Couriers Please Is Probably The Worst Courier Service in Australia, Change My Mind

Fair to say there is no perfect courier service and of course people make mistakes, but damn is CP the worst service in Australia.

Out of the 100 orders I've had with Amazon, 6 of the 6 "undeliverable" items have been because CP cannot bloody find my work address, Australia Post can find it, DHL, StarTrack, no problems, just this mob.

Is it just me, or do other OzBargainers have this issue?

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    Couriers Please is the worst courier service
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    Couriers Please is ok
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    AusPost/Castaway etc are worse than Courier Please

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  • +65

    What about Fastaway? No called something else.

    Setup a poll.

    • +49

      Fastway are the worst, everywhere.

      Couriers please is very dependent on your local. My one is great.

      • +1

        The local Fastway/Aramex franchisee where I previously lived were great for several parcels I had delivered. Only had one parcel in my current location through Aramex but they have been fine here too.

      • They're all dependent on your local area down to how lazy the gimp in the van is - though it does seem if you use a business address they realise they can't pull the "not home" BS and actually stop and take stuff in. Fixed both Fastway and Auspost for me at least, that were both totally awful at our home address

      • CP at my please is awesome. If it comes from Amazon, it always gets delivered by 8am. Unlike AusPost, gets to my area around 12pm to 3pm.

    • +15

      Aramex now?
      Shows how poison the brand was that some meaningless word is preferable to the description of how speedy they are. Truly the worst.

      • +2

        Aramex is an international courier company.

        • Scam of a lifetime that fastway owners sold for $117m!

          • +1

            @mskeggs: they had to their reputation was damaged coz of shit service and sold / rebrand to Aramex

    • +12

      Agreed - Fastway are an absolute joke
      Why on earth would I pay for delivery, when they always make me drive out to their bloody depot to get it??

    • +1

      Have had 4 parcels come via FW in past week. All arrived as expected, on time undamaged etc.

      CP however can not say the same.

    • +3

      Another vote for fastway/aramex

    • +8

      Fastaway(Aramex) are beyond useless. got a 'sorry we missed you' email the other day claiming they apparently tried to deliver my parcel at around 6am when I was up feeding the baby with the dog running around who barks at anyone who goes near the door. considering a video doorbell just so i can more effectively call these idiots out.

    • Not Fastaway.

      Did you mean Cleanaway?

      Or maybe Castaway?

      Either way, it probably ends up in a bin, whisked off at midnight, and via a series of third party depots, ends up in an Ipswich landfill!

    • +1

      Yeah Fastway/Aramex has been consistently shit for me and anyone I know.

      One time they plainly refused to deliver my parcel from the warehouse. I got a refund from the retailer after a month of bs and the parcel turned up two months later. This was metro > metro too. Have lot more stories, these guys are suss af.

    • +3

      100%, fastway are the worst… shipments take longer than snail mail and 50% of the time I have to call them to chase up a delivery because often consignments get stuck at the local depot, many days without a scan.

      Their little courier tracker is pretty cool though, when consignments actually make it to the truck the ETA is fairly accurate (usually 15-30m quicker than the estimate)

      Amazon Flex isn't bad either, once the driver gets his brick and hits the road you can almost guarantee the flex guy will rock up within 2 hours and if they can't find the place they give you a call. I even had one flex driver deliver a parcel all the way to my apartment door… I was on a call when he hit the intercom and I just said could you please drop it inside the foyer on the left, nek minut I get a knock on my door, like wtf, even friends and relatives have trouble finding the apartment

    • Now called Aramex. They get my vote for being terrible.

    • +6

      Again dependent on location, or last mile Auspost guy is fantastic

      • -1

        Aus post gave me compo for lost parcel, it turned up 1 day later.

