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365-Day 60GB Prepaid Mobile Plan $89 (Save $31) @ Catch Connect


Unidays 10% off voucher does not seem to be working.

60GB $89 first 365 days, ongoing recharges $120 / 365 days
UNLIMITED standard national talk and text

$89 for first 365 days: New services only. Limit one per customer. All data allowance is applied upfront after $89 payment and activation. Offer ends 5/05/21. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Ongoing recharges revert to standard price of $120 or as otherwise advertised. Activate SIM within 30 days of purchase.

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  • Yup, code didn't work for me as well. Got it anyways

  • I used unidays code on www.catch.com.au plus discounted gift cards from suncorp rewards last time this was advertised

    • FYI for anyone wondering… it’s 6% off Catch eGift Cards via Suncorp Rewards. I did this recently. Bit fiddly but worked fine.

  • +3 votes

    Activate SIM within 30 days of purchase.

    Is this condition enforced? Not ready to SIM slut for another 3 months…

  • Can you pay with Catch Gift Card?

  • Does it support number porting please?

    • Odd question.

    • Yes, I ported my Optus number to Catch successfully.

    • +2 votes

      I had a nightmare when porting to Catch Connect -they disconnected the old service, and it took a further 2+ weeks to finally get the Catch service activated. The customer service was awful.

      • We didn't see that at all, had no issues

      • Their website advises 2 days for porting in. It already took 3 days and my old number still not disconnected. I contacted them in the morning of the 4 day and the guy online said he will pass it on to the service team. Now I am on the 5th day and still waiting.

        We had 2 numbers ported in to Boost and they were done within a few minutes.

    • Yes, they support it. But be very careful with their porting service because they allow using mismatched information during porting. I almost lost my number with them during my previous nightmare experience. During porting process with Catch, you will need to fill in your personal information to bring your number from your current provider to them. It seems normal and porting is quick and easy. However, no matter how correct the information you gave Catch during your porting process, this personal information is not what they use to register your birthday and your name with your phone number. They use your correct personal information to port but not use it for registration. Instead, they will lock your phone number with the catch website's personal information. So if you use a fake name or fake birthday on their catch website for shopping, then your mobile number will lock with a fake name and fake birthday. You will find it very difficult to port out in the future because none of this fake information will match your identity check. And they will not be able to correct your information for you. At last, I did found a way to get my number back and change back my correct personal information with the help of another provider, but that will be a different story.

  • What network do they use?

  • How long does it take them to send the sim cards? Coz my Boost expiring on 1st May.

    • It took just under 2 weeks for me & I live in metro Sydney. I ordered on 27 March & it arrived late last week.

  • My Amaysim (2Gb/28days for $10) plan costs me ~$130 per 365 days. Switching to this could save me up to $41. But there is the risk of somehow accidentally running through this data early, as well as the trouble of switch to/from plans…

    • Since this is pre-paid at least you won't be charged $10/1GB data right? I got stung by Optus twice before as my kids went over the data by 4GB each time.

    • Unlike amaysim, this doesn't have international calls?

    • Well if you run out 3 months early, you're still ahead. You do realise that you will be getting over twice as much data as you are with Amaysim and effectively getting an extra month of use over the year as Amaysim recharge is only every 4 weeks. That is 13 recharges a year. If I were you I would go for it. It's a great deal for people with limited data needs.

    • Catch also has a 120gb 12mth plan for $120. Will be $10 less than your Amaysim deal with a lot more data.
      Ozb would not let me post a link…

    • Set quotas on your (Android) phone.

  • ~$83 with Suncorp Rewards gift cards purchased through catch website(plus cashback from CR/SB). Makes a decent buy for the missus who uses little data.

  • Thanks OP. I was going to sign up to the Dodo $5 monthly plan just to keep a number active. This is slightly more expensive but the 60GB data will come handy.

  • No free overseas call ?

  • Does anyone know if there's a way to do this without having to wait two weeks for a SIM card? My Boost expires tomorrow so not sure what to do.

    • Don’t think so. The Catch sim comes pre-loaded with the plan. It’s not like Boost or Kogan, where you can just use any $2 sim and then recharge the plan onto the account.

    • Check out the Coles and Woolies catalogues. They usually have some provider with a cheap $10 month long sim. Buy one of those to tide you over and buy one of these. You can wait a week or so before ordering and then port over when the 1 month plan finishes.

