be picked up either out of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth
You receive 10 rental days for FREE & have the option to purchase additional 10 days at $75/day
Vehicle must be returned in Alice Springs by the 21st of May
Vehicle can only be booked over the phone – 1800 674 374
A valid Visa or MasterCard Credit Card is required on pick-up

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    Vehicle age: 2006 - 2010'

    I know stuff used to be solid back in the days, but 2k years is still a bit old…

  • I suspect some sort of trafficking behind this "deal".

  • Probably not a great idea to encourage random people to drive into the center of Australia without any preparation or knowledge.

  • +2 votes

    There is no catch


    • Biggest downside is having to drive Ford Falcon station wagon for 10 days

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        drive Ford Falcon station wagon for 10 days

        Maybe it's a Ford Falconio ??? 😲

  • It appears these may come with camping gear etc.

    Website suggests the following extras:

    Standard Protection $3000 Bond @ $0.00 per day
    Midway Protection $1500 Bond @ $20.00 per day
    Protection Plus $0 Bond @ $30.00 per day
    Extra Driver @ $3.00 per day
    Tyre Waiver @ $4.50 per day
    Windscreen Waiver @ $4.50 per day

  • fun facts and some numbers

    driving to alice springs, from

    mel ~2300km, ~24h
    brissie ~2500km, ~29h
    perth ~2500km, ~30h
    syd ~2700km, ~27h

    car has suggested fuel consumption of 12-14L/100km. @150c/L, ~A$500-600. driving into alice springs

    flight out from asp in apr-may ~A$250

  • Buried deep inside the T&C - unlimited kms but earliest time you can collect is 1pm, which burns most of the first day and $500 per day fee if you are late. Also steep fees for not returning the tank full.

  • basically they just need some drivers free drop theirs car to Alice spring.