  • +6

    Haven't you heard about allied express? 😂

    • +9

      Man, I had them deliver a parcel to a similar street name in a different suburb. They had the audacity to tell me they investigated it and it was delivered correctly. Same day I had some 70-odd man knock on my door and tell me he had my package. Felt super bad because it was 70kg of dumbell weights packed into a tiny box that he had hoisted onto his ute to drop off.
      Bought him a slab because he saved me $300~

  • +2

    Fair comment - we have experienced too many issues with CP. I think the bigger problem is that Amazon keeps using them. Sure, money matters, but if Amazon were not so powerful they might be forced to re-think their relationship. I have experienced late deliveries (oh how many times), packages that sit in a location because they can hide behind an expected delivery date (oh how many times), and the last was a classic. I received a notification that the parcel had been delivered. but voila it was not at the doorstep. So, I contacted them; as I remember through some sort of messaging portal on their website; with a notice that they will be back to me in 24 hours (1 business day). Thankfully, the neighbour across the road (yes we all have our addresses clearly marked on our letterboxes) brought the parcel over. Did CP ever get back to me? No. Did I contact Amazon? I would have if the neighbour did not appear on my doorstep. To what end would it be worth contacting Amazon? Probably very little. I would hope, at the very minimum, Amazon would work with CP to iron out these issues, but even Amazon service agents who have a more direct method of communicating with CP, complain about their unprofessional service. I experienced this through a five phone call experience with Amazon. I have no good recommendation for CP. Great post OP.

    • +1

      Everytime I buy something from Amazon, it's always shipped by Australian Post.
      Maybe because mainly I always buy the ones delivered by Amazon.

  • +12

    What about Swift and Shift?

    • LOL!

    • Gotta rewatch that now. Thank you JIMB0 :)

  • AusPost/Castaway etc are worse than Courier Please

    Is Castaway FedEx?

  • +6

    They're the worst. I have never received a package from them. The drivers just mark "delivery attempted" and leave the item at the nearest pickup location, lazy incompetent staff.

    What the actual (profanity).

  • +5

    Change My Mind


    • +1

      I think FedEx has been the best, and Toll have been decent.
      The rest are quite bad or meh.
      Australia Post is pretty horrible.
      Courier's Please is also down there among the bad.

      But Yeah, I think StarTrack and Fastway are the worst. The only good thing you can say about them is that they are consistent in their poor performance.

  • Say what you want about auspost, ive only had 1 lost package in the last 20 years, and 2 damaged in transit.

    With Fastway they never deliver to your address, always to a parcel pickup point.

    Couriers please at least delivers to your address.

  • CP always deliver my Amazon orders late, but Amazon let's me refund when it's pass the expected delivery date.

  • Steven Crowder is really scraping the bottom of the barrels with his change my mind segments.

  • +13

    CouriersPlease is terrible, but Fastway (Aramex) is the worst. I give 1/10 to CP and 0/10 to Fastway.

    Honestly, for years I thought the public company in my country of origin was the worst, but after moving to Australia and experiencing Fastway and CouriersPlease for many years, the post office in my country of origin actually looks good, like a 5 out of a 10. I had no idea couriers could be as bad as CP and Fastway, for so many years and still remain in the market. I guess that's how free competition without control or regulation works, right? I thought Fastway and CP cost like 80% less considering the services they (don't) provide, but someone mentioned the difference is not that significant. CP is an arm of Singapore Post… I wonder if Singapore Post is this bad…

    Australia Post has its problems, but they get a solid 7/10 from me.

    Amazon has been very responsive to my complaints, although I wish they'd stop using CP and Fastway altogether. Instead, they give a full refund when the item is late or disappeared in the tracking system (probably because I pay Prime and buy a lot from Amazon).

  • +3

    My personal experience based on my local contractors.

    Couriers Please, amazing. Once I got a pack delivered from Computer Alliance to my house the same day I ordered it.

    AusPost, local guy is great. Not only does he actually knock, he even waits a bit.

    Fastway, can bugger right off. Had packages coming from Brisbane to Brisbane, 4-5 days. Really?

    • +2

      As sad as it is, but you can count yourself lucky re "Fastway". Our local guy takes 2-3 weeks(!) for a local delivery (SYD to SYD).

