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8x Camera Home Security System with 1TB DVR $299 @ ALDI


8 Camera Home Security System with DVR

Includes 8 high definition cameras
Record in real time to the built-in 1TB hard drive
Advanced motion detection trigger captures any movement
Remotely view camera on your PC, iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone

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  • Any reviews on this product?

    • I bought this two or three years ago, on clearance for $149 from ALDI.

      Exactly the same except mine came with 8 black cameras and no white ones.

      Great system, very reliable. App works well.

      Night vision is very bright. Picture quality is decent at 720p resolution.

      Each length of cable is very long so if you have a small to medium sized house it'll be fine. Easy to wire if you have roof cavity access.

      Better than wifi cameras as you don't need PowerPoints everywhere or have to worry about recharging or changing batteries.

  • Keen, do we think these will be PoE IP cameras?

    • No they're not. They are old school BNC type connectors. Simple but reliable. Power is a separate plug on the same loom.

      • In that case it'd be a composite signal, which is only 480pi/p and certainly not 720p as advertised

        • That is completely not true. BNC connector says nothing about the video signal carried inside the coax cable, which can be digital and has no problem doing 1080p.

          • @truetypezk: They would most likely be the high def over analog type. I think it's called AHD or something similar.
            It uses the same coax cable + BNC connectors etc., but both ends are able to talk over the wire, and get a much better picture and resolution than the old composite video types which I have had, and were indeed limited to 480 ish lines.

            I was surprised and impressed when I first hooked up my AHD camera setup. It is very good bang for the buck.

            I went with 4k IP cameras in my new place since I was running ethernet everywhere anyway…

            HTH. Scott.

            • @bigjobme860: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD0QS6xd2D0

              This video shows you pretty good comparison of 720p over AHD, vs 4K IP camera.

              So far with my cameras, I've captured video of:
              - 2 cases of mail theft (one resulting in arrest)
              - 1 stolen car
              - 2 car breakins
              - a police chase resulting in a rolled BMW hitting a fence
              - breakin to my back yard and attempted theft
              - council truck sideswiping my parked car and driving off. I was able to zoom in, and read the logo on the truck door. Got my insurance excess refunded.
              - Garbage truck hitting neighbour's car

              This is over quite a few years, but I think the cameras have paid for themselves

              I do however, think this is a good value system from ALDI for the price + simplicity point of view…

              • @bigjobme860: Christ! You are like a magnet for criminals / trouble.

                I was surprised and impressed when I first hooked up my AHD camera setup.

                What is the brand / model of your AHD system?

          • @truetypezk:

            That is completely not true

            Oh, I'm sorry, are you trying to convince me (or anybody) that this is perhaps a HD-SDI signal on a $299 Aldi camera setup??

            Unless you have evidence otherwise, these cheap cameras run composite video via BNC connectors and therefore are not HD as advertised.

          • @truetypezk: Or even more. My analogue Swann cameras are 5MP (2560x1944)

            • @dcash: Switchblade88 is clueless. These are definitely analog HD cameras. Not as good as modern PoE, but vastly better than old "composite 480p" ones, even though they use the same BNC cables.

              An advantage is that the cameras run on very little power (and low cost) compared to digital cameras. The brains is in the DVR, which digitises the signal to h264 for recording.

        • Nah they are 720p. Not sure how but the quality is better than 480p.

          Specs here:

          When I save a still the resolution is 12080x720.

          I don't think it's interpolated either

  • This looks like a damn good deal, but there's got to be a catch right?

  • I’ve got eufy at home but over the weekend someone stole my mailbox lol but the eufy didn’t pick it up. Went and bought an indoor cam for $50 to get 24/7 recording and stuck it under my garage facing the front, quality is insanely good.

    Wondering if I should get these or get some Swann. Or stick with my indoor cams, only worry is rain.

    • Have you upset your postman by chance? That's an awfully specific and unusual thing to pinch haha

      • right, the thing was cemented in the ground, Wouldve taken a little bit of force, Someone was determined to get at me by taking off with my mailbox.
        I can only laugh about it.

    • FWIW, I'm on my 2nd Swann PVR and the quality is fantastic. Our first one died randomly after a year of 24/7 recording - Swann wanted it back for warranty but having to pay the shipping costs and get it to a post box was a bit of a cumbersome task so we waited for a deal to come along and upgraded to the 5MP system.

      Picture quality is really good, we have a good 10m from camera to the end of the driveway and I can read a number plate at that distance, similarly if I stand there I can definitely make out that it's me, albeit a little grainy. End of the day it's a BNC connection and a 5MP camera, can't expect DSLR quality from them.
      Also there was a massive difference going from 1080p to 5MP cameras, I'm actually using one of the 1080p cams with the system and the difference between them is night and day in that the 1080p shows me just a grainy red roof on my neighbours house, the 5mp I can just about count the actual tiles.

  • What would people recommend instead of these? I'd probably only need 4 cameras and minimal effort to install myself.

    • I just did this:

      2 reolink 510a -$125
      Tenda Poe switch -$40
      75m cat 5e cable -$20
      10 RJ45 plug -$5

      I used two spare micro SD cards. They are mounted high, so no one can access them.

      Had to buy an RJ45 crimping tool - $22

      Works great. One of the best features is push notifications for person detection. You can then log into the app and view about 10 seconds before the person appears until they are gone. Also fills card very slowly, as I only record person movement.

      • Where did you get the cat 5e cable so cheap?

        • Amazon with free prime delivery. Item was Monoprice Cat5e Ethernet Bulk Cable. Only one was at that price.

          • @iamherenow: Thanks, I was about to ask the same thing. Can I ask, when you got it, was it branded as Monoprice though? I have a feeling those ones on Amazon AU are knockoffs.

            Just doing my own Dahua install, but I do want decent rated cabling.

            • @SKiZO: Yep I got Monoprice 250ft. Seems a genuine product to me based off packaging. Same as the grey that's there now, but different colour. Other than the 250ft, they have some 100ft for under $9 which seem cheap.

              No issues with the cable. Both my cameras are on 15-20m length, and the Poe switch is an additional 20m from my router.

  • Whats the advantage of having an NVR compared to this ? Seems like a really good deal compared to swann NVR system I'm thinking of buying.

  • low res quality, h264 compression.. which is the old one. you can find better deals on ebay for 20 dollars more.

  • the aldi sets have the best bnc/power cables in the box compare to other retail offerings.