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[Kogan First] Kogan SmarterHome Smart LED Downlight (RGB+Cool & Warm White) 1/2/4 Pack $17.99/ $32.99/ $61.99 Delivered @ Kogan


Kogan First exclusive pricing, cheapest is 4 pack kit @ $15.50 per downlight. I think it's pretty cheap for Smart Lighting.

Kogan First also on special this week, $5.99 instead of $11.99 per month until 18 April, so instead of paying for postage, paying for Kogan First pretty much paid itself in 1 delivery.

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  • Does the app support choosing a colour temperature by number, or are you limited to using a slider?

  • Can you sync a few of them together? For example I have six down lights in the living room that I want to be the same colour.

  • Presumably, like other Tuya lamps, these are only 10W in white mode, and extremely dim in RGB mode.
    If you want colour lighting, you'll need to pay a lot more.

    But if you really want cheap, Kogan's E27 bulbs, same brightness, are only $26 for 4.

    However I'm not keen on lights that can only be dimmed using a server in China. No local control seems crazy.

    For local control, see https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/philips-hue-white-e27-starter-k...
    $65 for hub and 2 bulbs. Get more Zigbee bulbs cheap from Ikea etc.

    • but these are not downlights?

      • Put in the right recess, there is not much difference.
        Both aim light down, narrower than an incandescent bulb, but no focusing reflector like a "proper" halogen downlight.
        Anyway, downlights are so passé now, long since standard in project homes :)

    • For local control hack them with Tasmota and run them through Home Assistant. Don't even need internet.

      • have you tried the heck on these new products? Did it worked? i am looking for these but reported on various forums that new kogan smart products are not flashable yet (atleast easily)

        • Yeah, pulled them apart and flashed them with a USB>TTL adapter. OTA doesn't work.

          • @Tacooo: How long ago?

            I thought Tuya replaced the ESP8266 with a different module which Tasmota does not support.

            • @manic: A month or two. Was the latest batch after the whole COVID lockdown and stock finally arrived. Still using the TYWE3S chip.

              • @Tacooo:

                Still using the TYWE3S chip.

                Thanks. I just pulled apart a similar bulb (Brilliant, not Kogan) and found a WB2L.

                • @manic: If you wanna play around you could buy a few TYWE3S chips and replace the WB2L chips, depending on your skill level.

                  Also that's a shame about Brilliant. I was considering a few more of their products.

                  • @Tacooo:

                    replace the WB2L chips, depending on your skill level.

                    I'd probably need a better soldering iron for surface-mounted modules. And way too much effort for a cheap bulb.
                    Zigbee is the way, IMHO.

          • @Tacooo: I haven't had much luck trying this on other newer devices… Using a FTDI232 - Tasmotizer just doesn't seem to pick it up (TYWE1S module). Seems the bootloader might be locked down or something. No output on serial.

            • @nemesis: No output at all? I found my Tasmotizer wasn't finding these latest versions until I downloaded it again from scratch. Didn't pay attention to software versions but I think I just had an older version that needed updating. Just had to solder the pins nicely enough to get good connection.

  • Very tempted to get this after reading reviews, plus it's a lot cheaper than the Mirabella Genio downlight I got from Kmart

    Has anyone tried both? How does it compare?

    • I have the kogan bulbs and downlights, not Mirabella. As per @manic , the RGB is extremely dim and more for occasional show off. The normal "warm white" and "daylight" are good thou. One of the downlight died within a month and Kogan return was great. So far more than a year now and they have been good. Occasional the downlight furthest away from router experienced dropped out and need resetting (i blame my overload wifi). Responsive tuya app but i prefer Smart Life that sync well with Amazon Alexa and Samsung Smart things.

      • thanks for your feedback. the Mirabella Genio I'm using is very dim for RGB as well, but maybe having six dim downlights in my living room will be "slightly" brighter? :D

        I'm assuming the return shipping is free of charge if it's faulty?

        • My issue was flickering downlight. Customer support asked for video evidence and shipped a replacement without asking the faulty unit to be shipped back. As for downlights on warmwhite or daylight colour, i don't find them dim at all. I like "daylight" feel but have to set to 60% brightness, so is definitely fit its purpose.

        • With Kogan, for faulty product they don't need return (at least in two of my faulty product). They sent the replacement pretty quick too.

    • The ones from Lectory are much much better. I bought a few and have them around the house. Much brighter than the Kogan one that i got a couple of months ago.
      With the lectory ones, I had some lights randomly re-setting and needing to re-pair in the beginning, but when I switched my router to a mesh system, it hasn't happened.