  • I thought Amazon used independent drivers, delivering in private cars. That's what they seem to be doing in my location in the outer east of Melbourne, anyway. I will ask the next delivery guy.

  • +11

    to get Amazon to ship using auspost, add “non PO Box” in brackets at the end of your shipping address

    The system will automatically assign auspost to your order every time 👍

    • Hmm, didn't seem to work in my case. Tried this today on a new order for the same item after a failed delivery(added at the end of address line 1), but still got assigned to couriers please again. Assuming choices are fixed for some items..

  • +1

    Hunter Express. Never again.

  • +6

    Whenever i see Fastway/Aramex on the order confirmation, I just groan.

    • After several negative experiences with Fastway, I emailed Amazon asking that they not be used for any of my future purchases. Every order since has been delivered by Australia Post.

  • Yep I agree CP is the worst. Even with this Covid work from home, it'll always say attempted delivery and then I have to go pick it up a busy shopping centre where it's impossible to find parking.

    When I get notified by the retailer that it will be delivered by CP, I don't even bother being ready at the door expecting a delivery anymore.

    The Aramex driver in my area will even work weekends to get things delivered.

    Never had problems with Auspost.

  • You need to pronounce their name properly. Couriers? …. Please!
    Ordered 2 large metal prints of our wedding photo and couriers please couldn't tell me where they were after they picked them up from the manufacturer. Guy arrived on Christmas eve (3 weeks later) with 1 of the prints and no idea where the other was.
    Got an email a few days later saying they now knew where the print they delivered to me was and I should expect to receive it in a few days time. Never got the 2nd one.
    Unfortunately the company I order cat food from uses them and haven't had any issues with them for these deliveries…yet but definately expecting problems.

  • I don't find any of the couriers to be as reliable as Australia post

    • My local Auspost guy is pretty bad. Whenever I get large parcels, they usually just put a "sorry we missed you" card without actually ringing my apartment intercom nor carrying my package. Quite a few times when I receive a message saying "it's coming today", I've even sat near the window and waited for the van. I saw them walking into my lobby carrying nothing large enough to be my parcel and then drove off soon after. I then receive the "no one at home message"…. I've even filed a complaint to Auspost but the same sh*t goes on.

      I find DHL to be the best courier but that's no surprise given their reputation and cost. They even deliver on Sunday nights and a package from overseas would only take a few days.

  • Would agree. Have only had one delivery by them which didnt arrive and had to chase around to find them and eventually had to go to the depot 25km away and pick it up. Customer service was the pits. No one had any idea and confused the issue more than helped.

    Parcel was sent via them by Sendle which itself is pretty crap.

    Would never use or recommend them to anyone

  • There are two delivery methods with Couriers Please:

    1) No attempt to even deliver, card scrunched into letterbox, parcel left at convenience store in sketchy area

    2) Thrown at porch from the other side of the fence

    Yes, they are the worst.

    Honorable mention to Fastway - most parcels they just drop over the front gate onto the path, even if it’s raining.

  • Agree, they delivered my package elsewhere and it took them 2 months to admit it's not coming. That too only because I kept following up, not allowing automatic ticket closure.
    Terrible customer service too - bad systems and clueless responses from staff.

  • +1

    And what about TOLL. On 13 January 2020 I ordered a TV entertainment unit from Kogan for delivery to my holiday house at Nambucca Heads. On 20 January Parcel 1 of 2 (the doors and shelves) arrived. The larger second parcel, which (for whatever illogical reason) had been assigned a separate consignment number by Kogan failed to arrive before I returned home to Sydney in early February 2020. On phoning Kogan to see where the missing parcel was, I was informed that the parcel had been sent. TOLL informed me that the parcel was still in Kogan's warehouse. As it was clear that the missing parcel would not arrive before I returned to Sydney, I asked TOLL to hold the delivery until I next returned to Nambucca Heads. Instead, after I returned to Sydney, I received an email to inform me that there had been an attempted delivery at the Nambucca Heads address, and that because no one was home, the item had been returned to TOLL's Newcastle warehouse. I therefore requested TOLL to deliver the parcel to my Sydney address so that I could take the parcel with me next time I went to Nambucca Heads. Instead, a couple of days later I received an email informing me that the parcel had been delivered to my Nambucca Heads address, despite Kogan's website specifically stating that a signature was required before the ordered items could be accepted by the customer at the delivery address. On phoning my neighbor at Nambucca Heads, he informed me that the large parcel had been left on the front porch which was in clear view of anyone walking past my house, including anyone who might feel compelled to simply walk off with it. Also, the parcel and contents would have been ruined if it had rained after the parcel had been delivered. Fortunately, my neighbor took the parcel to his house and I picked it up when I next went to Nambucca Heads. And you think Couriers Please are incompetent and LAZY.