  • I am currently using this and am getting quite frustrated with the poor reception and speeds generally. I have used Virgin Mobile (Voda), Kogan (Voda) Boost (Telstra), but this is by far the worst… On a weekly basis, there are many times where I keep getting connection issues — 4G just suddenly stops working for like an hour for no reason?

    • Virgin Mobile was on the Optus network. I miss them, their website was very well done and not painfully slow like the Optus one. Customer service was always excellent too.

    • Yeah same it's quite a nuisance. First I thought it was just Optus but Amaysim (which is also Optus) seems to get better reception and speeds.
      No idea why.

      • Same, I have had bad reception and speed on Catch but switching over to Optus Prepaid it instantly gets better. For example I get 10-15Mbps indoor at home when on Catch but 25-50Mbps on Optus. Same mobile, just swap out the SIM.

  • Only 60 GB data? It was 120 GB before, same price!

  • is there coverage in Mordor, OP?

    judging from the user name you should know

    • "One does not simply get mobile coverage in Mordor. Its black gates are guarded by more than just orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep, and the Great Eye is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust, the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly." Or so I've heard from Boromir

      • Dear Aragorn,

        Will putting on the ring hide you from the authorities, like a VPN service?

        -curious hobbit (medium build)

  • How long do you have to activate/start? current one end 14/1/22

  • Bummer, would have gone with this but my Unidays code won't work either (says "coupon usage limit has been reached" despite it being a code I literally generated a minute ago). Need to find another cheap provider to move to once my Belong credit runs out next month…

    • Belong credit runs out next month

      Just remember, once you leave Belong you can never go back on the $10 p/m plan. The lowest plan is now $15 p/m.

      • That's fine, the lack of voicemail was infuriating me anyway. Managed to stretch out the free $80 sim that came with my internet plan for over a year after getting a couple of referral codes activated!

  • This is pretty tempting, but I still have one of their 365-day 120GB SIM cards that I haven't used yet.

    FYI - Catch Connect do not have International Roaming. So while nobody is travelling at the moment, 365 days is a long time to commit to not travelling outside of Australia.

    • Its a good point, I wouldn't use this for my main service for that reason (need to be able to get SMS for 2FA while overseas even if I am using an overseas prepaid SIM or, more commonly now, an optus prepaid roaming plan).

  • Not as good as the $30 version/error

    But still ok

  • +2 votes

    The chat guy said the 30 day activation window cannot be extended. This bothers me, as some here say it is ignored, but I don't want to have SIM card that can't be activated.

    • Really? I’ve been told 2 years when I enquired, unless the plan changes. I actually bought a sim few months ago during a previous latitude pay offer, which I plan to activate later in the year.

    • It seems you need to activate it in within 30 days for "special offers". But it remains active for 2 years.

      This is confusing - that you'll only get the 'offer' price if you activate within 30 days - considering you pay upfront.

      However, I activated one of the old $14.90/$99.90 (3 month plans) months after I purchased. Worked fine and not charged any extra.

  • I used a family member's UNiDAYS account to generate a code.
    The code was accepted without the "coupon usage limit has been reached" error. However, the discount is now 0%. 🤦🏻

    Anyone else experience the same issue as above?

    • +1 vote

      Unidays 10% off voucher does not seem to be working.

      Not sure the deal deserves a neg when the first line clearly suggests the voucher doesn't work.

  • thought of getting 2nd phone number from Kogan for privates..can i purchase this on 3rd of May and activate once Kogan expired in about 1-2 weeks and port over.

  • Had trouble getting Cashrewards to register. Clicked the activate button three times, but wasn't sure if it worked.
    It tracked, so I guess its ok.

  • Would this be good to put into a 4g mobile router for hotspot inside my car?

  • does anyone know if paying with credit card attracts any surcharge?

  • Hot tip: can combine (kind of) with current latitude pay offer. The latitude pay will not discount the cost of the sim, but it will discount other items in the same cart.
    I just got the sim for $89, and paid $4.10 for something that is supposed to cost $29.10 :)

  • cashrewards/shopback won't work as "catch connect products are ineligible for cashback" why ?

  • How can I porting my number from Optus to Catch mobile if my current Optus number already run out of credit,cannot reply to the porting SMS?

  • Doesn't seem like it's available anymore, I see $120

    • Correct.
      That is some crazy pricing from Catch Connect.
      The 120GB plan with 365-day expiry also costs $120. Gee, I wonder which mobile plan I should buy for $120?!?