Sydney man's half house....

Reading this news I'm wondering , did owner never inspect house while it was being built…Something is not adding up here….


    • House cost 700k, is it made of bloody gold.

      Said the person claimed that they live in Point Piper…

      • You want some photos?

        That duplex looks like a basic house, and ftr so is my house from 1983.

    • Exactly

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    I have a relative who is is a manager in the building compliance section at Liverpool Council. Will be seeing them this weekend.

    Will post the facts here next week.

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      go snake!

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      Perhaps Liverpool Councils point of view would be the best your friend can do.

      And that would be great!

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      I'll be waiting like I did for GOT episode.

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    guy's claiming English isn't his first language, got 20k off this built, got ACA involved and wants more?

    I think he doing better than most people building a home.

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    it’s pretty easy - they sent him the updated plans and her forwarded them on without checking. It’s 100% his fault

    • and he is a mortgage broker 😆

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    I quite like the house.

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      Aren't you afraid that they'll huff and they'll puff and they'll blow the house down?

    • I like the stock :P

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      what's the minimum time you have to be here before you can rort?

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        Matthias Cormann came to Australia at age 25 and by 37 was sucking the Australian taxpayers dry, so 12 years.

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    The source of the article says everything you need to know. Clickbaity titles, manipulated narrative…

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      7news has been doing this rubbishy ‘reporting’ more and more.

      Their gender story regarding mums and dads being cancelled was some of the worse hate baiting I’ve ever seen.

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        7news is trash. In the past week or two I’ve seen:

        *Frankston man spills Maccas coffee on his leg at the drive thru
        *Woman confuses price of Coles organic bananas with regular bananas
        *Woman reveals 20yo Maccas burger

        They’re just another DailyMail, except DM is good for what you expect.

        • I selected organic bananas instead of the cavendish at my local Wooly a few weeks ago. Can you imagine I had to call the Wooly worker to cancel the item? I was outraged! Unfortunately, 7news was not around and didn't interview me about this remarkable event. Maybe they will contact me if they are reading this comment.

    • Exactly. Misleading headlines and narrative… That's all.

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    Evidently not

  • council didn't do anything wrong - there's no OC issued so the guy isn't even supposed to be living there. As far as council's concerned it's still a construction site.

  • This kind of crap happens all the time, it isnt the builders fault the owner was told it was a duplex

    It is unlucky the other side of the duplex seems to have not started building (if they intend to build at all)

    but this is the risk you take when building or buying off the plan properties.

    S**t goes wrong and when it does financially it can be devastating.

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    It’s safest to treat ACA as a comedy show

  • you're right.
    this guys is hiding something … he would have to have approved plans before construction started.

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    "Trust the process"

    Pfft he was lazy.

    • And went into hibernation for 3 years!

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    I dont get how hes living in there, when an occ permit hasnt been issued???

    Plus, there are 2 sides to every story, so far we have only heard a very biased version from the worst platform of reporting in Australia.

    Im building a new home and im down there every WEEK checking on its progress. Who doesnt check on a new home build for 3 YEARS!?

    Sad to see all the band wagon morons jumping on google and leaving the builder 1 star reviews after hearing a half assed news article from a rubbish program. If i was zac homes i would go after aca for all theyve got, their literally ruining a business just for some ratings.

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      If only there was a way to sue people leaving fake reviews for the company. Clearly it's libel if you pretend to have dealings with this company while trying to ruin their reputation.

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    Im guessing his plans was to buy the land next door, but it didnt work out.

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    Apparently there was meant to be a house built on the other side but those people pulled the plug. So we have this clown house. 'Where is the other side of my house?' There is none. It wasn't your house.

    When I had my house built I checked on its progress almost every day. Why would someone not check for 3 years? Any variations had to be signed off by me. Did the guy sign paperwork without reading it? House plans with a 'yeah whatever' attitude?

    In my area I have seen duplexes being built one at a time, but only as part of a large project by one developer.

    Also this is a good reminder to make sure you own the four walls, ceiling, and floor of your house. Don't share. Apart from obvious problems like neighbour's noise, you're also at the whims of what they decide to do with the shared boundary.

    Alternate title for ACA story: Good news! Australian Housing Is Now 50% Off!

    • Apparently there was meant to be a house built on the other side but those people pulled the plug. So we have this clown house. 'Where is the other side of my house?' There is none. It wasn't your house.

      This. Spot on. Nothing is missing mate!

      When I had my house built I checked on its progress almost every day. Why would someone not check for 3 years?

      Likewise. I had a house built in like 7 months and that was during COVID!

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    Well so far its all "he said she said" until evidence surfaces, whether its from his side or the builders side or council but by making it public, every inch of this will be publicly scrutinised so its only a matter of time before the truth will surface on whether its his fault, the builders fault, the council's fault or a combination of all 3. The builder (Zac Homes) have made a statement about this found in this article:

    If Zac Homes is dilligent in their documentations and does indeed have all of this documented with his signature(s) then he really have no grounds to stand on, unless he claims the documentations are false?