  • +2

    Just to clarify we are talking domestic parcels.

    With Aramex (previously Fastway) and Courier Please depends on your local franchise owner. It also depends on the franchise owner on the other side too.

    Saying that Aramex was the worst. Out of all the courier Aramex lost the most parcels.

    I rather get delivery from Courier Please then Aramex. Aramex is an immediately missing item claim if you don't get tracking within 48 hours.

    Star Track get an honorable mention for most destroy goods delivered.

    Australia Post will get there sooner or later but your best to forget the expected delivery time.

    Tracking is terrible with them all.

    • With Aramex (previously Fastway) and Courier Please depends on your local franchise owner. It also depends on the franchise owner on the other side too.

      This! It's all very well people arguing which is the worst brand, but it all depends on the reliability of the individual driver/owners…

  • +1

    Aramex is the worst in my area, hands down. I refuse to give anyone money who uses Aramex for shipping. I've tried to deal with them in several formats- including via WhatsApp for some reason. Would not recommend.
    Toll is the second worst, but not by far.

    The only dealing I've had with Couriers Please was one of their drivers trying to run me over while crossing the road. Still not as bad as Aramex.

  • Um Yes!

  • I've had bad experiences with Fastway, everything else is ok. Seriously Fastway - it stays in their warehouse for days that it keeps on saying "item will be onboard for next mail delivery". Fastway are the worst of the worst.

    Just looked up Fastway - apparently they have changed their name to Aramex. Probably had so much negative feedback on their name they decided to change business name.

  • I once had an express delivery or priority with couriers please, and 4 days later it was still at their warehouse. I called up and said where is my order I payed for priority, she said yeah come pick it up if you want the driver in your area has been sick. I'm like excuse me this is unacceptable, Deliver my order.

    I wrote to the company I purchased it off, and they must of called or did something cause 2 hours later it was at my door. I also noticed the next time I went to purchase of this company they where using a different courier service, must of been a few complaints about them. Still till this day, I refuse to order from a website where CP are used as there courier

  • They are the worst. Always fail to deliver when Im in the house and always sending it to a post office that is suburbs away

  • Yes they are and Gerry uses them

  • +1

    Nah, nothing beats Fastway when it comes to worst.

  • Agreed!!! they have lazy delivery drivers, upgrade your maps software, or use google maps!! worst ever… Had the same issue with them unable to find the address!!! Called Customer care. someone in the Philippines answered…was no help!! left 1-star reviews!! never again!!!

  • Fastway is the worst.

  • +3

    I guess reviews speak themselves 1.6 rating

    and fastway takes the cake with 1.2 rating

  • Couriers please just deliver my package

  • +1

    Aramex gets my vote for being the worst

  • Couriers please sucks ass for always leaving my packages literally on the side of the road 30 metres away from the house no matter how many time I asked them not to

  • CP, Fastway and Toll are so shit.

  • Just for curiosity, where do you live? I've got my Amazon order delivered by Fastway sometimes, but never by Courier Please

  • My local courierplease driver has been amazing, even gives me a call when I'm not home, just to make sure. Having said that, some of their deliveries can be a bit slow especially from nsw (i.e. stuck at deport).

    Auspost on the other hand has been a mixed bag with a few lost packages especially in the last few months. Might be due understaffing or new unexperienced contractors during lockdowns, I don't know.

