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Rigo Maserati Kids Ride On Car - Black $167.42 Delivered @ Warehouse Deal


Truly the marque of a supercar is this Maserati Inspired Kids Ride on Car. FREE DELIVERY!

Suitable for kids three years and above, the Maserati Inspired Kids Ride On Car is surely one of the best gifts ever for your child.

Control mode: Manual or remote
Motor: Motor:50W (2 x 25W)
Speed: 3-8kmh, depending on weight
Speed mode: High / Low
Loading capacity: 30kg
Speed range: 3- 5km/h
Built-in music: Yes
Built-in lights: Yes
Power indicator: Included
Seat belt: Yes
Maximum user height: 120cm
Overall dimension: 92 x 49 x 43cm

Cheaper than most of the websites, free delivery! Happy to help if any query.

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Warehouse Deal
Warehouse Deal

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  • +7 votes

    Not a deal. Always around this price and frequently cheaper.


      Yep. Just another “associate” or employee shill


        Spot on…. Another Drop shipping, side hustle sharks!!!!

    • +1 vote

      Just like the real car too…one of the cars that depreciate the most

  • +6 votes

    I wouldn’t recommend a 6v battery one, go for a 12v instead

    • -7 votes

      We have some 12v cars but that not on the deal.

    • +1 vote

      The 12v version I grabbed from hard rubbish was just 2 X 6v SLA's in series. Ditched them and just attach to my 14.4v drill battery for powaaaaa!

    • -1 vote

      I would recommend a 6v battery one.

      • -1 vote

        Stop trolling and ride your $200 Herman Miller chair instead, it goes faster 👍

  • +2 votes

    What's the deal here? FB market place have similar rates, where dealers post Ad's.
    I guess this is more of an advertisement than a deal.


      So post the cheaper link …

  • +2 votes
  • +1 vote

    "Inspired" by Maserati

  • +1 vote

    Cheaper than most of the websites. Lol.

  • +6 votes

    Another youngtrepraneur spamming their dropshipping business. You're not hustling, you're a sales guy earning commission for an Alibaba seller.


      Exactly that's my point, most drop shippers using OZB as their marketing platform….this should be stopped!!!!


        Maybe we should inform them that the earnings they talk about in the Courier Mail articles is total sales and that these people are only skimming a tiny fraction of profit off the top of that number.

  • +1 vote

    Can you imagine how pretentious your kid and you would look if you took this to the park!? Each to his own i suppose.


      i get so many waves and toots and people loving it.

  • +3 votes

    Different plastic top, same motors and experience $159 pickup available in Sydney
    Free delivery to limited postcodes


      $149… (I got a popup window for new signups. Clear browser cookies/cache, go incognito, reset modem, etc to see it.)


    Cringe magnet

  • +1 vote

    I have bought similar ride on cars. What ive learnt is:
    a) they all come with specs that are not necessarily correct.
    b) the 6v ones are actually sometimes 12v ones just mislabelled.
    c) the SLA battries die quickly with a shallow depth of discharge so unless you drive it a bit only then you're in for a quick battery death. I drove my kids one 3km a few times and the battery turned into a potato battery. then i replaced with a lithium battery and now all is good.
    d) the plastic wheels on some WILL scratch wooden floors indoors, even the fake hardy ones.
    e) Speed … it will vary a lot. Dont believe 8km/hr
    f) doors can call off after some use since the screws dont have threadlock on the nuts they attach to and they rattle off. Matter of reassmbling with threadlock or super glue on the door bolts

    And they all say suitable 3yrs+
    All the toys in the world say suitable 3yrs+

    My kids have been using them since they were 1yo. (well, them in the car, me controlling with remote)


      How did you convert to lithium? Did you have to change our the charging circuit as well? Could you pls point me to where can I buy this kit. My kids car is 24V (2 x 12V)

      Edit: sorry just saw your comment below. Thanks.

      • +1 vote

        I literally bought the itechworld ones that fitted the clip type. Then i charged one at a time till each was charged. Then I put both into the car and done.

        Thankful my kids ride on car came with a charger that lights up green when charged. Alternatively you can use a power meter to see when the charging rate slows as an indication that it's almost or done charging


    I was given a pink girls Mercedes clone like this. Its wheels look unused but the remote and charger are lost and battery is dead as they always are. I was looking at it the other day and I'm pretty sure it has 2x 25W motors like this one but the battery was 12V (12V, 7A SLA). I haven't tossed it because I keep thinking there must be something useful I can turn it into. Any ideas, lol?

    One thought I had was a fishing/beach cart made of PVC pipe (check on youtube) to carry 3-4 rods, 2-3 tackle boxes, an esky with ice and drinks, 1-2 fold up chairs, and attach a sun awning made of lightweight fibreglass rods and nylon fabric… Being able to sit on the esky like a seat while moving (or parked) would be good too. But the motors might be/are probably incapable of moving an adult. Anyway I'm not sure the wheels would work well on a beach, whether carrying an adult or not. Obviously close to the water they would work fine, but crossing the dry sand first to get there, then back into the dry again upon reaching the fishing spot is the problem, plus the weight of the gear, but I saw it was 30kg capacity same as this one.

