Can you recommend a graphics card?

Hey All,

My son has dual 27" g-sync monitors (display port) and a x-pen graphics monitor (hdmi).
He plays games like overwatch as well.
Can anyone recommend an affordable graphics card that supports 2 display port and 1 hdmi? and is fairly decent for gaming?


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    what resolution and refresh rate? really depends on what games he plays as well besides overwatch
    also i feel for you, buying a graphics card nowadays is rough on the wallet

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    I recommend him getting another hobby for a little while.

    I got a 1660 Super last year for $400 and now the same card is selling for $650. That is extortion !!!

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      lol you play games? thought you were 300 years old

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        lol you play games?

        Minesweeper, at professional level.

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 would watch.

    • People are trying to sell them for $650, doesnt mean people are actually buying them.

      • So you are implying there are no 1660 Supers being sold at all at the moment?

        • not at that price point they arent

  • I had a feeling the cards are more exy atm - perhaps because our dollar is weaker?

    thx for your replies - I have been an ozbargainer for many years now and it is much appreciated.

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      There is a GPU and CPU chip shortage. What GPU is he using now?

      • He has a 2080ti but his friends are making fun of him cos he’s still on “2000” series they say. He would like a 3080 minimum or 3090 preferably. 😂

        • RTX 2080Ti is more than enough for Overwatch. Tell his friends to donate $3500 🤣

        • 2080ti is still a beast, tell him to get better friends first.

          I've got a 3080 but I got lucky and got it at RRP in the first week after selling my year old 2070 Super for way too much money. If I had a 2080ti I probably wouldn't have bothered upgrading.

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    Yep, any card now is a bad recommendation- and this will go on for at least another year.

    • and this will go on for at least another year.

      I doubt it. It should start sorting itself out in a few months.

  • gt 610

  • Probably this if you have the budget for it

    I’d wager you’ll get it within 2 months. Supply for the 3070 has been the most solid of the bunch.

    • Might be too overkill for 1080p over watch

      • I didn't see 1080p anywhere in OP?

        Overwatch isn't a particularly demanding game but given the current prices of old GPUs, this is probably ironically the best bang for your buck now.

        I mean 1660ti is going for 650 on eBay now…. That used to be 300-400..

    • I know they're one of the most popular, but is eVGA considered one of the better 3rd party manufacturers of GPUs?

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        They're considered among the best, if not the best based on my take on the GPU brands. Many say their warranty and support services beats other brands (I wouldn't know, never used their after sales service) but like any company I'm sure they have detractors too.

        This, plus with least-scalper pricing makes them popular choices too.

        • Thanks mate.

          I will do my own research, but if you happen to know the answer to this question it would be appreciated… is the FTW3 > XC3 from an overclocking and/or cooling standpoint or is it just RGB bling?

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            @Master Bates: ftw3 is supposed to be > xc3 from a cooling standpoint. It's chonkier (thicker) and is supposed to have better cooling. I don't have the same card in both config so I dont have any first hand data but I'm sure someone out there has done the benchmark.

            I don't believe there is significant real world difference though, as my xc3 ultra 3070 performs well thermally never exceeding <70c even with modest overclocks.

            Based on PLE buying guide, I also believe the xc3 are the more popular model.

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        eVGA are a great brand.

    • I would say the supply for the 3090 has easily been the most solid by far. Most people are not willing to spend that much on a card hence why they are always in stock.

      • oh yeah of course, i completely ignore the 3090. its dead to me. lol.

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    No GPU is affordable now - unless you can take a further mortgage out on your home.

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    Whatever you can find!

  • you might get a 6800 for $1100, more of a gaming card than mining

  • thanks everyone, sounds like I need to wait at least a few months