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[Kogan First] 1.75 kW Vertical Window Air Conditioner $339 (Was $499) + Delivery @ Kogan


The only vertical window A/C that I can find that doesn't need the fly screen removed. Only suits vertical sliding windows.
Compressor intake and exhaust is located in the rear (window facing portion) which eliminates negative air pressure caused by portable A/C units.

Space-saving air conditioner with 1.75kW of power
Perfect for small to medium spaces up to 20sqm
3 Modes: Cool, Dry and Fan
Adjustable fan speeds with 76 – 120° auto-swing
Set a timer up to 24 hours
Sleep mode and auto restart functions
Self-evaporative system – water generated inside is reused
Continuous drainage via water hose
Remote control with LED display
Easy installation

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  • Looks like a useful product, especially for the price. I have a room that could benefit from this. Cooling only, but the drying function would be a nice thing esp in a Sydney Winter.
    The installation and removal of water seems a bit tricky, looking at the manual.
    My main concern is that it is Kogen.

    • Just read up from quite a few reviews and on Whirlpool, apparently you can not have the drain hose in and it will alert you when it needs to be drained, but likely better if you can have the little hose out the window.

      As far as it being Kogan goes, the reviews I’ve seen are mixed. Some are saying it’s brilliant for a little room and others saying there’s died after a short amount of time. Obviously this would be covered by warranty but still a hassle.

      Highly considering this as my Dimplex box air conditioner has carked it

      • Why not just replace the box AC, it's simple enough and they are all in one units. 500 should get you a more powerful and reliable unit than this. It would probably be reverse cycle too

        • It’s actually still under warranty as I only installed it in January. It’s just a cooling unit which is fine as winter doesn’t bother me but main reason for wanting to change to one like this is so I can move back into the bigger bedroom. Had to move into a smaller room in my unit where the vertical window faces the back courtyard which is more secure than the front area since all that’s above the AC itself is a wooden panel that’s likely not very secure if someone were to walk past and see it.

    • Good point about both water draining and Kogan lol…. from looking at that manual it seems the water might be able to be drained externally… wonder if you could just attach a hose to the outdoor hole and let gravity do its thing

    • I've got this one. Used a few times this summer on hot nights.
      Honestly, no complaints for the price. And I paid more than $339.

      • What is the noise level? compare it with portable air con? I have a portable air con and it is quite noisy.

        • I don't have a portable to compare with. Certainly noisier than split system, but not too bad. I've slept with it on no problem.

  • Whirpool member who bought the same product posted these pictures:

  • Looks like a much newer version of a TECO one I own. If you're renting I'd suggest putting some folded paper between the window frame and screws to prevent scratches.

  • Would have got one if it was reverse cycle

  • 65db, seems loud.