    I was looking at a 12.8V, 8A lithium battery in Jaycar yesterday for $150 I think it was.

    Also have an identical pair of Razor scooters. The type with motors driving a chain, not a toothed rubber belt.

    Has anyone made anything useful?

    Anything that could carry an adult, drive an adult bike along, something else entirely?


      I got an itechworld world lithium in my kids two seater ride on car. It has bigger wheels.

      I easily get 3km out if 2x 7ah lithium batteries. I think I could get 6km but the kids get bored after an hour of driving around. Thats carrying about 25kg of children with 4x 45w motors.

      I suppose it's a good platform for a Rover. Just add DIY cameras and SLAM and you have a cheap base to start a little rover.

      On AliExpress you can buy air filled tyres for it



        Have you found any problems with the motors when powering 4x at the same time? Like if one motor had more torque, trying to turn faster than the others?

        I've wanted an electric bike for years but being $1000 and up, the where to get replacement parts or a battery of a specific shape, etc I can't justify it. The kits aren't much better. So I've often thought how I could use multiple smaller motors like out of cordless drills, these cars and scooters people throw away, etc. But I sense there might be some unforeseen problem with a few motors driving the same chain/pulley/wheel.

        Actually thinking about it, these cars already have one motor on each side. They must have some way to 'balance' the rotations of both (like when doing a tight turn, so the inner wheel doesn't want to spin and wear out faster). Or maybe only one motor turns on for slow, the other for high, while the motor that's off free-wheels!?


          Sometimes, I get one wheel up in the air. It still spins and the car doesnt get stuck. It just drives on over. I think the "brains" in the car only has 2 motors output and they just split the wires for front 2 and back 2. So the "brains" may have some "brains" for balancing the power output between the front and rear motors - but in reality, these $13 controllers probably have the minimum contents.

          So, … I'm confident there are no smarts. When turning, the inner wheels move slower and the outer faster so either the inner motor is slowed down by physics and the outer one has less resistance by the ground and spins faster - OR - the crappy plastic wheels just scrape the ground and skip. Plus, the turning circle on these cars is quite wide in proportion to the size of the car.

          There are actually 5 motors. 4 for each corner and 1 for the steering wheel. The steering wheel is a lower power motor who just physically cant move any more when at a full turn. I doubt there's a position sensor to the "brains" to help it adjust the rotation speed of motors individually.

          HOWEVER .. by all means buy a car and make a raspberri pi controller with more smarts :)

          You can buy the motors on amazon or aliexpress or ebay separately if you want.


          Your electric bicycle idea with many discarded motors would be tricky. They all have different RPMS, torque curves, voltages and size of gear. And if one motor isnt as quick as the others then it is literally just slowing them all down!

          If you had a metal 3D printer then you could technically make a frankenstein gear assembly that would have specific positions for each of your different motors so that they can all contribute equally to your spinning bicycle tire.

          It would be quite a sight to see! with complexity increasing exponentially with each different motor you add into the mix.

          Maybe you could use a CVT like cone layout where slower spinning but high torque motors would naturally move into a suitable position and if each motor had a sensor for voltage it could tell you if the motor was spinning or was being spun and then you could remove that motor.


            @FoxJump: Sorry been offline for a while. Yeah that's what I was thinking, about torque and RPM etc. But I've been watching youtube videos and there's one guy who does all sorts of things I wouldn't try for those reasons. e.g I just watched one video where he welds two bicycle rims together side-by-side then finds (where!?) and respokes a larger hub in the centre. He welded two rim for the front of an e-scooter, and two more for the back. I thought, why bother!? I can't see any advantage to it, and surely he's only going to wear out four tyres instead of two!

            Anyway, some of his builds are very similar and he uses multiple motors. He made one e-bike that had something like 700W at the rear and 250W at the front. He runs them at the same time and says it works fine which I'm surprised about.

            He also has a few different e-bikes made from old hoverboards. One e-bike has the left hoverboard wheel as the front bike wheel, and the right hoverboard wheel as the rear bike wheel. Another was a trike format with the hoverboard wheels still orientated side by side like they were originally, but obviously separated from each other and spread further apart.

            I'm guessing hoverboard motors have same way to sync to each other meaning you can place them east-west or north-south?

            In my case I have two identical Razor scooter motors that drive a cogged wheel via a chain. When I saw that youtube guy splitting and fitting hoverboard wheels to bikes, I thought maybe it's possible to make a bike using the two Razor scooter motors. Electrically I mean… hoverboards must have some way to sync their wheels, so it should be possible to do the same with lots of other motors? (I assume one scooter motor wouldn't be powerful enough to push one adult, which is why I'm looking at using two.)

  • +3 votes

    CAUTION! Their contact Address in the website points to a resort - 38 Enderley Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217