    "trusting the process" and "english is Mr Aryal's second language" is irrelevant IMO, due to the fact that 1. He is a mortgage broker as someone pointed out in the previous comment ( and being in such a role requires you to be diligent in your paperwork I would imagine and 2. He was able to obtain a mortgage loan, negotiated a further discount through their conveyancer for the property AFTER the land amendments and being told he could have rescinded the contract tells you that he must have been aware of the changes and obviously there wasn't any language barrier unless he claims the discount negotiation was made without his knowledge?

    As many have pointed out, this whole thing is very suss. And who doesn't check their building development in 3 years? 3 weeks maybe… but surely not 3 years… unless he was out of country for that entire duration? Oh so many questions lol I'd be following this with keen interest.

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      i don't really understand what he trying to get out of the process.
      He signed up and agreed ( with 20k discount) for a duplex, it's finished and he living in it. He hasn't complained about the quality of the home build. He doesn't own the land next door, so i see why he thinks entitled to more house.

      got even got a Rock Climbing wall.

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        He is trying to get more money out from the developer. He is playing an innocent victim.

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      "If Zac Homes is dilligent in their documentations and does indeed have all of this documented with his signature(s)" then Zac Homes undoubtedly has a good defamation case against both ACA and Mr Mortgage Broker (more likely a shonky would-be property speculator). And all those lovely one-star reviews will make it easy to prove actual damages.

    • He knew exactly what he was getting into, and even took up Zac home's discount offer of $20k off the total price.
      He is trying to get more money back in his pocket, living up to their profile and probably expecting it for free.

      • Yeah, the thing I don't get is he said on record "“Where’s my house? I want the rest of my house. It’s not a freestanding house, it’s not a duplex, it’s half a house. And it looks embarrassing,” he told the program". He doesn't own the land next to his so even if the duplex (including his) was fully built, he doesn't own it and he would still have a "half house"… That is what a duplex is. Sure it looks weird and embarrassing without the other side built as he pointed out but I still don't see the issue.

        His contracts I would imagine says he's getting a duplex. The builder has publicly stated he was made aware of the changes from his standalone home to a duplex (and was afforded the opportunity to rescind the land contract, which would have rescinded the building contract too). No doubt there may have been some financial loss on his part (non-refundable deposit?) if he rescinded, he still went ahead with it at the discounted rate, as publicly stated.

        So unless he is prepared to make his signed contracts public to back up his claim that he was indeed not made aware of the changes ( , the more this story runs, the more the spotlight is on him. Even now people have begun digging into his profile/career probably out of curiosity and one would better hope he has a squeaky clean record as a mortgage broker… for it might all just blow right up in his face.

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    He just needs to sit it out till someone builds next door (if he is allowed to move in). Who cares what other people think.

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    It's a sh&%ty house in a sh%&ty cookie cutter soulless area and a sh&%ty typical sensationalised ACA story that doesn't warrant any discussion. And yes I know I'm guilty of contributing to it.

    • It was good entertainment though :)
      I record everyone to get these type of stories and skip all the advertising crap stories towards the end .
      I miss the ones of them annoying someone running away that they don't seem to play as much .

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      You can type "Shitty" without fear. This isn't kindergarten mate lol

      • But we can't write (profanity), can we? (testing purpose after reading about words being banned from Scrabble).

        Edit: confirmed I can't write the word that sounds a bit like like "can't"… 😊

  • If you also look at the images, his back fence lines up perfectly with the blank concrete wall, pretty much indicating that his 'house' would never have extended past this border. He has, for all intents and purposes, a fully finished home, its not like half the lounge room is missing etc

    The initial articles sensationalise it and make it look like the entire block of land is his.

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    a lot of white space for graffiti

  • Why would any builder agree to build something like this even if the owner pushes them to?. The builder shot themselves in the foot. I don't think the owner is innocent as it is claimed but that is beside the point.

    • Would it cost and take more time to build two half duplex separately than building the full duplex?

      • How could a council approved this is beyond me.
        To your question, I would think so. Doesn't sound ideal from a structural integrity perspective either.

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    I built a house a few years ago. Besides driving past the site every second day, I was required many times on site to sign of on things like power point positions etc. I call BS!

  • This isn't the only example of the problem. I live around the corner of this house and there is another house with the exact same problem!! However, the neighbour end up building an detached house. So you have a weird half house and next to it is a normal house.

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    The building company said it has also waived a fee of $23,000 and have deferred Mr Aryal’s final payment in order to alleviate some of the family’s stress.

    lol, so he's scored anyway

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    Does anyone know the address? Want to drop by on the weekend so I can take pictures of myself next to it for my tinder profile.

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      just go to the liverpool area and ask address of half house

  • Was half expecting this to have half-a-job Rob involved.

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    Wow! Never thought I'd ever see a builder get scammed and feel bad for them.
    The client is obviously at fault here and nobody else.

