[VIC] $40 Rebate on Eligible Composting Products @ Yarra Ranges Council


Yarra Ranges Council are offering a $40 rebate, one per household, for residents to purchase a compost bin or related composting items in an effort to reduce landfill of food scraps and so on. To claim, fill out the form here, upload your purchase receipt and prove your address with some form of ID or scan of a utility bill. Simple!

Eligible items include:
✅ Compost bin
✅ 'Compost Mate' turning tool
✅ Compost/Worm Farm blanket
✅ Worm Farm
✅ Composting Worms
✅ Bokashi Bin

There was a question on the council Facebook page relating to this rebate regarding a pet poo composter like this one being valid or not. The answer was yes, so practically anything that is compost related should be valid, but you may want to ask on the Facebook post comments. Maybe you're already setup and already doing it, but need some hessian bags, or some compost additive to help the decomposition process, etc.

I purchased this Maze 14L Bokachi Indoor Bin

Here's a link to Bunnings composting products page to get you started: Composting

Have fun!

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    • +9 votes

      You make a valid point, but there's also no denying that you're a miserable sod and the vast majority of comments you make lean heavily towards the negative.

      edit: at the end of the day, the council sets aside funds for these programs. Not a great many people take them up on these things, but I reckon it's worthwhile if you're getting to turn food into nutrients for your garden and you're saving food waste from landfill - and subsequently - the gases produced from the atmosphere. This could be just the thing to start people on a composting journey, it has certainly renewed my interest in it.

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          I'm a lurker here largely so it might be mistaken identity, but if it's not you, there's one bloke whose name regularly appears in comments and has little good to say about anything. Apologies if that's not you

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        you're saving food waste from landfill - and subsequently - the gases produced from the atmosphere.

        The gases still go into the atmosphere, whether you throw them out in your green waste, or compost at home.

        • you're oversimplifying

          composting and allowing the natural decomposition and resulting interaction from worms, micro organisms, bacteria etc before "burying it in the ground" - as hex7272 comments below - reduces methane gas production and is an all around smarter thing to do than send it to landfill

  • just bury them striaght into the ground.

    non of this fancy tech. the plastic on the compost also degrades if its a crappy 1. wouldnt want the plastic to be falling apart and mixing in with the soil

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      just bury them striaght into the ground.

      It's worked for millions of years thus far… Can't see a reason to change it.