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Apple Magic Trackpad 2 Space Grey $178 (RRP $219) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks


Might be a bit of a expensive niche product, but I noticed that Officeworks may have priced this incorrectly as the Space Grey version is usually $219 everywhere else.

Still in stock for a lot of stores in East/South East Melbourne at the moment, picked up mine today at Doncaster Officeworks so they definitely honour this price.

Great alternative to a mouse for MacOS, much easier to navigate with Apple's gestures IMO.

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  • Is it just a touchpad? Why not buy a mouse

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      Touchpad with Force

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      …because it's a touchpad.

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        So be less productive at 5 times the cost.

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          What $35.60 mouse are you using?

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          That would be a trackpad on windows, not on a mac.

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      • Just use keyboard shortcuts, much more productive

    • Different use case. Some people like trackballs.

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          Let people live, damn. You're out here calling trackpads out as if it did something to your family. Some people likes trackpad, you dont have to. You don't have to go around attacking people who uses them.

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            @buckethat: You weild your trackpad like a shield
            He wields his mouse like a flail

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      As someone who has used one of these for years daily at work instead of a mouse:

      • You can can control your cursor without moving your arm, just your fingers. It also has a very large surface area, so plenty of space to scroll, drag etc without having to move your arm.
      • You can easily scroll both vertically and horizontally, and perform other gestures.
      • Soft taps can click and you can click or perform gestures from any finger, so your wrist doesn't get as sore from repetitive actions.
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        Agreed. There is a reason why Apple trackpads have been and still are pretty much #1 for a very long time. MacOS is also well designed for it too. It's one of those things you just have to use to understand in my opinion, describing it using words is just not enough.

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          It has always amazed me how computer manufacturers other than Apple don’t build a decent performing trackpad in their laptops. It isn’t a small difference, and surely it is one of those things that could be copied easily without violating patents.

          Again, the difference isn’t small.

          But everyone has their strengths. Apple isn’t exactly known for a good mouse.

          This trackpad is also pretty good, I have a silver one, although the space grey version is a bit of an orphan with the end of the iMac Pro.

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            @entropysbane: Good point. The Apple mouse is one of the worst mice ever made. Edges are too sharp, mouse is too short and that charging port lol. On the other hand the trackpad is one of the products in the market and very few are near to its standard.

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        And can even scroll diagonally.. panning with mouse feels so last century on pc

      • This is probably a stupid question. Can you use a stylus or apple pen on the touchpad?

        • NO, it does exactly the same thing a mouse does.
          I have used this touchpad for three years now and love it, although the battery has died in it

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      i've been wanting a trackpad for a while but cant justify the price. It'd be fantastic for day-to-day work as a graphic designer to use in conjunction with a mouse. You'd save a tonne of time imo.

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        I have a graphic designer in my family and she only uses a trackpad exclusively, doesn't even touch a mouse. She says it gives her far better precision and control than a mouse.

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          yeah, I use an external keyboard and Mouse but when jobs are tedious requiring a lot of zooming, scrolling etc, i use my MBP trackpad and mouse in tandem. It's a pain re-arranging (which is why i want a trackpad) but worth it.

      • Same here. Love the trackpad but far out almost $200 is a bit hard to stomach. I guess that's what happens when a company has a monopoly on something smh.

    • With touchpad, the position and gesture of hand is different and has more freedom. I personally have got wrist pain with mouse.

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    Same price everywhere.
    Apple sells it for $179

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      Still $219 at Apple online.

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      That's the silver one. Space grey is as OP said.

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    I'd rather get a Wacom tablet which combines multi-touch touchpad and pressure-sensitive pen input.

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      Whilst wacoms are awesome with pen responsiveness, touch is sluggish and doesn't come close to Magick trackpads
      PS used to play fps on my intuos and was doing really well - can rotate really fast with wrist movement and aim super precisely with finger movement (holding the pen)

    • Most wacom tablets don't have touch anymore. Only the Intuos Pro line I believe. All the rest are pen only.

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    I don't know, this is pretty good to use with MacBook laptop, especially for it is gestures. Very good product.

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      It better be for that price.

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    This is Magic to drain money from your pocket hole man.

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    Got an external display + MBP on the side setup, tempted just so I have access to macOS gestures by the keyboard without stretching all the way to the MBP trackpad heh

    • Pretty much the same setup I run at the moment, external monitor with MBP and was originally using the MX Master 2S. But the "gesture" thing Logitech has is horrible and the MX has odd latency issues with macOS. Glad I made the switch :)

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    New one coming next week as part of the event maybe?

  • I just purchased silver colours of 1x keyboard (+numeric) , 1x mouse, 1x trackpad yesterday from apple with 7% shopback. Lucky that space grey wasn't the color I wanted. Otherwise I would have to refund it.