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    Don't want to jump to conclusions and bash the guy here but things don't add up, hope he does an AMA soon.
    Pre submitting my questions, answer mine first please:
    I am from the subcontinent, so "trusting the process" is odd as my gut is inherently the opposite of "trust" when it comes to the "process", what happened to your radar?
    Mortgage broker but don't understand basic real estate concepts, what's your next career move?
    Highly educated but do not bother reading documents. What is your fav book?
    All your life savings invested but then forget about it for 3 years? Did you discover rocket league too?
    English knowledge seemed good enough on TV, so what is your fav hollywood movie and subtitles or not?
    How good did it feel to stick it to the building company for the rest of us?
    Love your work Tracy.

    • I wouldn't be surprised if the guy suddenly got a bout of buyer's remorse and is trying to get out of paying for the house he signed off on.

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    A free standing house on such a block would have been much smaller. Instead he has built right up to the boundary. He paid $322,400 for the build. I don't see what his problem is, sounds fair enough.

  • He should look at this as a glass half full situation

    He could start charging people to take photos posing in front of his house and tour of the house etc

    He could make enough money to then build the other half and rent it out etc..

  • It's just plain funny, I could not help laughing.

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    “Highly Motivated Enthusiastic Open-minded Entrepreneur always seeking multiple approach to solve the problem. I have bachelor of Business/ Accounting , multiple diplomas in finance and Mortgage brooking. I am very passionate for education and empower”

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      otherwise known as a tosser

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      Probably just forward any mortgage application to the bank.

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      the guy is looking for attention and ACA took the bait

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    He must like plan of half house in case divorce then wife can not take half house ups it's already half😂

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    Half-baked effort. Should have waited another 3 years for a Full House.

  • Apart from both the owner and builder dealings, they are bound by the council’s planning rules. Looking at that free standing house next to a half duplex in this link down the article, the council messed up planning controls over that time period.
    This should have never been approved by council at first place unless there was a certainty the other half will be built in a similar look and similar time-frame. Now you have a detached house next to a half duplex which I don’t think is allowed with those setbacks anywhere else.

    • Mr Aryal said he was trying to get legal advice and was hoping he could find someone who would help him pro bono, since he had spent his savings on the home.

      Lol, good luck mate.

  • What's the lost cost to the owner if he had pulled out of the Zac home contract?

    Meh, owner is winning anyway, welcome to Sydney, you can now buy that half house for $1m. SydneyBoooomToTheMooon

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    Paint a mural on the side and enjoy the free playground next door.

    • Maybe half a tennis court or a lap pool :)

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    He is a drongo, nothing more.

    Immigration needs to be tightened up, seems like anyone can just waltz on in now

  • He got what he paid for end of story

    • $700k ??? I'd want something 20x that size for 700k with solid 24carat taps and handrails.

      • not in Sydney lol

  • Reminds me of this story:

    Bought a place after inspecting it 7 times that is right next to a dual carriageway (almost motorway equivalent based on photo), then complaints about how noisy it gets and wants a speed limit put in place and noise barriers put up … wow.

    No doubt there will be such people back on home soil as well when the new 2nd Sydney airport opens in 2026 as a 24hr curfew free airport… News headline would be something along the lines of "Bought a place next to the runway but I never thought the noise would be unbearable and now demand that planes only fly a certain time, or that my house be fully insulated… not at my cost of course, because it is not my fault, I couldn't have known!"

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      There are also those ppl who buy a unit above a pub/ restaurant then complain about the noise and want to restrict trading hours

  • There is much more to this story than has come out… but it is the media.

    • There is much more to this story than has come out…

      Twice as much…

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        How long does it take to build a 1/2 a house?

        Why would anyone wait 3 months let alone 3 years to "inspect" it ???

  • Shouldn't the guy be mad at the neighbours not proceeding with their part of the build?

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      It doesnt actually matter, as his house is complete, it is a full house inside, its not like half of his living room is missing.

    • I think he owns the block of land but what he's paid is for construction for one side of the duplex and that's what he signed up for

      • No he doesn't own it. Article clearly states different owners that gave not gone ahead with their build

        • Pretty expensive land for half a house then

  • Using Google maps, looking at some of the other freestanding houses in that street, a common design is half a duplex. And yes, it looks really wrong….like half a house.

    • Yes but those half duplex designs are still standalone houses. The roof isn’t chopped off and the side wall, more than likely have windows. The others are also centered on their lot of land and his is right up against the boundary.

      I reckon the original plan was to have two owners build a duplex together. Each owning half and paying for half. The change in contract probably came when one owner couldn’t go through with it. The builder would likely have advised him to change his plan to the standalone half duplex but due to the increased costs in variation to do so he probably decided against it and told the builders to go ahead with the semi duplex plan anyway (maybe even with an added discount he received).

      You can’t really blame the builder if he signed off on it and let the build commence and completed.

  • “Where’s my house? I want the rest of my house. It’s not a freestanding house, it’s not a duplex, it’s half a house. And it looks embarrassing,” he told the program.

    What is he talking about? He has his house. He wants his neighbour to build their house. He should be saying:

    “Where’s my neighbour’s house? I want the rest of our house. It’s half a freestanding house, it’s a duplex, it’s half a house. And it looks cool”

    Don’t blame the certifier refusing approval to occupy. Council won’t believe this lie and will kick him out.