  • Couriers Please ruined Christmas for my (now ex) wife in 2017. Something I ordered for overnight delivery at the start of December was eventually delivered on Dec 29.

    I was furious, the sender was furious and there wasn't even an apology.

    • And the marriage was over…

  • +4

    Fastway now Aramex are total garbage , just because they renamed the brand doesn't mean the service has changed.

    (profanity) fastway..absolute (profanity)

  • +1

    As many have testified, Aramex / Fastway are a disgusting blob of waste and should be extinguished from the planet. What horror it must be the be forced to work for them.

    Anyway I'm sure your courier is also terrible.

  • +2

    Another vote for Fastway/Aramex - never in my life have I come across such a woefully inept organisation!

  • Couriers please and fastway are both horrible. I have an amazon delivery by fastway that has been "Out to Deliver" 4 days in a row. Who knows when/if it will ever get here.

  • Couriers please is the worst. They left the card all the time, without ring your doorbell or call you. After that, leave your parcel miles away from your delivery location. Also, they are customer service is terrible as well. Last time, I leave my parcel at a 7-11 locker without leaving the card, so I call them for the locker num and pin, they said you go to that 7-11 the cashier will let you know. In fact, the cashier said you need to contact your delivery company, so I spent another 20mins to get that information which they can provide in my first call.

  • Yes my recent $200 purchase was ‘delivered’ to my neighbour across the road by Couriers Please. Luckily my neighbour dropped it off. How can you trust a delivery person who can’t even read street numbers?

  • Sendle left me there waiting for a pick up for 10 days giving me everything from "nobody was home and no answer on phone" to "item picked up" when it wasn't.

    Called support only to find it's a recorded message and canned email replies.

    Will never use them again.

    This industry needs a disruptor like uber.

  • +1

    Just had a bad experience with Couriers Please - they claimed they attempted delivery and left a card, but I was home and there was no delivery attempt and no card. Now the sender tells me it's been delivered to a newsagency 4km away and I have to go and pick it up myself…

  • I've had numerous issues with Toll yet strangely, no issue with couriers please or fastway.

    It also seems that Toll has damaged Australia's business reputation

  • Couriers please is great at delivering your item to the wrong address. Happened to me twice; one was next door, the other was at the same number in the next street.

  • would never try and change your mind. Couriers Please is the ONLY courier service where I have requested the shipper to use someone else even if it costs me more. I have never had a first time successful delivery from them even when home. then it ends up in a newsagency a few suburbs away (if you are lucky and it is not in the bottom of their van for a few days)

  • Been fine for me

    E-GO is the worst IMO want your item bent, damaged, lost, delivered really late, go E-go (actually Toll)

  • There's a reason why you pay more for quality (service). DHL is among the best for a reason.

  • I bought a new guitar from a company that uses these dopes at AC it was supposed to be delivered four days ago. I advised the guitar store who uses ACourier Please and they said AC would deliver it today but no show so far so I checked their website (you can't ring them) and they have it listed for delivery NEXT BLOODY TUESDAY. I'm pissed off I really am. I'll never buy anything online ever again, I'll be happy to purchase all my musical instruments from a store and pay more for them.

    • I bought a baby safety gate x 3 - and Courier Please apparently have misplaced / lost the gates and now refunding the seller. How in the world can you misplace a 1m x 1m package which is around 4 - 5 kg ?

      In saying that i dont think i have any successful package coming from Courier Please ….

  • I booked a pick up from Sendle via ebay. The item was picked up by the courier however was never scanned as picked up, no tracking information at all showing either. I contacted Sendle and after an apparent investigation the item can not be found. Due to there being no pick up scan or any tracking after it was taken by the courier they have informed me I am not able to make a claim for a missing item. Now I will have to refund the buyer on Ebay. This must be a joke surely as even the pickup courier acknowledges he picked it up when I spoke to him on a different pickup day (he also told me it is couriers please I have to contact and not Sendle) *Couriers Please have not replied to my emails. Does anyone have a contact number for Couriers Please/ or Sendle? Thanks for any help

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