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    the same ppl who thinks macbooks are overpriced will think this is overpriced and rather use a mouse. The gesture makes this thing super useful, and you can use mouse + keyboard + trackpad at the same time for optimal workflow.

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      vewy intewesting

    • i agree those are probably the same people who don't need mice with programmable triggers like the MX Master Series. I think there are professional fields who will find this very useful and time-saving.

    • Why not just use a mouse and keyboard shortcuts?

      • I do. I also have scripts running on the Logitech Crown but the Trackpad is a different type of efficiency where you don't know until you know.

  • Been a while since I tried an older Apple trackpad with Windows but has the support in Windows 10 improved? Or does it still require various third party apps/freeware/etc for it to work well?

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    yea. the gestures are cool, could use one, but $180?
    get outa here.
    except pinch to zoom everything can be done with keyboard shortcuts

    • and a mouse goes clickity click but there are different options, weights & adjustments for every field. I agree with the price though lol, i'd have one already if they were floating under $150.

    • Can pick up a white used one for around a 100 - done that a few times. Rotate canvas, scroll diagonally, countless swipe gestures.. I use a lot of shortcuts and have some overlapping with trackpad functions - saves moving hand off one to the other when doing stuff you do often - change music track, change spaces etc

      • yeah i've seen some fairly cheap (relative to RRP) white ones but the Petty Roosevelt in me wants to get Space grey to match my MBP and peripherals lol. do you think it's sorta peaked in it's efficiency or could there be more features added in a v3?

        • Hard to say because it's their job to think of new ways to convince you to upgrade.. but yeah there is nothing I can think of that can be better. I also considered grey but saw that I have a patch on the white one where fingers are most. On white it's only visible if you look close or under a specific angle. Maybe it's the same on grey but I was worried it's not so got white

          • @digitizer: ahh good call. yeah i didnt consider that. the one upgrade which i would welcome would be like 4 programmable hotkeys at the top maybe?

            • @Bargains of Oz: Ok you gave me ideas haha - by some magic gesture the trackpad backlights into a number pad with some extra useful buttons like media keys or what not

    • Pinch to zoom is essential.
      I made the mistake of buying the Logitech Mx Master 3 and was surprised I couldn’t set up pinch to zoom! I gave up and returned it to get this.

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    Maybe magic trackpad 3 is coming next week?

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    I use this on a tiny laptop stand with my monitor and Mac Mini. There's no room for a mouse even if I wanted to.

    Mac trackpads have always been in a league of their own. I always use a mouse with a Windows desktop or laptop; their trackpads (even now) just still don't compare.

    For something I use for hours every day, this is a worthwhile investment.

  • As a Windows user, I was VERY interested in these a while back, wanted to use my left hand for more fine controlled scrolling/zooming and mouse in the right hand.
    Anyone had experience using these in windows?

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    Damned expensive.. but if you've mastered the gestures, I don't think there's anything like it in the market!
    I've been using these for close to ten years now.. (2011?)
    Mice are great and all, but these are faster!

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      Once you do 3 fingers drag, there’s no going back to any other trackpad on any other laptops.

      At the end of the day, it’s a tool, and for a professional who spends 8 hours infront of a computer every day, that’s a cheap price to pay.

      • Oh yeah, the 3 finger drag is the best thing about a trackpad on Mac. Shame it is in the accessibility preferences now and most people won’t discover it.

  • Thank you OP.

    Not very happy with my recent Logitech MX Master 3 purchase.
    Will be happy to return to the Apple Trackpad 2 while matching the Logitech MX Master Keys nicely! =D

    • Whats wrong with your MX Master 3? i have the 2 and 2S but was looking to upgrade my MX Master 2.

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        I just don't like the scrolling compared to the Trackpad 2 or Magic Mouse 2.
        And every so often, the MX gestures would stop working. I think I have to turn the mouse off & on again before it works again (I use Mission Control and switching desktops a lot)
        But I have to admit I got the MX mouse because of its ergonomics though!

        • Yeah, I was convinced the MX was the way to go but very disappointed when it stopped working and too difficult to set up any gestures.

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    These work slower than mice for me, but reduced wrist pain and being able to swap between left and right hands easily is a big pro of the trackpad

    • This trackpad has pretty much changed my life. I can do all my computing while sitting on the sofa. Moving your fingers is much more natural than dragging a mouse around. Mice seem prehistoric now.

  • Has anyone used this with Windows ? Any experience?

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      I have. You have to find a specific video or tutorial which tells you how to set it up. Once you’ve followed the instructions and downloaded the special driver, it works perfectly.

  • This shit has a battery?

    • Yeah built-in battery. It’s wireless and rechargeable. One charge lasts me about a month.