This was posted 7 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Kogan First] Kogan SmarterHome 1.7l Smart Glass Kettle $39.99 (was $80) Delivered @ Kogan


Kogan SmarterHome 1.7l Smart Glass Kettle $39.99 + Free Shipping with Kogan First, seems to be a good deal for a Smart Kettle, just ordered one

Note: Non Kogan First price is still $79.99

Usual price is $79.99 for Kogan First Members

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  • Dang was about to post this just ordered one after the first one starting acting up ( think there was a leak not sure)

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    This deal is boiling hot!!!

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      Put a lid on it!

  • Got one, expected dispatch date May 4…

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      May the 4th be with you

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    Was $159.99 You Save $120 (75%)

    Didn't Kogan get in trouble for this kind of nonsense RRP. I have this Kettle, it's flimsy AF. Standard kettle worth about $15 tops with a $5 Wi-Fi unit inside. I still like the kettle mainly because I can set different temperatures, (I got it for $29.99) but their claim of $159.99 is just ridiculous.

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    Bought one of these for $29.99 six months ago. Works a treat and a couple other family members wanted one. Even for $10 more, the stay warm function and remote boil (from bed on a cold morning or night) are ball-tearers.

    Mother's Day sorted - thanks OP!

  • What is the level of plastic used in this kettle?

  • I got one of these about a year ago for a similar price, the plastic mesh between the kettle and the spout has basically disappeared. A bit disappointed but for the price it's ok, should have been a metal mesh.

    • That is interesting … they may have changed the material as ours has metal mesh. Also purchased at discount. I would not pay full price for this. Overall a good kettle if you can get it on discount. Lid catch on mine sticks a bit but I find if I pull back a bit when I push it down it is fine.

      • Mine arrived today, can confirm the mesh is plastic. Will this be a health hazard?

        • I'm not dead yet

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    This is a rubbish kettle, mine had issues from the get go, such as lid could not be opened properly (button got stuck) and then within a few months of use the kettle started to leak water. Eventually I threw it out and got your regular kettle from Big W which works much better.

  • Got one last time, shit kettle, leaks, the keep warm function in the app always resets. Takes forever to warm up. Target one I had before was ton better and boiled in half the time.

    • This model or it's predecessor?

      Have had no such issues with mine after daily usage for six months, so curious if we've got the same model and/or one of us has got a better/worse batch than the other..

  • I have bought it last year. There is one point i wanted to highlight.

    For kettles I prefer glass or steel ones, though this kettle says its a glass one. The nose of the kettle is made of plastic. Not sure how good the quality of this plastic material be on a regular usage with 100 degree of hot water pouring through it make me think whether to use it or get a better one instead.

  • Used it for a year now with no problems. For the price now it is an excellent value. Works well with google assistant.

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      Same here.
      Note that the temperature can be set only on the kettle handle, not through the app, which has only on/off function (at least mine).

      • Hmm interesting as my one does have the keep warm function where i can set my temp from the app itself.

        • Maybe I need to check for an app update…

  • Has been shipped, will update once received.

  • Had this kettle for about 2 years now. Only issues we have is the lid got sticky so bit hard to open and now we noticed it's started to leak so need a new one. Trying to figure if to get this again.

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